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  1. lorik

    Hello and thank you for your help. I walked through your links and looked at what was happening and there were no more interesting offers? I was not satisfied with the coefficient in these bookmakers, and there are few bonuses. After all, I want not only to make sports bets but also to earn them.
  2. Greetings to all on the forum)) In general, dear members of the forum yesterday, a friend called me and, choking with joy, told me that she had won a large sum of money ... by making a sports bet. Then I thought, I perfectly understand basketball and volleyball. By the way, my husband is engaged in basketball professionally, and before marriage I was seriously interested in volleyball. So can I risk and try my hand at sports betting? And who can, who knows and advises me a good online bookmaker office? And I also wanted to ask for successful sports bets my knowledge of sports would be enough, or do I need something else?
  3. lorik

    Greetings. I wanted to thank you for the information about the dating site. I thought for a long time and finally decided to try to meet someone. I liked the man from China. I don’t know if we’ll get anything serious with him. While we communicate and we are pleased.
  4. lorik

    Yes. Everything is difficult somehow. Well, okay and break through here. Well, can you please advise me where to begin? I have already found some useful tips: the forecast cannot be 100% true; do not make express bets and do not put on clear favorites; Do not deviate from their strategy.
  5. lorik

    Hello. Well, if I correctly understood the tactics of sports betting. I should be aware of all the sports news. In addition, I will make my bet about waiting for one team to win. But what if I try to make my first bet without thinking? Here I just put at random in this Pinup I heard that the newcomers are lucky.
  6. lorik

    Oh, men .. what beautiful and young girls can interest you when you make bets at the casino? Even here you do not forget about yourself .. Well, oh well. So guys want to ask you. If I do not know anything and have never played in a casino, try to make my first bet. I will have some kind of bonus or free version. In order for me to at least understand what's what.
  7. lorik

    Have a nice day. I wanted to ask you. Here, for example, I do not understand a person in sports betting. But I really like football and do not miss a single match. So if I want to bet on a pin-up. Do I just have to set and hope for good luck at random or will they help me make the first bet?
  8. lorik

    Всем привет. В нашей семье на все автомобили мой муж покупает шины континенталь. Если не ошиблась название магазина прошина. Говорит качество хорошее и цены подешевле.
  9. lorik

    Hello. I am 33 years old and I have not been able to find a suitable man for a long time. I live alone. Tired of loneliness. I want to care about someone. I will definitely come by your link and look at the applicants.
  10. lorik

    Hello everyone, I'm from Moscow.
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