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  1. 3 years is a decent term, I guess all of the traders will agree that 40% profit is a great result. I tested out many different bots, some of them were pretty good. Here's the report on the last one https://tradingbot.info/results/cryptohopper/cryptohopper-profits-8-after-first-week/ , just check the results 🙂
  2. Not bad results, thanks for the fair report. I usually monitor results from automatized trading here , seems like Bitsgap is a leader on the market today, just like Cryptohopper, Quadency and 3Commas, isn't it?
  3. I usually follow Bitmex streams, never known there is also a special trading room, thnx for the info. Talking about real results, here you can check not bad stats from trading with Bitsgap bots https://tradingbot.info/results/bitsgap/my-crypto-bots-have-made-even-more-profit/ .
  4. NexFolio is a decent bot with good results, I hesitated between Nexfolio and Bitsgap rather long time, as the last one was showing excellent stats https://tradingbot.info/results/bitsgap/best-results-with-bitsgap-trading-bot-so-far/ . I think I could recommend NexFolio to the newbies, too. Keep on posting!
  5. Never heard about Cryptuoso before, thanks for the review (I already follow you on TG). I usually monitor trading results of the most popular bots on the market, I think Bitsgap shows not bad result lately.
  6. I used NexFolio services before I discovered for myself Luna , so that now I use both 🙂 Luna is functioning since 2018 and already showed not bad results, it is all automated but easy to understand and to work with.
  7. NexFolio is excellent, I read about this bot at another crypto related forum for the first time and it never disappointed me since I discovered it. At the moment I prefer Signals.network , it can boast with the best profit results among competitors, as for me.
  8. Today I can't even imagine successful trading without a good trading bot (mostly use HodlBot ). Yours looks rather trustworthy as for me, could you post the results please? Anyways, I already bookmarked your offer.
  9. Thanks for the info, I guess there is a new bot appearing literally every day, it's really hard to define with a reliable one. I am on to try 3Commas as multiple reviews in the web promise this bot to be really good.
  10. Definitely yes. Just make sure you're dealing with a reputable and trustworthy one, I usually read reviews very attentively. At the moment I am testing Bitsgap, and the review promises not bad results from these guys https://tradingbot.info/bitsgap-review/ .
  11. Thanks for the info, but I personally try to avoid Telegram bots as the TG channel by itself is not secure, any admin carries any responsibility for the content they're posting, I prefer to check trustworthy indicators for bot trading here https://tradingbot.info/bot-101/indicators-for-cryptocurrency-bot-trading/ .
  12. Is this bot still functioning? I usually use services of bots from this list https://tradingbot.info/category/results/ , each one is trusted and always provides with it's latest results, everything is transparent. But I never neglect an opportunity to test out new trading tools, will definitely look through yours.
  13. Wow never seen any similar guidance in the web before, thank you very much for the comprehensive post. By the way I am not a stoner and never smoked recreational weed, but I highly tolerate cbd oil and even regularly vape it with my Lookah Snail vaporizer.
  14. Top quality and certified cannabis is rather expensive, and it was always like that. I am not sure the price will get lower in the closest future as this industry is very profitable and cannabis products are rather demanded. I order cbd oil from Canada, prefer vaping it with my Stiiizy Biiig vaporizer.
  15. What do you mean under "marijuana stocks" ? Didn't know it is possible to earn this way, looks rather interesting. I am mostly a client of this type of business, I just can't live without good cbd oil which I vape filling my CCELL TH210 cartridge.
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