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  1. Looks intriguing, I will definitely check your offer, thanks. By the way, where do you guys watch Squid Game as a rule? Is it available on Netflix only? I monitored these Lifetime reviews https://lifetime.pissedconsumer.com/review.html but didn't find any information.
  2. I am joining this thread in hope to find a reliable designer, too. It is quite easy to define with furniture brands and brands of construction materials by reading info like joss and main reviews , but finding an interior designer requires certain recommendations.
  3. Great infographics, thanks for the comprehensive explanation. Talking about different insurance companies, here is my review on Commerce Insurance https://commerce-insurance.pissedconsumer.com/review.html , I tried to reveal all the pros and cons of this company to help other potential client; I am sure it will be useful for someone.
  4. Useful and actual info, thank you and please go on sharing. I noticed that professional cleaning is not enough, I am planning to use additional services of mydrclean com, but first of all I will check mydrclean com reviews https://mydrclean-com.pissedconsumer.com/review.html to make a final decision.
  5. Could you provide with more info about this card and bank? Or may be you can show the clients' reviews, can you? I applied for an American Express card and I have very nice impressions from the service. AE is rather popular and trustworthy company, but even in this case I tried to check these reviews first american-express.pissedconsumer.com .
  6. Buying a new car is literally my dream, but this type of purchase requires a lot of money, unfortunately. I can afford a pre-owned car only, I am sure that Big Motoring World will become the best solution in my case, at least I am investigating these reviews now https://big-motoring-world.pissedconsumer.com/review.html .
  7. Never heard about this bank before, but I love the conditions and will apply for a card like this, I think. As a rule I check reviews properly before applying to any credit card, the last info I read is dedicated to Merchant Lynx Services and is quite informative https://merchant-lynx-services.pissedconsumer.com/review.html .
  8. I could mention dozens of different safety tips, but my biggest advice would be to read reviews of other people before going anywhere. Also don't neglect helpful online services, apps and sites; for example, asap tickets services saved me from many problems.
  9. The most precious thing during pandemic is information, one should always track the latest info from reliable sources. For example, did you know how correlate HIPAA and COVID-19 Vaccine ? And this is rather useful and interesting info by the way.
  10. Thanks for the useful info, I will definitely consider your tool for future projects. As for the shopping tips in general, I discovered for myself online shopping, good discounts and promocodes, free delivery. All this saved much time time and effort, the most of goods I buy originate from Wish in spite of the wish complaints .
  11. There are always alternatives, if one bank refuses to issue a credit card, probably another one will agree. I got a prepaid card easily from MyVanilla, you can apply for it, too, just consider this myvanilla phone number for more information.
  12. I am sure P2P lending has big potential, I think I need to investigate this topic deeper. I never took a loan from anywhere besides special financial services like ClearPath Lending (more info here https://clearpath-lending.opinion-corp.com/review.html ), and I must confess the money I got helped me a lot.
  13. Agree, a good lawyer is the best solution in this case, just make sure you're going to hire a real professional. Reading reviews in the situation like your is a must, I found a professional only when investigated this source https://www.myler-disability.reviews/ .
  14. Seems like good service, I would like to check some more info. The choice of lenders today is really huge, I find it difficult to define with the only one, reading clients' feedbacks like bread financing reviews is a must in any case.
  15. I think green energy will receive wider implementation in future, what we see today are just the first steps of eco-friendly energy distribution. I am about switching to Georgia Power services, I love the philosophy of this company but I think I need to get in touch with their customer service first https://georgia-power.pissedconsumer.com/customer-service.html .
  16. Hey, thanks for the contacts and detailed info, very useful. Any reviews on Quest Diagnostics? This company provides with the huge spectrum of diagnostic procedures, I think I will try out their services at least for covid-19 test, I even found the customer service here https://quest-diagnostics.pissedconsumer.com/customer-service.html .
  17. I think you raised a very important question, everyone should have a guarantee on safe and reliable insurance contract. I monitor different companies from time to time, but united healthcare customer service seems to be the most trustworthy and adequate. I tend to using services exactly from Unired Healtcare.
  18. Sounds intriguing, I am already anxious to check this new currency, it must be another crypto currency, right? Correct me if I am wrong. Regarding the banks in general, I recently came across interesting web page dedicated to Capital One Bank, these are the reviews from it's clients https://capital-one.pissedconsumer.com/review.html , quite interesting.
  19. Thanks, I will definitely have a look at your offer. I am planning to change insurance company soon, came across Molina Healthcare reviews (here https://molina-healthcare.pissedconsumer.com/review.html ), and I think I have to check more companies and compare each, I don't want to make quick decisions.
  20. Pearls and diamonds are the best choice for wedding, for sure. The choice of jewelry is huge now, especially online, it will take you much time before you finally define with a suitable brand or a company. Have a look at the Bradford Exchange, for example, you can start from here https://the-bradford-exchange.pissedconsumer.com/customer-service.html . Best of luck!
  21. 3 years is a decent term, I guess all of the traders will agree that 40% profit is a great result. I tested out many different bots, some of them were pretty good. Here's the report on the last one https://tradingbot.info/results/cryptohopper/cryptohopper-profits-8-after-first-week/ , just check the results 🙂
  22. Not bad results, thanks for the fair report. I usually monitor results from automatized trading here , seems like Bitsgap is a leader on the market today, just like Cryptohopper, Quadency and 3Commas, isn't it?
  23. I usually follow Bitmex streams, never known there is also a special trading room, thnx for the info. Talking about real results, here you can check not bad stats from trading with Bitsgap bots https://tradingbot.info/results/bitsgap/my-crypto-bots-have-made-even-more-profit/ .
  24. NexFolio is a decent bot with good results, I hesitated between Nexfolio and Bitsgap rather long time, as the last one was showing excellent stats https://tradingbot.info/results/bitsgap/best-results-with-bitsgap-trading-bot-so-far/ . I think I could recommend NexFolio to the newbies, too. Keep on posting!

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