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  1. tell the ways that we can follow to keep the house warm.
  2. John G. Anai

    Thank you sharing this but i would like to add some points. Business planning is helps to focus and make business ideas succeed. It helps to achieve their goals. It helps to manage your company. It attracts your team member and makes easy to communicate.
  3. what things and strategies are helpful to promote the business in simple ways.
  4. John G. Anai

    I am not getting your point Mrs. Newbie. Can you further elaborate it.
  5. Your advise is very helpful for me. Thanks for giving me such idea for my home flooring.
  6. John G. Anai

    Few of seo tools are mentioned below: Rank Tracking Screaming Frog Longtail PRO Woorank
  7. John G. Anai

    Innovative concept for making your room with modern technology. Today's builders use these kind of concepts for increase in there market.
  8. John G. Anai

    This is nice and good justification about how to manage all the things, how to apply techniques and methods. This is the nice site for beginners which helps to build a new project. Thank you
  9. Thanks to share your views.
  10. Hey, I am a Professional Home Builder in New York since 2003 and I want to suggest you because there is a big scope in this. Nowadays, online ordering of food is become a habit of people in the world. You can start business of Cloud Kitchen. In this business you just register yourself on internet and start business at home in very less investment. One more thing is do not start this business if you don't have any interest in Food making because online businesses improve with their quality and services.
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  12. John G. Anai

    Nice tips!!! Most of the people prefer to travel with someone rather than alone.
  13. John G. Anai

    Thank you for gave an answer.
  14. I have a construction business. Suggest me the right way that how can target the public towards my building contruction business.