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  1. Aradya

    To get relevant backlinks, You should perform link building methods on a daily basis.
  2. Aradya

    An incoming link to your website domain is called backlink.
  3. There only two types of backlinks Do-follow No-follow
  4. Aradya

    SEO friendly URL is web address which is easy to read and understand for visitors and Search Engine as well. It should contain few words or keywords which describe what the website is about.
  5. Inbound Links are the links that come from other websites to your website or different domains. Outbound Links are the links that on your website that links to another website or within different domains.
  6. I am learning On-Page SEO, any guides/suggestions for content optimization. How to optimize content? What is Content Optimization?
  7. What do you mean by URL Canalization?
  8. Aradya

    URL is Uniform Resource Locator which references web resource that specifies its location over Worl Wide Web
  9. My Suggest is that "ahref" is the best and relevant to check a number of backlinks.
  10. What? If robots.txt tester blocked a website or webpage?
  11. As Google is updating its algorithms and process/methods day by day, We should use new trends and technologies for SEO update. What are the new trends in On-Page SEO in 2019?
  12. Aradya

    Linking of two websites is called cross-linking. It helps SEO by increasing link popularity and Pagerank
  13. Aradya

    It is very closely related to keywords density, it is the percentage of keyword how often it appears on a web content or a piece of content.
  14. Aradya

    Humming Bird update is the biggest change in the Google search algorithm, mainly focuses on phrases, content rather than individual keyword.
  15. Aradya


    There are a lot of SEO free tools for keywords research which really make research easy for your website keywords. keyword everywhere Google keyword planner KWFinder, etc
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