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  1. If you want to invest in altcoin, but do not be careless because not all altcoin can be profitable for you., labh coin is good for investing i have read and tracked the coin form long time coin progress is good and staking rewards are very good this is what investors will also be searching for to make there investments
  2. I think investing on long term in labh is a very good idea because you tend to make huge profits from it. As the coin grows, your profit increases as long as the coin in which you invested is stable and has good potentials. You can buy coin when they are cheap or when price falls, hold it on long term and as the price rises, your coin begins to rise with the flow of market.
  3. this is good potential coin so as soon as markets recover this coin will recover fast be ready to receive good stake rewards and passive income
  4. Right now the cryptocurrency is experiencing bearish move until now. If you are keeping your patience you might likely lose your investment. Remember that long term is the key
  5. i am expecting good targets for this coin i have got good stake rewards and i dont want to sell this coin cheap i will wait for good targets as i have nothing to lose
  6. I am quite confident LABH will surely pump again, but it seems very unlikely this year due to the prolonged bear market although you never know what can happen in the future in this extremely volatile market. Selling now at a loss would be seriously dumb and something which I do not recommend at all. I recommend HODLING your LABH since this coin has a bright future ahead of it due to its tremendous potential. Have patience and wait for the market to be bullish again
  7. potential coins, in my opinion, are coins is LABH now it's worth buying. Especially now that the price of coins is declining, you can invest at a very low price. I am sure that the market will increase again.
  8. opportunity to buy more LABH coins while they are down.buy on the way down and sell on the way up and in potential altcoin at the end of the year those coins Many of which are worth much more than they were then.
  9. since i dont want to sell all coins instead of selling all i can sell some and keep some coin i think that LABH coin as still got potential to go up again. Because we don't know the future so don't miss the chance to make a profit.
  10. Better to see the progress and decide it by yourself after understanding the potentials, LABH already gained a lots of support , if you are long term types of investors better to add LABH in your list and wait till this coin bring huge profits to your investment
  11. Altcoin prices are currently very cheap so when you talk about altcoin investments at this time it is very profitable but it's better you can buy LABH coins it has the potential to be very expensive. it will give good returns in future
  12. LABH is a very suitable altcoin to hold. The price is more stable and more profitable. especially now when price felled . If you buy few LABH coins you will get 2x more in future, it is sure and easy way to get money for me.
  13. LABH coin with good objective, a working product, a good marketing strategy, an active DEV team, with a good community. Usually this criteria are good for coin and usually grow more in the future.we make profits by investing in projects like this
  14. LABH prices are very cheap in the market which we can easily make money once the Bitcoin price starts increasing. As you can see in the market the price went very low in the market which will be very good sign for the investors.
  15. It is impossible to say which is better - in the future. we should predict by present this coin as performed well in present and past also i think future will also be great if we invest we could make good profits
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