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  1. What I like about this project is it tackles the very basic transaction between different merchants and banks . Crypto usage is still a taboo for merchants as volatility sets in but they are really open to the idea of the idea of handling the process of conversion.
  2. $LABH we are half way through towards 5k blocks #pos with high bonus block at random interval kicks in.. You can get ROI Ranging from 1000 % to 10000 % APR get ready with $labh in ur wallet by purchasing with in-wallet future
  3. To stake the coin u dont want minimum coin to stake You can stake the coin with minimum quantity u can stake the coin with whatever coin present with you in the wallet but by staking with lesser coin u can get you reward late bcz the person who having more coins will get stake fast and his coin will get mature faster To avoide of this kind of problem the person who has having less coin will had his coin to staking pool ....at this time he can also get the coin at the same time like others.
  4. I would like to become a very successful trader and invest in Labh coin as I think this are the most profitable coin to get. I am sure that soon our world will understand that there are a lot of coins but Labh is the best one
  5. My future in Labh crypto currency is doing great and i got i right decision to choose to invest in this kind of business because it is useful and helpful to every investors
  6. We do not required any other activity to attract the investors the people will get impress with its unique feature and from its high rate of interest and super blocking system which are in random way
  7. LABH staking is one of the best staking there is no charges for witdrawal,transaction, and deposit with high ROI without any deficluty we can genrate good rewards its best staking coin
  8. LABH is a high-return investment platform. The LABH team consists of experienced veterans in the crypto environment. LABH aims to create an open, helpful and transparent investor community
  9. LABH we provide the opportunity for your to take advantage of staking you LABH coins in Official Shared Staking pool LABHssp
  10. LABH block reward is different that block rewards are differentat specific block and random so there is chances of getting high ROI Even For Small Bag Holders
  11. Mining is the processing of transactions in the digital currency system, in which the records of current transactions, known as a blocks, are added to the record of past transactions, known as the block chain.
  12. ORPHAN BLOCK" is an unqualified block which is not accepted in block chain which occurs when two miners attempts to generate new block simultaneously, this happens naturally
  13. I see that team Labh contribute in the forums, they are responsive to the community, here the communication it is important to build trust, in addition they have an attractive reward system so as to make people happy was in it.
  14. very helpful as this gives us knowledge which can be applied in the latter investment decision.
  15. Unfortunately a lot of people seem to have a similar experience to yours, it's a learning experience and something that will make you a better investor in the long run.