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    share informative or useful content for your visitors they will automatically like your Facebook page and follow you.
  3. Use popular and useful social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+ etc and reach more people as you can.
  4. tweet about your business or services with quality images, content, and videos to attract people to your post and also include your website link in your post.
  5. Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram are 3 best social sites for an online store.
  6. Social bookmarking websites and Social media groups.
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    Update your blog posts daily and give some update to search engines.
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    LSI Keywords are related to your keywords which users are searching in google.
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    XML Sitemap is used for Google spiders to index your pages easily.
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    7 Benefits of Using Joomla CMS For Your Website 1. Publishing Blogs on Joomla is as Easy as ABC 2. Open Source Infrastructure 3. Flexibility 4. Content Management is a Piece of Cake 5. E-commerce Becomes Easy with Joomla 6. A Strong User Community 7. Built-in Basic SEO Functionality
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    7 Benifits of Social Media Marketing 1. Create Brand Recognition 2. Build Customer Loyalty 3. Direct Referral Traffic To Your Site Or Blog 4. It’s (Mostly) FREE 5. Retarget Your Audience Using Social Media 6. Help Your Cause To Go Viral 7. Use #Hashtags To Increase Your Reach
  14. Post daily 1-2 interesting posts related to your service or business with high-quality images and videos and invite your Facebook friends to like your page.
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    Post content with quality images and videos and run some paid ads to increase your brand awareness.