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  1. Block-chain technology allows you for the financial institutions to create direct links between each other, avoiding correspondent banking. Block chain technology is more safe than banking system, it secures more safety than banks this make people to believe in this technology.
  2. LABH is having two block chains they are, private and public block chain. The difference between these both is, A private blockchain network requires an invitation and must be validated by either the network starter or by a set of rules put in place by the network starter. Public blockchain network is completely open and anyone can join and participate in the network. The network typically has an incentivizing mechanism to encourage more participants to join the network.
  3. Hi Everyone, don't miss out the chance, A Project with high proof of staking with awesome APR which gives 10000% for super blocks and fixed APR of 1000% for non super blocks and the community has huge family to make everyone to find easily. It has also stepped in and got listed in coin market cap and also in coin market tracker. Development and growth of the project is increasing day to day. Happy to be a part of this.
  4. As per my opinion LABH is an extremely promising project. As it is having a good features and specifications. The team members are also well and good. It has also got listed in coin marketing, as well as coin market tracker platform. Its all because of the hard work and the good response from the team side.
  5. LABH is consisting of a good staff members and their reply is also fast. Excellent project for a good investment, a coin that makes you happy a day and much more. The advice to all those who are new in the world of cryptocurrency is, LABH is really an excellent coin. It is a trust worth project.
  6. LABH is a promising and rapidly developing project with a working product and a growing community. It is doing an excellent job, letting everyone take part in it. In addition, the LABH coin is having a great idea for improving and they are achieving their best.
  7. There are plenty of coins at the moment. I think you should get involved and investigate about it. According to me LABH coin has good financials and also project performance. Happy to see the growth of this coin. It will return good rewards in future. It's a worth investment.
  8. A block chain is the structure of data that represents a financial ledger entry or a record of a transaction. Each transaction is digitally signed to ensure its authenticity and that no one tampers with it, so the ledger itself and the existing transactions within it are assumed to be of high integrity.
  9. I enjoy mining but I also like the fact that this won't cost me anything to earn a substantial amount of coins through staking and that is what I am looking for at this moment this coin has great features as there is no charges for deposit withdrawal and admin FEE. Coin specifications is very good. I liked it.
  10. In LABH coin there are more chances for stake to hit,even if you have less coins also you will get high rewards thats the good feature of this coin which makes even small investors to generate passive income from staking in this coin.The team is having a good plans, also having a good team members. Labh is providing awesome facilities, from many other projects.
  11. The Labh team has an experienced and good members in their team. The price of the Labh is increasing day by day, as it has the good response in the market. The team has the bright future, as it is growing and developing day by day.
  12. The Labh reward is going published day by day and i have seen that there is a growth in wallet and deposits. Labh team members are available 24hrs. Their good response makes the team grow easily. And also there is good growth and development in the Labh.
  13. The speed of Labh coin transaction is very high.It is affordable due to the low price, but it is increasing everyday. As you know there will be fluctuations.The potential of this project lies within you. If you are smart enough and know about this, then this is a very good project. This project will be much valuable in the future.
  14. I'm happy to be with this Group.I got some information from Your coin and the features of the coin is unique. By the support given by the team members i came to know about the labh coin. And I wish good luck to this team.
  15. There might be lot of other projects and coins, but what matters is the team, the wallet and all the specifications will not be no longer for us once we join their coin. I don't find any distracts or any misuse or negligence in this coin and the team is active all the time not like other coin team who vanish after the coin launch and never respond back and coin go dead.