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  1. In August 2017, in order to achieve freedom and equality, Horae was established by John Beccia, a former private finance holding legal counsel in Boston, and Varun Gupta, who has extensive experience in the financial IT industry, and a group of talented teammates from all over the world with a variety of expertise. Headquartered in Switzerland, Horae Foundation covers global digital asset investment users and has established independent operations centers in Singapore, the United States, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong. Based on "blockchain" technology and eternal blockchain spirit, taking the construction of the community of human destiny as the highest mission, Horae aims to provide an unique opportunity for investors to make a diversified investment through technology and cultural innovation, solving the problems faced by the token investment 1.0 era, opening a new era of token investment, and creating a "free and equal" consensus economic community. Horae will, in the spirit of human nature, echo the unrelenting pursuit of social core values such as "openness, sharing, synergy, equality, freedom" since the ancient Greek era, continue to carry out cultural innovation, bring together multiculturalism, and condense core values to make the blockchain bloom in the platform and community construction. Taking “community rejuvenation”as the “singularity”, Horae will continuously expand the blockchain technology practice space to promote the integration of industries, public welfare development and co-construction and sharing of various innovation fields. We have been working from the very beginning to build a different type of community, connect people around the world with the latest disruptive ideas, and provide them with a unique set of tools to make them play an active role in a distributed economy. Everyone has the opportunity to enter the digital asset world and make the new economy more open and connected. At this moment, Horae is working with Ethereum to create a new era of value-added Internet token investment, creating the most valuable token service in a revolutionary way. Here, Horae invites people with lofty ideals around the world to witness this historic moment! Check below for further details: Official Website: https://horaecoin.io/ Twitter:https://twitter.com/HoraeCoin Telegram: https://t.me/HoraeCoin Medium: https://medium.com/me/stories/public Contact At: horaeservice@gmail.com
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