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  1. The Dev is quick to respond not to say he will answer every message or a thousand DM's but he seems cool and the discord looks like the put a lot of work into it alone. I have great hopes for this coin.
  2. If you're planning on investing in any coins or investing in any kinds of investments in general, do your own research. There's enough information on the internet that you don't have an excuse to not do so, if you're not willing to, investing is not for you.but for me LABH is best project to invest for current situation bcz the rate of interest is much more better from other coins.
  3. i know LABH coin Only High ROI coin at the Moment And it's so Fantastic that the coin is holding so Strong with the Huge team and BULK Community.
  4. wow the wallet updated.....plz update the wallet
  5. The best thing about teamwork is that you can share your saddle and divide the heartache. Keep up the good work team!Announcements of upcoming events inspire confidence and perspective in this project. Do not miss the opportunity to join an excellent project!
  6. There is no minimum or maximum investment, there are no such rules Its our wish how much coins we have that much we can invest...
  7. I am very happy to have picked up a nice bag of labh coins before the price went up.
  8. The labh coin project has excellent technology and first-class marketing capabilities. It will leave a strong legacy in the history of encrypted currencies and is worth investing heavily.
  9. my wallet started re sync again and again this is the first time problem occur even i dont know the what is the problem?? i hope you people help me...
  10. Good idea, it's nice to see how fast labh responds to different issues! Every time there was the need to make a change in order to make labh coin always accessible to everyone.
  11. If you are new to this coin and you don't want to loose anything, then go for short term investment. You can invest on the already registered and efficient coins. This way there will be a good chance of profit from this coin Since short term trading
  12. labh coin has always been a high-profile project, the two day prices seem to rise, that's really great.
  13. updated wallet is running very good and coins are in stable price....choosed a good coin in market
  14. Hello. How is labh coin staking now? I wasn't to invest when I tried because I have trouble loading the wallet. It always crash and I don't know how to troubleshoot it
  15. relax and buy labh coin we re going to dominate them all if we stay strong as a community. believe and trust the devs
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