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  1. do a deep research about the projects before investing, you can find some new projects with high reputation, i suggest you should give a look on the projects that are about improved blockchain platform or something like that. for me i gonna invest in LABH, it's a good project at the present .
  2. I think best way to invest labhcoin without being scammed is by knowing the right address and application in using such account. It is better also to keep by your own your accounts and password.
  3. updated wallet seems very good working smooth in windows
  4. keep holding the coin for few days the price will go up
  5. The labh coin project has a good foundation for community development, and the technical strength of the project team is relatively good. The coin is worth further holding by investors.
  6. Team are very active in the promotion and business updates. The way they communicate with the people is also pretty awesome. The platform is interesting and competitive so team just need to focus on the project strength so they can highlights those strength so it make the plan more impressive and different from others.
  7. labh coin strength stems not only from its advanced technology and large community, but also from the community's ability to process problems and seek solutions. Every part in community is trying its best to make this thing more successful by putting its endless hearty efforts in it.
  8. Patience that everybody in crypto seem to lack these days. for me, no matter how much i diversify my portfolio, only a few coins are really close to my heart and labh is one of the as i see the future they are trying to create.
  9. i invested many of coin but their wallet are lagging and so much technical issue but labh wallet runs nicely in my windows... very good dev.
  10. price is stable now.....when price decrease that the time to buying more labh coins...future days labh in mars
  11. love the labh coin community. Devs are doing great work and just increased their budget! great things to come
  12. labh has so much growth potential! Great team, great community, solid tech, ambitious roadmap. Love it
  13. I have a wallet on other computer, and have backed up apa.dat I installed wallet on a new computer but can't figure out how to import apa.dat
  14. good to see in many exchanges and price also maintained very good good to be part of the team
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