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  1. LABH wallet has been updated guys, make sure that you are updating the wallet and holding the coins. The updated wallet is really nice. It is updated to the v1.0.8. update it and be on the correct block.
  2. Staking is the good process in the LABH. It is having high ROI% and APR. By investing in this project we can earn more profit. It is having its own process i,e. a person who is having lesser coins will get staked later. And the person who is having more coins get staked earlier. And the coins get matured as long as you keep them with you.
  3. By investing in the LABH you can earn a good passive income. The returns is also very good. The rewards is earned with a set ROI%. There is a super blocks also. When the staking gets hit higher the rewards will also be higher.
  4. LABH is providing good features to its investors. It is having a good features and specifications hence it is growing day to day. Investors will surely earn passive income. Before investing in any projects please make sure that, about the project. For me LABH is the best project where i'm earning a good passive income.
  5. As per my opinion, my kind suggestion to every investors is, before investing in the project deeply study about the project and read the white paper. LABH is a good project where it is giving the good features to its investors members and participants. As it is having the high ROI and high APR, the returns will be more. Happy to be a part of this.
  6. The Blockchain is very necessary to the project like this. Because it will save the data permanently once the transaction is done officially. At the same time, decentralization also makes it different from bank ledgers. The Blockchain ledger is the future of the financial industry. It is totally different from bank ledger and also safest.
  7. Labh Crypto Currency is a good way to earn more amount of money. But this will only happen if you are having a lot of knowledge about the market conditions and you should be knowing what you are doing.
  8. I think investing for long term in the LABH is a very good idea because you tend to make huge profits from it. As the coin grows, your profit also increases as long as the coin in which you invested is stable and has good potentials.
  9. A new website for the business looks really cool, I've to say you guys did a good job on the rebranding as well. New logo and banners looks way better then they used before. when the price is low the dumpers are dumping their coins for low price therefore In staking the investors will earn more coins and selling there coins for low price, a very interesting plan I think with the allocation of funds on each item quite a lot, the sale of coins also offers many bonuses, I also see this idea developed a bounty program, where I can see the thread about bounty.
  10. There are so many coins right now. But matter is, in which coin should be the investment done. Investors should research properly about the good and worth projects. As per my opinion LABH is a worthy project where it is providing good features to its members and participants. It is a long term investment. The more days you keep your coins in the wallet, your coins will get matured and get staked easily. Happy to be a part of this.
  11. Block-chain technology allows you for the financial institutions to create direct links between each other, avoiding correspondent banking. It is very helpful to this kind of projects. Once the data is officially recorded here means it is permanent, it cannot be deleted. It also makes confirm to the previous chains also.
  12. I am interested in Labh crypto currency because this is the only work which we can do from home without any risk and without any getting tensed, and this work gives me more profit. Labh Cryptocurrency is the very well technology and of course many people are interested in Labh coin and are profitable, by both investing and trading.
  13. Everyone has different ideas on what makes a good investment. Research and invest in coins in which you see potential, remember just because a coin feature is rich does not mean that it will get succeed. BUut the LABH coin has good features and invest in this. They are having considerable staying power. LABH has also got into the coinmarketcap.
  14. LABH Coin having compound weight of pool coins, As a results in higher rewards in pool staking than solo staking as compared, LABH team as provided great features and specs which makes this coin great ,its awesome for staking. It is doing its best and developing rapidly day by day. The goals of this project is nice and as well as real.
  15. This is a platform where you can easily start earning passive income by staking coins in LABH project. There is no need of special hardware required. The returns is very good and you earn a set of ROI% on the coins you stake. The value of the coin also increases with a lot more return on your investment.