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  1. Came across labh on reddit. Project is interesting and has massive opportunity for growth. Looking for altcoins to invest in, i think this might be my biggest bag.
  2. Please help me , I am a new member at Labh coin.The Confirmation Email does not arrive to my mailbox for more than a week already. Tried different emails with no luck Also I am unable to open a wallet .
  3. Labh coin has all advantages: great team, great technology, great community. These are all the foundations for the development of Labh. Hold your coin and wait. You will be surprised!!!
  4. As I understood investors get a labh based coin first and when the own blockchain and wallet are released there will be a coin swap. I am always a bit afraid about coin swaps but an own blockchain is always a good sign.
  5. comparatively labh coin has the best security than any other crypto currency .you need to secure ur wallet from being hacked and for this you will have to make a strong password.
  6. can i buy labh coin with out exchange with other coin like btc or ltc?
  7. will you support the price of the exchange with buy orders?and how much trading you forecast
  8. I told several friends about my investments in labh coin and they are very interested in this, they invested in it and they also getting good profit.
  9. Labh coin has more computing power when the transaction happen you can get validate your transaction very faster.Hence u may earn Labh coin as a reward..
  10. There is no other high POS coin like LABH in the Crypto Bridge .......good luck ...
  11. i have seen many of such articles since the day i started with crypto, just make decision on you're own after doing some research , then you will learn a lot more about it and you will have less fear in your investments.
  12. A public blockchain network is completely open and anyone can join and participate in the network. A private blockchain network requires an invitation and must be validated by either the network starter or by a set of rules put in place by the network starter.
  13. I joined the labh coin. The wallet took some time but is syncronised and everything works perfect. I 'm waiting for trying to stacking.
  14. great coin , seems to be staking well. nice work on them POS rates too. nice and high