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  1. Impressing list of diseases, thank you. I only now that cbd oil can really relieve chronic pains, bone pains, anxiety, stress, panic attacks, etc. It has also great anti-inflammatory properties, I know that from my own experience as I tried vaping special cannabis oil cartridges .
  2. Cannabidiol is really able to do miracles when it comes to many many diseases and health issues, I know that for sure from my own experience: I cured insomnia and panic attacks precisely due to cbd oil. I never tried edibles and pills, just vaped cbd cartridges all the time, as my therapist advised me.
  3. IQOS is not just an ordinary cigarette, right? It is a certified vaping device, very popular electronic cigarette here in Europe. I personally prefer US electronic cigarettes and cbd oil vaporizers , my fav one is vape pod device https://gypsyvapes.com/ovns-jc01-starter-kit .
  4. I never heard about cannabis injections before, if these can really kill cancer cells, I want to know everything about it. I do vape cbd (thanks to TH210 cartridge https://gypsyvapes.com/ccell-th210-1ml-atomizer ), and it relieves my chronic pains and migraines greatly, it would amazing if one day cancer could be treated naturally, I pray for this.
  5. Free samples, wow! Thanks for sharing, already bookmarked your site. Since I discovered for myself cbd oil I can't literally live without this product. First I added it to food, later I discovered cbd vaping thanks cannabis oil cartridge vaporizer to the of the last generation.
  6. I guess the project doesn't pay anymore, but there are more and more cannabis related HYIPs, the industry is keep on growing attracting investors from all over the world. I just hope one day to witness legalize all over the world, until that moment I will be enjoying my cannabis oil vaporizer https://gypsyvapes.com/airis-tick-vaporizer .
  7. ninalee

    Just noticed many guys in this thread advice different pills and drugs for better sleep, but self treatment is a serious thing and can do serious harm to health. I think cbd vape and cannabidiol in general is the safest and the most effective remedy to improve quality of sleep and mental health in general (I use special oil cartridge https://gypsyvapes.com/ccell-m6-atomizer ).
  8. Here are the top sources dedicated to vaping: Ukvapers Planetofthevapes Vapingunderground But I have to say that I would trust "live" and real reviews only, those given by real users of vaporizers. I vape during 4 years already and I know no better vaporizer than LVSMOKE ENZO (all in one vaporizer, offered by GypsyVapes with a good discount today https://gypsyvapes.com/lvsmoke-enzo-vaporizer ).
  9. ninalee

    Sounds cool! Is this a vaporizer or what? I enjoy my oil cartridge vaporizer exactly for the same reasons: it is ecological, nicotine free, absolutely safe and allows to inhale different essential oils (often used with cbd oil by the way).
  10. Cannabis industry develops crazily, the incomes are counted in billions already. Huge corporations like Hershey's and Coca-Cola invest millions in re-searches and developing new cbd food and beverages. Cannabidiol is a proven remedy against many diseases, I am already thinking about purchasing cannabis oil cartridge vaporizer .
  11. ninalee

    Very original introduction, I will definitely look through your e-juices! I usually purchase liquids for my electronic cigarette at GypsyVapes, these guys never let me down in sense of quality. My fav brands are: STEEP CRFT Ripe Vapes Bad Drip
  12. Sounds good, thanks for the offer. I am just a noob when it comes to investing, but I noticed there are more and more cannabis related investment plans. I also noticed boosting popularity of cbd (THC free) products, I personally can't live without my ccel cartridge .
  13. Thanks for the great list! I have to say I never tried any food supplement, but I feel stressed and depressed few times a month. I think it is not enough to go to a doctor, but still it is hard to cope with these states by myself. What do you think about cannabidiol? Many people recommend hemp as a great stress reliever and I feel like trying ccel cartridge finally.
  14. Nice thing, I remember I purchased a similar device from GypsyVapes, it was a glass joint or something, very cute one. I love how diverse modern smoking and vaping market is, the prices for the most of goods are accessible, too (my last purchase is 400MAH long-lasting battery for 25$ only https://gypsyvapes.com/bbtank-flask-vv-battery ).
  15. ninalee

    Cool design, really. I would even order few boxes, but I successfully quit due to my dazzvape ukey vaporizer few month ago. I think smokers will appreciate such a cute present, wish you many many customers.
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