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    Update: it is still paying hourly, I have reinvested many times, I love and recommend this project register at https://bitoflex.com/ref/lwZwWx1XQJAC Still paying, it is amazing! register at https://bitoflex.com/ref/lwZwWx1XQJAC Your Latest Hourly Payouts cc9991be3410dd91da8260512d0475d2b6f4b3c7b2c85a2d9dbf0c30192fc996 10 minutes ago 0.00005907 BTC e53a430dd0743b6637222de298ac64d8758d93865f0410c9e4fb5b0f66a4a86a 14 minutes ago 0.00025200 BTC 910e6acbaa21ac4a91bc152d614b62fa45ae27d6cc67d49a6c581711a8d60f29 18 minutes ago 0.00016545 BTC ab324a8e86dcecff21fad2eafdbfaaf70d0eeef4f0c70025fba4ea639bac0f3a 30 minutes ago 0.00072438 BTC 940b38ff2a7ddc57313d4d6f5809d88eda6e84fb0bddaab002bf4893f18e8de7 42 minutes ago 0.00016030 BTC 9634acd9b4bab13ece6cd873f309570cdc1bfed6fceaa6e54a5cbfcab4594a62 an hour ago 0.00005907 BTC 8195bebe5db975406af5f4d379d3f7cd62153d61093cd58760d73ca25b1ef99c an hour ago 0.00025200 BTC 73ec676cb33a546ce628aeedc0e03860e3ea6adf5ce02638a629316f0d5c1019 an hour ago 0.00016545 BTC
  2. Update: it is still paying hourly, I have reinvested many times, I love and recommend this project register at https://bitoflex.com/ref/lwZwWx1XQJAC
  3. This is a website that basically promotes itself, plus it right off the bat offers you some banners and images to help you promote, check some of them out by registering at https://bitoflex.com/ref/lwZwWx1XQJAC They offer great deals for promoters, 12% flat commission for EVERY investment your buyer makes FOREVER! And your customer also makes 0.9% hourly for 200 hours, I am not only promoting but I am profiting for it!
  4. Still paying, awesome register at https://bitoflex.com/ref/lwZwWx1XQJAC
  5. I have been mining with bitoflex.com for some time and I am happy with their performance.I will post the screenshots here, but first, if you want to check their plans for yourself go to https://bitoflex.com/ref/lwZwWx1XQJACI have deposited 3 times in the past 3 days because I am very happy. Finally. This program pays hourly, just as promissed, and the best part is that the withdrawal is automatic and donw every hour into your wallet, that means you don't have to bother with requesting payments every day or every week. Liquidity is important!!!!Here are my deposits And I have been fed consistently with payments 3 times an hour.It is an amazing feeling receiving in my phone 3 times every hour a notification of payment 🙂 If you want to check out and find this useful, please, follow my link to https://bitoflex.com/ref/lwZwWx1XQJAC
  6. Because I have made 3 deposits I am receiving payouts 3 times every hour, and I must say, it is an amazing feeling to receive notifications on my phone 3 times every hours saying I have received a deposit. I love bitoflex.com my link is https://bitoflex.com/ref/lwZwWx1XQJAC
  7. I have made 3 deposits in this program in the last 2 days because it is working perfectly. Keep up the good work.
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