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  1. Labh coin have the best community right now.This project can grow more on upcoming months and also pretty excited about 2019 roadmap.
  2. LABH coin is my belief . Although someone is dumping the coin today , I don’t think it’s a problem , LABH will go to the top in a very short time .
  3. In labh coin Staking is performing really well recently. The last two weeks have been great!
  4. Labh coin can change our lives and let's make a good thing for this opportunity because when we make a mistake a big lost opportunity in our life.
  5. In LABH coin, Proof of stake(pos) allows you to mint new coins for having coins in your wallet, Getting Rewarded for being part of the LABH block-chain network.
  6. I can not believe that labh coin will lose in the future . As we can see , there are so many new features are coming , that’s wonderful .
  7. labh strength stems not only from its adavance technology and large community.but also from the community ability process problems and seek solutions.every part in community is trying its best to make this thing more successful by putting its endless hearty efforts in it.
  8. No other coin has frequent updates as labh coin . I am sure this coin will be No1 in the future.
  9. This is a good time to buy labh coin because when they launch special features, the price of coin will go to the clouds.The best strategy is to buy and hold !!
  10. It is crazy how much labh coin is growing.I am very glad to have found this coin so early and will continue to believe in the developers and the community!
  11. Our community is growing so fast. I want to thank all of our members for helping us make the labh community one of the fastest growing crypto communities in the world!
  12. Well right now the price has not moved much, but I think that we will need to wait some time. One thing is if there will be some development progress and another if there will be demand. But to me we have good start. So price could climb higher.
  13. I don't know right now which crypto is a leader in terms of community, but for sure labh coin is among them! if there will be a new trend in crypto about community coins,labh has started and it is the leader already! if such thing will exist, then other community cryptos will refer labh as the first leading! which will increase value in different ways!
  14. I want to increase my coin but I don't no how to stake the coin and this server has an option to stake the coin in staking pool which is the best method to stake whether self staking or staking pool any one suggest me .
  15. I would like to express my respect and thank the entire labh team for their hard work. The coin gets stronger every day. Now I can be sure in tomorrow.