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  1. Which one do you profits want?long term, sort term? Many coin will have low price at the first listing but not all coins are good for investments. If you want hold for long term you need deep reached for that. How is the project, who is behind the project. LABH coins are affordable, so many can invest in this project for long term, coin progress is really good it coin will give you good profit for long run
  2. when market is red is better to invest in the most important currency Now is the time to invest in LABH, the market is at the bottom and you can buy coins at a very favorable price , IF u are in for long term view see coin financials and invest .forget about price flucations its common the coin progress will only make profit for you comming to LABH coin progress its doing well and team is working hard it is been listing in many exchanges and in coinmarket cap. I see many investors getting good staking rewards for longterm staking this coin will return massive profits
  3. YOU can buy labh coin from coinexchage,cryptobridge, and you can buy labh coins in wallet only just send your coin from ur wallet to LABHssp pool address ,after that immediately confirm your deposit through deposit bot u will get confirm from in LABH discord sever in bot-command secction, and their is no need of minimum coin to stake in pool u can just stake the cion from what u had in the wallet after becoming the member of the LABHssp pool you become the member of that ..the LABHssp pool staking status report to you everyday how your wallet is growing from the ur deposit wallet This report is always of the previous 24hrs period
  4. I am facing some problem in wallet the coins are not getting stake properly.what is the reason for that give me some solution for that? what is the main reason for the wallet get out of sync ?
  5. Its true. The money invested to day will probably be your best savings that grows. LABH coin is at a good price to fill your wallets with it because that's the one that will give you passive income. You won't even have to work later on as you only have to receive your rewards. These is very powerful projects and if you wait long enough you should be very happy about your investment.
  6. Hi everyone , LABH coin is doing a great job, and it's value is also is also good and it's PoS rewards are superb and it as a unique feature, mainly this team as a great team built up, this coin provides good features to investors and the team response is also good
  7. why should investors invest in LABH while there are many onter coins available what makes this coin special
  8. I'm following this project since the very beginning of LABH coin... you have managed to gather a dream team I gotta say, it feels more and more like the right decision to invest in to this project. i am sure with patience one can get good reward from this coin
  9. LABH staking is one of the best staking there is no charges for witdrawal,transaction, and deposit with high ROI without any deficluty we can genrate good rewards its best staking coin i ever seen
  10. When the coin is getting mature and if wallet gets out of sync or shut down, You need to restart the wallet and wait till it is sync or some times you need to re-sync from '0'. But nothing to worry as you coin maturity will not be set to '0' it will continue from where it was stopped. You will be just loosing the time from the out of sync to fully sync.
  11. LABH is looking really cool. I love that crazy new feature in their wallet which i've never seen before. You can purchase LTC and BTC from inside the wallet.
  12. LABH we provide the opportunity for your to take advantage of staking you LABH coins in Official Shared Staking pool LABHssp
  13. LABH is good project that have a lot of benefits to all their users and investors it is worth to invest that gives a lot of profits ie near future.
  14. LABHcoin is a really perspective project. It really offers a nice opportunity to earn money. Besides, LABHcoin’s developers have great plans.and team is very supportive
  15. LABH block reward is so different is that block rewards are different at specific block and random so there is a chances of getting high ROI Even For Small Bag Holders