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  1. Where can i buy LABH coins,how to add the coin for staking pool and does it need any minimum coin to stake in the pool ?
  2. Nowadays we see a LOT of crypto/blockchain project with the same goal, but not all the coins provide features to its investors and they don't have good supportive team. Considering LABH coin, they have given good features and specifications to investors and team support. Coin provides high ROI%. It is very good for the long term investment. Staking here for the long term is a valuable thing.
  3. No need to worry go to wallet, you will find settings. In settings you will be having the unlock option, click that it will ask you the password, enter the password wallet gets unlocked. The coins your having in the wallet will not be lost or gone. It will be there itself.
  4. CryptoBridge is a decentralized exchange in the hands of BridgeCoin owners. BridgeCoin is a scrypt-compatible coin that was created in July 2017 in order to finance the development of the decentralized exchange. we can also trade LABH coins in cryptobridge....
  5. LABH is having a good feature, i.e, even if you are having the lesser coins you will get a high returns. A person who is having the lesser coin can add his coins for the staking pool, and get his reward soon. LABH is a worthy and promising project. Investors can choice to their investment where they can get good returns. LABH is the best example.
  6. Block-chain technology allows you for the financial institutions to create direct links between each other, avoiding correspondent banking. The principal product to date, aims at correspondent banking. Block chain plays a major role here.
  7. LABH is having a staking pool benefits:Ones you added your coins to the staking pool means there is no purpose to keep your wallet open and there is no need of keeping your system logged in 24/7. Your staking will be going on... No need to worry about that. And in solo staking pool it is an own staking, hence you should have to keep your system logged in and there should be the proper internet connection.
  8. LABH is a project with an interesting concept and it will be very useful to its users. Especially with a bounty campaign, it will certainly attract more investors and bounty hunter. Hopefully the team can continue to develop the innovations.
  9. LABH team knows what it is doing.The features are well and good. They are already showing their result. And it is also got listed in coin market tracker place:coindata.vc. The project is having a good team members. It is a promising project.
  10. LABH is a promising and rapidly developing project with a working product and a growing community. They do an excellent job, letting everyone to take part in it. In addition they have a great idea and plans. LABH coin has a bright future ahead. And we can see the growing of LABH.
  11. I think its about time that blockchain technology can be used for easy and hassle-free payment methods which other platforms seem to monopolize as of the moment.Public blockchain is a chain that no individual or company is able to control the information which is contained on the blockchain or the rules governing the blockchain. It is not possible for the “owner” of the blockchain to change the rules of the blockchain at his own wish.
  12. As my opinion Labh will give the good profit to its investors.Before making a decision in investment better think twice. I suggest that to invest in Labh coin. Investors should be aware while they are investing. The planning of investment also plays a major role. Investing in the Labh provides better future for the investors with a good profit.
  13. From my experience, i would suggest that there are many coins in the market, with the high ROI the rewards will also be received later. But as i have seen, the Labh coin is the best coin. It has its own feature i.e, A person having lesser coin will get his reward soon and a person who is having more coins will receive his reward as soon as possible.
  14. Coins that generates new blocks through POS ,which means the rate of validation of transactions on the block chain occurs based on how many coins a person holds. And this project has a good option to stake the coins that is "Staking Pool", A person who is having the more coins will get his reward soon.