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  1. Hi Anna. Using a mixer is a reliable way to keep your privacy when it comes to bitcoin transactions. Almost all bitcoin blenders mix coins of different users and they can not guarantee that you get back bitcoins with a good history. We, in Jambler.io, use a different algorithm: our partner mixers return to customers coins that we get from cryptocurrency stock exchanges and that undergo a scoring procedure. Thus, we guarantee that customers obtain cleansed bitcoins. See our partner mixers here https://jambler.io/mix-coins.php
  2. Jambler.io

    Starting a new website, especially when it comes to embedding a cryptocurrency mixing algorithm, is not an easy matter. However, we in Jambler.io are always trying to make the experience of using our mixing services a no-brainer for our partners. We drafted comprehensive instructions for our partners in order not to push you away from the very beginning. Here they are https://jambler.io/howto.php
  3. We invite you to join our affiliate program: build up a bitcoin mixer using the infrastructure of Jambler.io platform, attract target audience and start earning money. You may either launch a new mixer website or integrate mixing service to your existing source of traffic: be it a website, a blog or a telegram channel. You need neither initial investments nor operational assets, only registration in Jambler. io is required to start.