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  1. In my opinion LABH is an extremely promising project! You can receive a stable passive income by staking coins in your wallet. LABH also provides investors with a many unique feature The project has an excellent team
  2. i think , this is best time when we want to but some coins that too a good pos coins which gives good rewards for our coins and good price in future while the price of the coin is cheap then when it rises you will get big profit
  3. this coin is very much suitable for long term as good investment and stake rewards because in long term this coin gains lot of price value
  4. I think we should not sell our investments coins now because in this point of time there is no increase in the price of any coins or projects in the market,we should wait the right time before we are going to sell it.
  5. I want to get a big profit so I don't like to invest in the top rank coins because their prices are always higher than others so earn x10 or x20 times profit is difficult so this is a good coin to invest and get good returns
  6. i like superblocks rewards in this coin its like giving bonus rewards there will not be any inflation and investors also get good rewards my wallet did stake 2 time at superblock
  7. What I like about labh coin is features and rate of interest good pos coin team as provided all exchanges and many tracker platforms and good part is reward is good I will get good income when price increases
  8. holding LABH is really worth it especially when its value started to rise, also LABH is one of the promising and have potential good POS coin right now so that many people are getting interested and believe to it,
  9. If you have the opportunity, then I think now is a great opportunity to invest in LABH coin. Indeed, the market shows signs of a reversal, and I expect in the near future a rise in prices for LABH
  10. I am more interested in LABH because I think this coin has a huge potential, even though the price is now cheap, it's better to buy it now before the price goes up again and you regret it
  11. i have done staking in 2-3 coins before in those in some team response was not good in some staking rewards was crap , at last i have this coin found what all i needed so far staking is going good i am little concern about price now , how ever rather than investing in some crap coins i will be hold this coin price will go up in coming days ,
  12. this coin is very good i really like the compound interest for staking although there are many coins which offer compound interest but those coins are improvements are not good this coin improvements and tam activity support is good investing in this coin really helps in gaining passive income
  13. my favorite coin is LABH, because the transaction withdrawal and deposit fee is 0. and i know in a span of 6 months or more price will be above 500 sat
  14. yes this is good coin we dont know when price will increases so we should wait with patience as risk of holding is really less and targets are higher its worth holding
  15. The benefits of this coins is no fee for the deposit or withdrawal of the coin in the staking pool, u will get the rewards faster in the pool staking then compare to solo staking and it is not risky in pool staking compare to solo
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