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  1. can you give me a answer.
  2. John G. Anai

    what is the role of hadoop?
  3. John G. Anai

    You can use maximum hash tags in your post.
  4. John G. Anai

    There are various tools that helps to increase the likes. But most of them are fake. So, with this you'll not get valuable results. Try! to add local people , create group for local people this will be helpful for your business.
  5. John G. Anai

    Can you more elaborate about this topic? because i have no idea about this.
  6. Hi Mobile Apps are very useful like you can use social media apps for permotions.
  7. John G. Anai

    It is also called Google webmaster tool. Which helps to index pages of the website by which site is crawled by google.
  8. Is also can done by using html.
  9. if yes, then share the place that where you would like to build a home.
  10. John G. Anai

    thanks. All done but the concept of Trackbacks is understand. Can you elaborate it.
  11. is there any new method to get a traffic.
  12. John G. Anai

    Also, can share on google plus and other social media.
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