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  1. good coin for investment team as given good features and i like the stake rewards of this coin and most important coin as good potential in future for higher prices
  2. I believe the LABH coin will potentially be very high when the bull occurs, i am waiting for bull run to make regular passive income again but only thing is markets are not supporting
  3. I saw people losing all their money in this market because of the panic. if you have already come here, remember that you may have to wait a few years to earn a good amount of money
  4. I am not selling my coins i will hold, because it's too cheap to sell. the chances of growing of the LABH are much higher than the chances of falling, in my opinion so holding is good option
  5. why price is down i was getting good extra income from this coin and i was able to make around 20$ daily now price is less i hope price increase again i will be able to make profits again anyway i will hold this
  6. Today my favorite altcoin is LABH. I think LABH would skyrocket by the end of 2019 at it's a good buy today. but the price still cheap at this time. I will hold it untill go to the moon! I have big hopes with cryptocurrency and I hope the best for it!
  7. I think for now the price of LABH is very cheap on the exchange market,good to buy for making profits latter obviously we can see price increase in future no risk in investing in this coin
  8. coin is constantly improving and giving good rewards to investors i have seen good team response , coin as good future price
  9. staking this coin from past 3 months almost everyday i got stake rewards its good rewards from this coin, although stake rewards are good .price is low i will hold till i get good price any way holding time also i will be getting stake rewards
  10. this are common mistakes made from people but in many coins it will staking starts from beginning in labh It will continue it is great
  11. Yes, of course, I staking my coins. this is a new trend. I think this is what will replace the mining at the next stage of evolution of cryptocurrency. this is pretty good opportunity to earn coins, BUT you have to choose very carefully projects, this is very important. Personally I following LABH now
  12. I've been using LABH and yes, its true. The transactions are all good , this project gives good benefits to the investors, they have provided many trading platforms . good wallet , coin tracker platforms , coin as everything that investors need
  13. I would personally like to invest in projects that have a long term future than a short term gain, for a short span. LABH Coin,seems very promising to me to have a great future in the future run. Their flexibility of tool and security measures seems great.
  14. Of course LABH is a good altcoin it will recover in the future but we can not know the exact time. So we need to hold. LABH in the future will definitely grow strongly and I am also holding LABH coins
  15. In the current Cryptocurrency market, a lot of Altcoins only distinguishes in terms of profit received and coin development . I suggest investing in LABH. besides LABH which gives good stake rewards , its developing rate so rapidly. so that by investing will be more profitable.