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  1. i have one doubt here, if i get self stake coins in my own PC, can i get more rewards comparing to staking pool ?
  2. why is block chain is different from banking ledgers??
  3. The project is very attractive for investments! I believe that in the future will be very successful among users! It is necessary to pay great attention to the project!
  4. Great job on the account trading market place!I think it's pretty straight forward and easy to use.I too found the sort by price to be buggy. We need some forward and back buttons so that we can see more Investors.But so far so good. Really great job guys!
  5. You may be interested in joining our telegram mining channel: https://t.me/joinchat/HjwxORLJBlu1jowkUUFJZA
  6. In LABH COIN server you can mine directly from the wallet. no fancy hardware or any mining cost.just get the wallet up and running and you can mine the coin with no setup or anything.right now the mining is supper quick and easy.install it and let it run on its own.in a few days you have tons of coins.
  7. if i have send or receive coins from the wallet that could be shown the question mark that why the question mark display on the screen? what is it mean.
  8. Its looking like a excellent and exciting project, i hope the team will continue to intensively promote this project so that more will be known and the project will be developed and successful.
  9. maybe i consider making it scrypt-algorithm
  10. when we are staking the coin in stake pool means if the reward points will come to our wallet or where it will deposite