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  1. Robert Anderson

    In the forex market there are many types of forex pairs that a trader can have: to trade in this market properly a trader needs to learn all these aspects of trading, I intend to explain some of the important questions about forex pairs. The major pairs contain USD next to any other currency. EUR/USD is the leading currency in the forex market and also the most traded. Here three pairs that have a great correlation between them. These are known as commodity pairs. USD/ CAD, USD/AUD and USD/NZD are three commodity pairs. Negotiate with TP Global FX in order to get the best rate of spread. It offers me 1 pip fixed spread rate on larger pairs and a maximum of 5 pip spreads on another pair.
  2. Robert Anderson

    Trade in Forex because of so many things and a lot of money that I can earn in a short time. I think it's the best way to earn some money here. When I was unemployed; I was thinking about how to make money. Now, in my opinion, it's a great place to earn money. Now I am trading with TP Global FX, I am a very good and trustworthy broker. I get all the benefits and help of this broker that always help me in my difficulties
  3. Robert Anderson

    Forex is an online investment market with high risk: a good trading plan is essential for success in this market. It is the most decisive factor in the Forex market. Most new traders lose their money due to the lack of a good plan. And it's also important that you first control your emotions when you enter the market. Many traders cannot perfectly execute their trading plan because of their excitement. Thanks to TP Global FX . Recently I am now trading with a good strategy. My emotions can't control my plan. That is why they are perfectly traded in Forex. My broker's best client services provide me with excellent guidelines for overcoming my emotions. I'm happy to trade with them.
  4. Robert Anderson

    Low spreads mean better profits and this can be as important as the time of day you trade. A tight spread essentially means that your forex broker is charging less for the services they offer. I am a scalper and for me a low spread rate is very necessary. That's why I chose TP Global FX. This broker offers me 1 pip fixed spread on larger pairs and a maximum of 10 pip spreads on commodity pairs.
  5. Robert Anderson

    It is estimated that, on average, $3.6 trillion is traded every day in the world's Forex markets, the vast majority of Forex trading is not done in any centralized or organized currency market, but through intermediaries in the interbank currency market. Closing in the U.S., while the market exists for organizations with foreign exchange risk, speculators also participate in the Forex markets in an attempt to take advantage of their expectations regarding changes in exchange rates. I am trading with TP Global FX. They give you access to: METATRADER 4, the industry's leading trading platform, our institutional platform, a range of mobile solutions to meet your needs.
  6. Robert Anderson

    Now I'm dealing with a non-deal broker desk called TP Global FX. It is a forex and CFD broker for online trading, offering me a multitude of ways to trade the financial markets. Their experienced professionals provide unparalleled client support, along with comprehensive education, in-depth market news and technical analysis and FX indicators to give me multiple benefits such as advanced trading tools (EA indicators and charts) for an uninterrupted trading experience.
  7. Robert Anderson

    The demo account is a great facility for newbies in forex that is provided by the forex broker. You can try and experience real trading without investing real money. It is used to learn and improve trading skills. You cannot simply withdraw and deposit real money into the demo account, but all other functions are the same as in the real account. I've been using the TP Global FX demo account for about 3 months now I'm using their real account.
  8. Robert Anderson

    The broker is an important factor in the Forex market, it is the bridge between traders and the TP Global FX Forex market is the best broker in my opinion, it is regulated and licensed by IFSC, etc. It offers trading and investment services in multiple languages around the world. They allow investors to access a range of markets and trade in various financial instruments, including foreign exchange, indices, stocks, bonds and commodities. In addition, they offer state-of-the-art trading platforms, comprehensive trading tools, advanced educational resources, the latest financial news and much more. Their wide range of products and services is provided by three trademarks: ECN for FX and CFD trading services, ECN Affiliates for potential partners, portfolio management services and unique strategies.
  9. Robert Anderson

    Forex trading is making me happy. In Forex trading, if you understand risk management and money management one day you will succeed for beginners, there is a feature for the demo account as the real account, anyone can easily learn from it: it is a great opportunity for beginners, I think if you have patience, you will survive in this market. Now I am trading with a broker called TP Global FX, I think they are useful, reliable and reliable. They have over 10 providers of banking and non-banking liquidity, 24/5 customer support and many more.
  10. Technical analysis of Forex is education to market action mainly through the procedure of charts for the push to predict the drifts of upcoming prices. Forex traders can develop policies based on numerous technical analysis tools that take into account market trends, volume, scope, level of support and resistance, chart models and indicators. I'm also a technical salesman here. I use TP Global FX for my trading as it provides me with over 100 trading tools and some unique custom indicators.
  11. Robert Anderson

    Demo accounts are designed to familiarize traders with the tools and features of trading platforms. The demo account is replicated in real live trading. The Forex market carries a high level of risk due to leverage. My broker TP Global FX provides me with leverage of up to 1 : 1000 . To familiarize myself with the use of leverage in trading, I opened a risk-free demo account to find the leverage that best fits my strategy.
  12. Robert Anderson

    I prefer the Forex market, it is the main market in the world with a daily turnover of 5 trillion dollars. Forex trading is available from anywhere in the world and makes it the most attractive market for investors of all types of investors. There are many advantages of the Forex market: high liquidity with constant supply and demand, long working hours for speculative trading, transparent market with no possibility to manipulate prices, great liquidity that creates constant opportunities, low capital requirements and many more. I am trading with TP Global FX. They give me major, minor and exotic 0.0 pips currency pairs, over 80 currencies to choose from for a tailored trading experience.
  13. Robert Anderson

    Because of this liquidity, exchange rates can change rapidly in response to market news, political situations and major economic events. Since the currency markets reflect very much the political and economic events related to various regions, Forex traders can take advantage of these market influences through trading. And my TP Global FX broker makes my Forex trading more exciting by offering a truly unique and unprecedented experience.
  14. Robert Anderson

    The trader cannot exaggerate the importance of educating himself on the Forex market: the trader must take the time to study the currency pairs and what concerns them before risking his own capital, is an investment in time that could save them a good amount of money. he must always consider other factors that influence the Forex market. My TP Global FX broker's training courses help me create a trading plan that is a fundamental component of successful trading. Includes profit targets, risk tolerance level, methodology and evaluation criteria. Once a plan is in place, I always make sure that each trade is considered to fall within the parameters of my plan. I'm probably always more rational before I placed a trade and more irrational after my trade is placed.
  15. Robert Anderson

    People can invest in the Forex market for additional income. It implies that one currency is exchanged for another. Currency values are of fundamental importance throughout the world, as money from different countries and trade unions must be exchanged for the purposes of international trade. People can become traders and profit from them. The broker is required to be a Forex trader. I am now trading with TP Global FX. It is regulated and licensed.
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