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  1. ninalee

    Hi, is this legal? In the state I am living in the online sale of marijuana is prohibited, you can get medical weed only after your therapist prescribed it to you. Sometimes I manage to get a recipe legally as I suffer from insomnia and some chronic pains, usually vape it with my combustion free vaporizer .
  2. ninalee

    It is hard to define with the only one food product, I think everything natural is beneficial for human organism. I personally try to buy organic food, no fast or junkie food. As for the meds, I tolerate some supplements and vitamins during cold seasons (I trust Online pharmacy ca only).
  3. ninalee

    I never was good at betting and Thanks for the list of online gambling sites, I need to save it asap. Did you try this provider, is this reliable Mr Bet New Zealand ? I am not an expert, but I am very anxious to find a trustworthy online casino, thanks in advance.
  4. ninalee

    Thanks for the guide!
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