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  1. I have a high expectation that labh can recover. I am a positive thinker about market price will usually going up. Even value we expected is in down so we can experience of pump this following months.
  2. The Blockchain will save the data permanently. At the same time, decentralization also makes it different from bank ledgers. The Blockchain ledger is the future of the financial industry.And is safe from banks.
  3. I agree it won't stay this low price very long! A great time to pick some up before it goes up and and up.
  4. People should get some labh coins now before the market recovers completely again and the price of the labh coin is rising.
  5. A great and very, very interesting plan! Everything is put clear for a person to understand what they invest into. I would like to participate in it, as I really believe it will be profitable and very popular.
  6. In this projects, mainly investors are people who are connected with this work environment and understand it. I'm sure the labh project will have a lot of active investors.
  7. This is a great time to stock up labh coin.People won't be getting labh coin this cheap for long.
  8. When investors are less able to understand and rely on market stability. What we left behind is a market dominated by algorithmic strategies that do not care about evaluating investments with a long-term view of value.dont worry about the price of the labh coin.the price will rise.
  9. Is it safe to manage multiple wallets from one pc?
  10. Many purchases LABH COIN. Do not be afraid of prices, it's a strong drop, but everyone here is confident in our project, those who want to buy LABH. this is the best time they are at a great price, it is time to invest in the promising project like this.
  11. The LABH community is really getting the word out. labh is showing up in a lot of youtube channels. It is definitely gaining momentum day by day. Great job by the developers.
  12. I think everyone is in here for the long run.This is a great thing to see and I definitely think this project with stay with us a bit longer - really looking forward. if they can put the things the envision into reality.
  13. A very high-quality project, thanks to the responsible community of LABH coin. Great work is carried out in terms of the development and popularization of the project.
  14. I did not sell a single labh coin and i won't do it for a year or more.beacuse this project as high pos reward.....
  15. Could someone please tell me how and when I will start staking labh. I have 519 labh since 10/9/18 and have a staking when would I be eligible for staking???
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