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  1. In my own opinion, the best investment in this market is to buy LABH coin i have read the white paper of this coin features and specs are awesome, i have also seen the road-map of LABH coin team is working hard it is very good opportunity to invest in this coin i can expect good target soon
  2. I personally think that the new coins have more potential and i move my investment in new and quality coins, this when new coins have good potential In my opinion LABH is an extremely promising project! You can receive a stable passive income even by investing small the rewaeds are awesome
  3. Guys, After a week of research, I came up with the list of the AltCoins that I might be putting my $$$ on. Initially i thought split my capital and invest on 3-4 coins afterwards , I thought to find one good potential coin which i can get for cheap price and invest I found LABH coin which was to my requirements and i saw many getting good stake rewards too i am sure this coin will fetch me good returns
  4. what is private block chain and what are the advantage of private block chain ?
  5. Hello guys LABH is listed on coinexchange.io so we can focus on both cryptobridge and coinexchange to trade
  6. This coin is awesome i c many investors and small coin holders getting good stake rewards consistently and are able to make consistent profits staking in LABH coin we can earn good passive income
  7. once the wallet get stake you can merge the coin into one compound then you cant loose your maturity and you coins also get mature fast and your wallet also hit the stake early
  8. After Stake hit, The coins have splits in my Wallet..... so what is the right method to Merge it...
  9. yes there are many coins.but LABH coin is available for cheap price in market and LABH providers ton of features for stakers and the the team progress is really good team response is really good day by day more investors are investing in LABH due to more buying. investors will get good returns faster
  10. There are plenty of cheap coin at the moment. I think you should get involved and investigate. according to me LABH coin as good financials and project performance it is also growing very good.this coin will return good rewards in future this is a very worth investment
  11. I am happy for LABH already seeing the result of LABH team hard work. it's a well developed project that can make your life top success. We have to be patient all the time to generate good rewards
  12. LABH staking is one of the best staking there is no charges for witdrawal,transaction, and deposit with high ROI without any difficulty we can genrate good rewards its best staking coin i ever seen
  13. If in case, at the time of maturity of coin is sync out of the wallet means the coin will get mature or it will be cancelled and what will happen if after we sync the wallet whether maturity of the coin will come back or it will be rejected ....?
  14. Good to be a part of this wonderful hard team, which very keeps working for this project 24/hrs nice to be in this teamAnd I thank for the team members for giving us this beautiful project