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  1. hello guys im staking for like 2 weeks day and night unstoppable but i aint got a single coin. Can someone tell me why please? What am i doing wrong.
  2. In labh To stake the coin You dont want minimum coin to stake ,You can stake the coin with minimum quantity.
  3. Special to remember the name because labh will be one not to forget. .There those who have strong hands to hold regardless of any loss when they know the future. I first invested into labh just because of the name
  4. i'm greatful to particapate in the project like this because the feature of this project is very interesting i will continue my support in this labh project.
  5. The labh coin gives holders incentivized to keep them rather than selling them,so there will be stability in the price of the coin .
  6. if a country can manage labhcoin well then the country can reduce the number of unemployment and increase the economic growth of the country.
  7. when you choose labh coin it has less risk for your scam investment,you can invest there with how much money do you want,you will get profit in labh coin investment