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  1. Can we use Bitcademy solution in other sports? 🚀🏀Football is just a start. Let's see how we build basketball academies in the future. Do you want to hunt for new #LeBron?Join our revolution today! https://bitcademy.io #giannis #AllStarGame #allstar2019 #blockchain #STOhttps://twitter.com/bitcademyfb/status/1097356857713127425
  2. https://medium.com/@bitcademyfb/fundamentals-football-academy-the-path-of-a-football-player-1136cc5c2ff0
  3. New Medium article from ushttps://medium.com/@bitcademyfb/why-blockchain-in-sports-fc08a5581431
  4. Marek spent a whole week in Olympiacos FC academy learning how Greek football looks like. Beautiful insight into their training centre, football grounds and tons of conversations about goalkeeper training https://twitter.com/bitcademyfb/status/1093822991664738305 https://bitcademy.io
  5. Have you recently heard about Quadriga's issue? We have a new story - how to protect investors during ICO... Jump to our Medium and enjoy reading! You are safe with us. https://medium.com/@bitcademyfb/how-icos-can-prevent-money-loss-79a6c274ba89 …
  6. What is Bitcademy all about? Read our Medium article and find out how we want to monetize our platform and how we use blockchain in sports https://medium.com/@bitcademyfb/what-is-bitcademy-87a6f1e51de7 …
  7. The first time in the history of Asian AFC Cup - #Qatar! What a performance All games without a single loss and 3-1 in the final against #Japan Congratulations! https://bitademy.io - invest with us and create a future star #football #Dubai #Abudhabi #blockchain https://twitter.com/bitcademyfb/status/1091599903468351489
  8. One of our ambassadors is Adrian Mierzejewski Adrian plays in China, 33 yo, MV €2.8mln, football academy Tempo Olsztyn Saudi Arabian champion, player of the year - Poland, Australia, KSA Great addition to our team! https://twitter.com/bitcademyfb/status/1090514859161075712
  9. In Abidjan, Ivory Coast, Keepers Foundation opened the training facility for goalkeepers Marek Dragosz, our football advisor in Africa, helped to launch the facility. Recently, they were visited by Andre Onana from Ajax Amsterdam
  10. Last week of bounty campaign starts today! 🔝🔝 Hurry up! Join our revolution, subscribe and get some money 🍸💰 https://bitcademy.io // we are running referral where you can get tokens if your friends join
  11. https://medium.com/@bitcademyfb/inspired-by-samuel-etoo-818b389df52f
  12. Nice to watch some Asian football. Saudi lost to Qatar 0:2 Both teams advanced and will play Japan and Iraq respectively Round of 16 starting on Sunday! Great crowd, great atmosphere
  13. Great article published by FourFourTwo https://www.fourfourtwo.com/features/marvin-sordell-column-players-and-fans-we-need-reconnect-one-another … We have an answer to the issue! We bring fans and players together. In Bitcademy you can directly create your future star!
  14. Check our new tweet https://twitter.com/bitcademyfb/status/1082542764364124160 Always [email protected] and Keepers Foundation organized goalkeeper workshop for aspiring stars! Poland is famous for good goalkeepers Bitcademy explores new ways to create future star: https://bitcademy.io
  15. Check our new Medium article on how you can track the performance of football players with Bitcademy Tech & AI https://medium.com/@bitcademyfb/how-technology-can-track-progress-in-sports-c3bd5f161837 …