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  1. If in case of wallet is locked means either my wallet is will get stake or not ......
  2. Really nice coin, the code is quite good and blockchain is working flawlessly, congrats dev...
  3. A lot of new people will now know about the project, cause it's finally traded on coinexchange !
  4. Thanks for being transparent about this. This is the kind of thing that makes me (and probably others) confident about the project.I also would like to take the bright side of this... to me, it is a sign that the project has a good potential...
  5. I would like to say thank you for being part of your coin and I just joined the fb and twitter ones as well.My Friends on Facebook always pm me for investment options in labh coin, so I think your platform has a lot to offer.
  6. labh coin giving a nice income throughout the year.. because of the high APR so that anybody can get this benefit..
  7. How is this project evaluated? Evaluation of this project will benefit you, it will help you increase credibility as well as trust for users
  8. This project has a very strong team. I'm sure it's soon about it learning the whole world! The cryptocurrency industry is not standing still. It is necessary to develop constantly. I believe in the future of this project. You must get acquainted with the idea!
  9. labh have good feature like house staking pool pos reward time is shorter when you stake together in pool. the compound weight of pool coins results in higher rewards than solo staking in your wallet...