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  1. LABH team is providing investors every facilities and making easy to track coin data and providing multiple platform to trade also
  2. My top coin right now to invest in is LABH coin. i am really impressed with coin features and specs, current progress of this coin very good this coin will give me profits faster than any other coin for my investment
  3. A private blockchain network requires an invitation and must be validated by either the network starter or by a set of rules put in place by the network starts Private block, only member can visit the transaction The consortium or company running a private blockchain can easily if desired change the rules of blockchain revert transaction modify balance
  4. The coin is very volatile. This is good for trading! I'm fine on it getting a profit. Soon the listing to a new stock exchanges and we will see price x 10 , I think to the moon continued !!!!!!!!!
  5. If we are going to talk about investing in the long run, then investing your money in bitcoin is a great move, but expect that the fluctuations are bigger and its expensive so losing of money will be more if price will not recover I think LABH coin is good for long run investment good coin whose performance is good and many traders can afford to buy coins the progress of the coin will make profit for your investments and there is less risk because you buy cheap
  6. when is the correct time to invest in crypto currency , is it now suitable to investment in LABH ?
  7. where can i buy LABH coins,how to add our coin for staking in pool and does it need minimum coin to stake in pool. how can we came to know how much ROI is getting from pool daily
  8. Nowadays we see a LOT of crypto/blockchain project with the same goal, but not all coins provide features to investors and they dont have good supportive team .considering LABH coin they have given good features to investors and team support coin provides high ROI% this coin makes good investment for long term. staking in this coin for long term is a valuable investment
  9. yes LABH wallet is very good i have seen many other wallet .but this wallet has every feature investors need i am very happy with this wallet
  10. LABH coin staking is Especially beneficial for smaller sta ke sizes who will also benefit from pool weight,The compound weight of pool coins results in higher rewards than solo staking in your wallet.No restriction on a number of coins that can be submitted to the pool.this features are great for small stake holders they will be able to generate good passive income with less risk as this coin is already performing very good , stake holders can see good rewards soon
  11. Dumping all your LABH coin is not a wise thing to do as they will be the first to grow as soon as the volume grows in the market as everyone entering the market buys. so its better to hold and keep on adding coins in every opportunity play smart with patience
  12. LABH is a primarily Proof of Stake (PoS) coin that uses the Scypt algorithm With PoS you don't have to deal with the high operating costs and issues commonly faced with PoW systems (Miners).
  13. LABH Coin is one of the best coins on the market, I like it very much. The team has big plans and interesting ideas, and I'm sure that LABH coin will help them and in the development of other projects.
  14. In LABH Server you can mint directly from the wallet...no fancy hardware or any minting costs. Just get the wallet up and running and you can mine the coin with no setup or anything. And right now the mining is super quick and easy.
  15. I highly recommend this business to my friends and relatives! They were so much delighted when I told them about it! LABH are working hard and updating us every week on the progress!