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  1. broforex51

    When you decided to choose broker that you want to trade with, please choose one that give you more benefits. Like FreshForex, I choose them because FreshForex offer me a lot of bonus, such as : 200% deposit bonus and many more. It is good for your trading experience. Why you choose another broker without bonus?
  2. broforex51

    Hello, I'm trading with FreshForex and they offer me more than 100 pair (Forex, CFP on metals, CFD on Stocks, CFD on Indexes, CFD Energy Futures) It is good for me so I can choose what pair to trade and find my opportunities with my system.
  3. broforex51

    Hello, I am trading with NPBFX now and I expecting no deposit bonus, but the leverage only 1:200 maximum, it is hard for me to make any trades. because there is any limitation in opening lots. So for me the bonus is useless.
  4. broforex51

    Please do not waste your time to learn forex. You can looking for a broker who provides forex education, I recommend you to trade at FreshForex because FreshForex provides free education service for you. So now, start learning and start earning
  5. Hello FreshForex, now you have "Easy Bot service", it is amazing since I use Telegram for my chat application. So when I have tried for first time, I surprised, it is easy to use, I can access it whenever and where ever. It just awesome. Keep going and be innovative. I think this feature is only offered by FreshForex.
  6. broforex51

    If you are new in forex trading, please be careful what broker you choose. Look, now I'm trading with FBS and claim for the bonus, but there is some hidden terms that impossible for me, so now I lost my money and the bonus at all, no explanation from FBS until today, they just took my money away.
  7. broforex51

    If you want to success in Forex, you should know what is the tools to reach your success, even in Forex market. So guys please read carefully this secrets from FreshForex, you will not find it except you go to FreshForex website here. If you understand what I mean, you will get your success key.
  8. broforex51

    The best place for scalping is FreshForex broker, FreshForex provide you a fast execution, spread as low as 0 pips, real time chart, so it is suit for scalper you can start trading with $1 and try to do scalping strategy.
  9. broforex51

    Hello, I want to open an account with Atirox Markets, but the leverage is 1:400 only, so I can not open transaction with big lot. I am using averaging strategy and I have to open position with bigger lot, so I think Atirox Markets is not my choice.
  10. broforex51

    Hello FreshForex, I am a news trader. I mean I like to trade when there is any big news such as NFP. When I'm doing this, I really exited because your platform is good, there is no requote, no rejection and I get the best price when I'm trading in big volatile! Thank you FreshForex
  11. broforex51

    GBPJPY today, as we see on chart, the trend is bullish, so you can start buy it now at 135.196 with potential target up to resistance area at 135.595
  12. broforex51

    EURJPY today, there is a big jump price and breaks the resistance area. So it is time to go buy EUR, you can buy it now or wait the price until it touch support area at 120.819 with potential target up to 121.267
  13. broforex51

    USDCHF today, as we see here USD is still strong, it is better if you go long for this time. you can buy USDCHF at support area 0.98960 with potential target up to previous resistance at 0.99127
  14. broforex51

    AUDUSD today, as we see here, market still bearish, so the best strategy is going short today, you can sell AUDUSD at resistance area at 0.69702 with potential target up to 0.69438
  15. broforex51

    Now I'm trading with FordFx, this broker don't have any facilities, bad support! there is no benefit for me as a trader. I think FordFx is a new broker so they must learn something from another forex broker! In my opinion, this broker is not recommended!
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