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  1. Let's move to the past and look into the life of the best player in the history Inspired by...PeléFrom the streets of São Paulo to World Cup gloryhttps://medium.com/@bitcademyfb/inspired-by-pel%C3%A9-b4bfb8aa545e
  2. Our revolution starts with Sports Tech & Blockchain How is the market doing right now? Who are @bitcademyfb competitors ⚔ and why we are not afraid at all? https://medium.com/@bitcademyfb/sporttech-blockchain-bitcademy-positioning-53af22bf61c0 #blockchain #crypto #cryptoinvesting #sto #football #كرة_القدم
  3. We know the draw for incoming #ACON 2019 in Egypt. All groups look interesting. We might be sending someone from the team to network around in June. Fav teams this year Tunisia, Egypt, Nigeria, Senegal Underdogs South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, DR Congo
  4. Are you a football fan? If so, your football world is reduced to buy, buy, buy... Buy tickets, buy a paid TV subscription, buy merchandise... Do you know how much do "they" earn, earn, earn? 26 bln dollars. This is the revenue European football brought last year. We have a solution for you! You can be part of the REAL game. Thanks to smart contracts you can directly invest in REAL players and get REAL money back on their performance. Join us and find out more. Watch below video and join our site. We want to change football forever. https://youtu.be/_4ohxV6JUcg #football #sports #blockchain #smartcontracts
  5. Blockchain has more and more use cases and @bitcademyfb is one of them. We have a few challenges ahead but there is a bright future for the technology. Join us and create your star! (link: https://bitcademy.io) bitcademy.io
  6. What are the real STO benefits? It's not ICO anymore: you get access to assets, dividend, voting and as most important, it's all regulated Join our revolution today! We are starting in May (link: https://medium.com/@bitcademyfb/sto-benefits-ede2cb5c5f89) medium.com/@bitcademyfb/s… #ICO #STO #bitcoin #btc #blockchain #crypto #alts #ETH
  7. Interesting stats ethereum 2017 vs 2019https://twitter.com/bitcademyfb/status/1114457020902649863
  8. We are in Africa again networking & setting the grounds for business East Africa until [email protected] is coming #blockchain #football #EthiopianAirlines #ICO #bitcoin https://twitter.com/bitcademyfb/status/1113778143846858752
  9. Have you wondered where you will be actually investing in May? Here is a good article for you - our company structure explained 🔝 Feel free to ask us questions about it!
  10. We have 30 days to start our sales. We have everything football needs: decentralized market, AI solution & blockchain ⚽ We need you - invest and create your future star 💫 Help young athletes achieve their dreams...❤
  11. Blockchain use cases in sports? Bitcademy use case: tokenize players, store data, share fans revenue. Join our revolution today!
  12. Kamil, our Sports Business Consultant, took part in the prestigious CEE SportBiz conference He was talking about the process of building sports infrastructure and the impact on local communities
  13. We changed our page and uploaded new whitepaper, adjusted to STO. If it's too much to read through 70-pager, then a quick summary of changes on our Medium https://medium.com/@bitcademyfb/bitcademy-whitepaper-whats-new-814601d072f3
  14. Marek Dragosz, in TVPSport, the biggest sports TV in Poland talking about AMP football and youth training. Poland will host next AMP football world championship in Cracow Congrats! https://sport.tvp.pl/41564829/mistrzostwa-europy-w-amp-futbolu-w-polsce-krakow-organizatorem?fbclid=IwAR0oBtDATXRuOzGfUxfGufAintv5DYo0qJOlCTuYMOzto3g0Nq4RNPJBhvA
  15. Please take a look at our STO conditions. It's only a sneak peek - full whitepaper & webpage are coming soon. Stay tuned and... join the revolution today! https://medium.com/@bitcademyfb/security-token-offering-bitcademy-9fadd40751bd
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