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  1. Keitan

    I would like to mention that the demand for top selling baby clothes is growing also every year! For example, you can check The Trendy Toddlers online store(https://thetrendytoddlers.com/pages/baby-girl-clothes) with a great variety of clothes for toddlers! That is a very important branch of fashion nowadays.
  2. Yes of course every parent has to control children's screen time. ALso I can recommend you ot install such software like keylogger and activity monitoring programs. FOr example I use Kickidler for remote control of my employees. By the way they have a great update on June https://www.kickidler.com/info/kickidler-1.58.0.-big-june-update-of-our-software.html , you can try it, I think it can be useful.
  3. Keitan

    If you really suffer from stress a lot I can recommend you to check the site and order some products. I am talking about CBD oil and CBD pills. That is not drug, that is just saturated CBD like extract from marijuana and hemp. It can be useful in a lot of situations and usually is prescripted for patients with anxiety, stress, etc.
  4. Keitan

    Does it really work? Has anyone tried these methods? Because I need really working method and the right way to beat my stress and anxiety. Is it so easy as you explain, guys?
  5. Keitan

    Is it solution acceptable for big projects with more than thousands people involved?
  6. Have anyone downloaded this book, can you share with others? Or probably you have seen this one for free somewhere?
  7. Hello, do you deal with website creation for some particular app that you have designed? Or you focus on apps only?
  8. Keitan

    Usually, I like to go to Central Park and have a walk or to run a bit. Also, I am fond of car and bike renting. Thanks to such services like http://centralparksightseeing.com that I am able to see all the corners of Central Park and of those surrounding areas in one day, that is definitely worth seeing. And this view is totally different in different seasons, and every season it is absolutely wonderful.
  9. Keitan

    There are always a lot of different snacks in my office, I have breakfast at home, have dinner at home, and during the day I'm eating snacks. My company always orders the office snacks delivery at www.varietyfun.com. You can check the reviews of different companies that are involved in delivering snacks to the office and choose the best company for price and quality.
  10. Now I am 27 years old and I am still a second-year student. I decided to get a higher education when I was already 25 years old, and I've chosen the most inexpensive option, it is a training program in Ukraine(https://leader-education.com/odessa/). Of course, it's pretty good, and I am glad to be student of this University, but it probably would be better to study somewhere in Europe. So, the best advice in 18 years for me would be advice to save money for future education or to start my study at the age of 18-19, not later.
  11. Ok, and what about marijuana, where do you take it? Is it legalized in your state or country? I have thoughts about growing weed by myself but have no data on this subject at all. Can anyone help me, please?
  12. Keitan

    Miraty, It's not dangerous at all! You can see a lot of researches and articles about CBD oil https://naturalwellnesscbdoil.com/cbd-faq-all-the-answers-in-one-place/ and be sure it's totally ok in such cases.
  13. First of all, you have to take care of your video's format. In order to reach the necessary quality and format, you can use online video and audio editor. Such as editmp3.online , for example.
  14. Keitan

    I would like to recommend you to use some kind of vpn service that are free, there are a lot of high quality services nowadays. I am using Ininja. You can choose any other for yourself, everyday some new such service appears. As I know there are no logs there.
  15. Keitan

    I've bought mine at 4Prototypes.com. They have a lot of different devices and tools. You can just try visit their website and find necessary hi-tech product eas.
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