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  1. I love thí project!!. This project has a very strong team. I'm sure it's soon about it learning the whole world! The cryptocurrency industry is not standing still. It is necessary to develop constantly. I believe in the future of this project. You must get acquainted with the idea! . Good luck team!.
  2. a project with an interesting concept and will be very useful for its users. especially with a bounty campaign will certainly attract more investors and bounty hunter. hopefully the team can continue to develop innovations in order to compete with similar projects.
  3. The idea of LABH coin is really unique and good usecase from technology and made much sound in crypto. listed in varies platform s in crypto world.no one coin did this much of development in very short-time.
  4. In LABH coin there are more chances there for stake to hit even is you have less coins also you will get high rewards thats the good feature of this coin which makes even small investors to generate decent passive income from staking in this coin
  5. labhcoin has the tendency to grow and rise each time so it's better to invest in this coin especially this period when the price is kind of low to earn more money in the future when prices increases.
  6. the Labh coin is a good project, which has huge potential for further developments. Invest money in labh coin at such cheap price is smart option for investors who have spare money.
  7. its good to see the price getting increased , there is a lot of hard work being done by the team , the team will suerly reach there goal and people get ready to go for moon
  8. I believe that some decentralization is welcome, but 100% decentralization is hard to achieve and have success with projects like these that are creating complex systems. Probably, a lot of conferences are held in different parts of the world when the ICO idea starts, the only question is which one is most acceptable for devs. Wanna know this.. Dev account is with only one post,but active in twitter. I dont know why dev dont post here
  9. The Labh coin community and the development team are also what make this cryptocurrency successful. Together as a community i firmly believe this will be the most prominent anonymous cryptocurrency, and that the company will take the leading place in this world!
  10. The market is quite volatile when it comes to investments you cannot really rely on cycles. One decision from a ruling body and the investment market will spiral into chaos, so its better to invest in this business, as well! Don't put all the eggs in one busket!
  11. The LABH project is the project which brings new generations to the world of cryptoworld with the advanced technologies. The community is very awesome and it is also having the good communication ability.
  12. labh coin is promising project so investors and large companies can invest on coins,keep the coins in staking pool,so rewards can be given,once exchange comes in labh,many can invest more coins on labh.
  13. Labh coin is going through development stage because now is the time world is adapting towards this coin and it's community getting to know how to face real world problems and negative impacts for a better and smoother future. Good day, team.
  14. All we need to do is buy as much labh coin as you can and hold them in your wallet.Then coins will mature with in 24 hours and you will start to stake. The more coins you have, the sooner you will get the staking rewards. 
  15. I think investing on long term is a very good idea because you tend to make huge profits from it. As the coin grows, your profit increases as long as the coin in which you invested is stable and has good potentials
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