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  1. You can easily start earning passive income by staking coins in this project, no special hardware is required, the returns can be quite lucrative, not only are you earning set percentage on the coins you stake, the value of the coin itself may increase dramatically over time, giving you a lot more return on your investment.
  2. Every day the crypto world is witnessing a steady growth in its acceptance for real-life use. Although acceptance is slow, LABH COIN plans to create an ecosystem that will help boost and facilitate the use of cryptocurrency. Some other services that we will provide that will help boost the acceptance of cryptocurrency. This will be a great advantage to both the crypto world and those involved in commerce.
  3. My question is very simple and straightforward. There are a lot of inefficiencies in the current crypto market. I would love to know what your platform is doing differently to solve these inherent challenges. Your response to my concern would influence my investment decision. Thank you
  4. I hope that in the future this project will progress rapidly and I am very happy to join this community. move forward and you are very proud, success always and full of blessings.
  5. Staking is very similar to mining,it allows smaller invest in Staking by investing their coins to get more rewards coin.
  6. Hey its Seems like a very interesting plan,everything that's trying to make crypto more convenient to actually use in everyday life. invest on this coin am sure you will be happy in some days for investing on this coin. and once you getting more profit.
  7. It's great to keep labh coin in your wallet, and you're rewarded. And users can send BTC or LTC to their labh wallet and use it to buy labh without having to use exchange! In the future, labh plans to improve the technology to be able to expand the exchange with other coins...
  8. I think it is a very necessary service. because it will allow you to use the crypto currency in every day life to everyone who wants to
  9. when you have more stakes and more splits in your coin control you must not wait for mature again.
  10. Hai I am new to this server i just wont to by the coins but not getting the wallet link pleas any one could help us for finding the wallet link.....