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  1. broforex51

    Hi, how to become a partner with FreshForex? I heard that now I can get commisson up to 20%, please tell me because I really like FreshForex, I have been trading with FreshForex for 3 years and now I want to become a partner.
  2. broforex51

    I want to join LMFX, but I read about account types, it is not match for me. Minimum deposit is $250, it is big value for me as a new trader and margin call percentage is 30%. I think LMFX is not good for me.
  3. broforex51

    Hot Forex Mt4 is not good for me. When I want to place my open position, there is always have any issue, like disconnected and always requote, it makes me got a bad price when trading.
  4. broforex51

    Yes, I believe! Because I made it, now I am trading with FreshForex and my life is changing. If you want to open a new account with FreshForex, you can go here. So many account types that can be suit for you and don't forget about FreshForex bonuses that can support your trading activity
  5. broforex51

    If you use scalping technique, you broker must be fast, no requote and have low spread, if you don't know what broker is good, I recommend you to join FreshForex, because FreshForex offer you scalping account type, I mean there is 0 spread, no requote no rejection and your execution will done in 0.01 secs. Try it today.
  6. broforex51

    Margin and leverage are 2 things that can not be separated. The higher your leverage, your margin will become stronger. Now, FreshForex offer me leverage up to 1:2000. It is good for me because I know that other brokers just offer me leverage up to 1:1000, so with this 1:2000 leverage from FreshForex, my trading activity will going smooth.
  7. Yes, Bluepips is the all new branded to make some portfolios of your trading journey. Now I am trading with FreshForex and use Bluepips to help me to make my trading journey, FreshForex and Bluepips is the best couple for me now, you guys should join FreshForex too.
  8. broforex51

    Yes, Forex is a very dangerous business, that's why you should do some practice before you go to real market with your real money. But you can reduce your risk with claim your bonuses if you join FreshForex as your broker. From now on, FreshForex will give you 200% deposit bonus, so you can use it to reduce your trading risk
  9. broforex51

    EURUSD today, it seems that price can not break the support area, so you can buy it now at 1.12130 with potential target up to 1.12529
  10. broforex51

    GBPUSD today, trend is bearish, so the best decide is to sell GBPUSD, Sell GBPUSD when it touch the resistance area at 1.31001 with potential target up to 1.29918
  11. broforex51

    USDJPY today, as we see here trend is bullish, so it is better if you wait for the price until it touch the support area at 110.607 and start open buy position with target up to 110.891
  12. broforex51

    NZDUSD today, market is still on sideways area, so it is good if you sell it now or you can wait for the price until it reach 0.68215 with potential target up to 0.67748
  13. broforex51

    Hello FreshForex, thank you for your free market analysis everyday, it makes me better to decide what should I do next, it is very helpful for me. And I love to follow the webinar either. So I can communicate with another trader, cool !!
  14. broforex51

    Hello, I'm using Tickmill web trader and it always have an issue. I can not opened a position, and sometimes, my pending order was deleted automatically. Please fix your web trader before you promoting it!
  15. broforex51

    I'm trading with Hotforex and opened a standard account, it is weird that standard account has $10 commission, because if I'm doing scalping, my profit is small, that's why it called "scalping" so my profit is gone when HotForex charge me for a commission
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