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  1. Long-term holding is key for labh coin owners, it can take some time, but sooner or later we will be up again
  2. labh coin could easily double or triple in the coming month. I'm buying more coin today to get profit in future..
  3. LABH coin has always been a high-profile project, the prices seem to rise, that's really great.
  4. how could blockchain technology change finance?
  5. Let’s take this as an opportunity to buy more. There is no reason to sell, If someone sells now, they are selling at a loss because of panic and would pay dearly once LABH coin recovers its valuations.
  6. this is BIG Project so i believe in labh coin. The market will rebound this month, and it surprise everyone who sold coins at low price.
  7. LABH coin is a great project because there are good people in a community that work together, unity as a family and one also labh is a faithful community and do all our best for our beloved labh community thank you for all for the best you have done for us.
  8. Great advice! A lot of information can be understood just by reading the whitepaper.
  9. If one is investing in labh coin in the long term, I agree that this is one of the best times to acquire some. One can scale the buying in several days or weeks as the market improves. Like any other investments, be aware that it always involves risk.
  10. DEV Patience, hardworking,dedication and a lot more has been achieved by the labh coin community.
  11. it is an opportunity for those who wants to buy more labh coins. the price will rise again so buy the coins as much you can and hold in your wall
  12. The technology of the future is changing people's lives. doing business will be easier and quality with this project.
  13. What do you think the reason of decreasing is ? A lot of people are selling or there is less demand ?
  14. There are always risks if you use a wallet on a PC that is used to surf the Internet. I recommend buying a separate tablet computer, only for cryptocurrency wallets.
  15. Why is LABH coin price dropping if the market is all green???
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