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  1. It is the best project of 2018 and we are the most actie, but it takes more work for our dream grew, Labh coin is full of programs that is special and serious that is not found in other cryptocurrency so is normal that the price increases with time.
  2. Do you think that more interesting and promising startups will get enough coins for development thanks to labh coin and it will help in adaptation It looks really ambitious. So, can you tell me more about those details? I like when I am informed enough to make a logic discussion. I know that labh coin is an easy way to raise funds for different startups
  3. Labh coin is not very hard to use, any internet user can figure it out in minutes and it is user friendly. it has a good security to your coins.
  4. labhcoin has the tendency to grow and rise each time so it's better to invest in this coin especially this period when the price is kind of low to earn more money in the future when prices increases.
  5. I already done staking process... but last stake I got about 24h ago is still showing "7 confirmations received, 10 needed, funds are not yet mature". What should I do, seems stuck!. I got an issue that the wallet block is ahead of explorer and sometimes the wallet gets out of sync is there any solution for this
  6. i'm not lossing hope by reason of decrease in labhcoin price. i'm sure labhcoin will surely bounce back. We stand with it no matter what, Our hope in this coin is fixed and nothing else.
  7. you can receive free coins by chating with another members or receive likes from your friends* I've never seen such bounty programs. That's interesting
  8. ORPHAN BLOCK" is an unqualified block which is not accepted in block chain which occurs when two miners attempts to generate new block simultaneously, this happens naturally
  9. is there any way to get my coin even I mistakenly deleted the wallet from my computer? how can i restore the wallet? I have the wallet address but I forget to save it so when I open the wallet it showed me different address.
  10. how we have to add our coin for staking in pool and dose it need minimum coin to stake in pool?