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  1. Thanks brother! Hope yours was great
  2. I think gold and other precious metals are an excellent asset to include within a portfolio. In fact, most Billionaire portfolio's include a hefty chunk of Gold and Foreign Exchange investments. This helps to protect downside risk and increase the chance of having an all-weather portfolio. There are many ways to invest in Gold - for one you can invest your 401k or IRA into precious metals . Alternatively, you can find a bullion dealer online such as APMEX or GoldSilver. There are also investors who invest in cryptocurrency and real estate, however, I think Gold is a great place to put your money in case of any economic or natural disaster. Gold just doesn't disappear.
  3. Hey guys, I am an SEO expert with my own agency. I own a cryptocurrency investing website: https://www.smartbitcoininvestments.com/ and I would like to build links to it from related websites from members here. If you have one that you think may be a good fit either comment or feel free to reach out to me personally. A gold, forex or trading website would be a good fit as well. The best way to get in contact with me is by email [email protected] Cheers!
  4. squadus

    Lots of corporations are investing into Ethereum such as Samsung. We need to see some great apps before we can really make any real judgement on how successful Ethereum will be. I think whoever can be the first mover in blockchain apps will win.
  5. squadus

    That's just the name of the site. Maybe they named it as such for branding purposes or perhaps this was the best domain available - either way I love this forum.
  6. squadus


    I would perform a Google search with 3+ keywords in the search. Other than that, definitely go on LinkedIn to research both people and companies. Good luck!
  7. squadus

    The best investments are immense in potential value and priced to value.
  8. Hello TheGoldForum members! I am a student here in Los Angeles studying Mechanical Engineering who is just getting into the topic of precious metals investing. I have also dabbled a little bit in cryptocurrency and purchased Bitcoin, Litecoin, etc on Coinbase. I am looking forward to learning more about the forum. Have an awesome day
  9. I was checking out a few gold sites the other day and noticed a Pay with Bitcoin button on a few of them. I did some more research on the topic (see here) and it seems like it is actually extremely simple to do so on places like Vaultoro and Goldmoney. I would recommend Vaultoro since one can easily trade between Gold and Bitcoin at the click of a finger. GoldSilver.com and JMBullion are convenient because you can buy Bullion, Chains and Necklaces anytime with the handy "Pay with Bitcoin" button. Hope this helps fellow gold bullion and coin collectors! =)