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  1. broforex51

    No, I'm not! Now I'm trading with Atirox and the spread going high when there is a big news like NFP or similar. Atirox is not professional broker I think. So be careful you guys, and I want to find another Forex broker.
  2. broforex51

    You will not going stupid to select something bad for your funds. It is wasting time if your skill trading is good but your broker is bad, scam. I also select FreshForex to get success and get the best experience in Forex trading. FreshForex is much better than Australian brokers. That’s why I choose FreshForex.
  3. broforex51

    Hello FreshForex, I accidentally opened an account with "swap" on it, can I change it to "Free-Swap" account? And what the terms to opened swap free account? thank you for your help.
  4. broforex51

    I have bad experience with FXOptimax, this is happened when there is election in england and FXOptimax said that they will not decrease their leverage, but in fact they do it, so I lost my money. Please be careful with your broker, make sure everything is OK.
  5. Hello, I'm using VPS from FreshForex, it's has good latency and high speed, you can try it before buy as long as 24 hours, If you are interested, you can go thru here
  6. broforex51

    Best Broker for education? FreshForex of course! Why? Because FreshForex offers you: 1. Introduction to the forex market 2. How to predict the price movement 3. What do you need for profitable trading 4. Trading System 5. Many more...... Now I am trading with FreshForex and still generate new experience...
  7. broforex51

    When I am joining FreshForex, I can control all of my trades, FreshForex is reliable broker and transparent, so you can trade anywhere anytime without interruption. You can read Trading Condition of FreshForex here. I bet your experience is better if you join FreshForex
  8. broforex51

    For me, FreshForex is the best broker I ever join. FreshForex offer you the best bonuses. For now, you can claim your 200% deposit bonus. With the great FreshForex offer you get 200% bonus funds to trade per each deposit of $ 500 and larger. For more info, you can go thru here.
  9. broforex51

    EURBGP today, as we see here, market is still sideways but big trend is bullish, so you can go buy when the price touch 0.88019 with potential target up to 0.88378
  10. broforex51

    EURCAD today, price is going to do bullish, so the best choice is to open buy position, buy at 1.50441 with potential target up to 1.50773
  11. broforex51

    EURAUD today, as we see here, the price still sideway but big trend is bullish, so you can start buy when the price touch 1.61873 with potential target up to 1.62417
  12. broforex51

    EURCHF today, as we see here, the price is still in bearish, so the best move is to open sell position, you can open sell position at 1.12484 with potential target up to 1.12108
  13. broforex51

    I trade with FreshForex and it is unique, because they have educational course to help you learn how to trade forex online, how to make a decision. FreshForex has partners program with a wide network of representative offices and many more....
  14. Every trader loved the forex signals, because it is an instant analysis, but be careful with analysis that you get from the untrusted channel or web page, I usually go thru FreshForex website and read their analysis, there is good analysis and it is free, so you guys who seeking for a good signals or analysis, just go thru FreshForex website.
  15. broforex51

    Swapr fee often annoyed trader, so the profit that has been earned sometimes become loss due to the bigger rollover fee, for you who do not want to pay the swap fee when trading, can use FreshForex because FreshForex is a broker with swap free account
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