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    My New Payment: Thank you.
  2. Abrahabra - First Social Network, that shares its value with members! Remember: You don't need to invest; it is a social network, chat, make friends and have fun!! How does it work: Register==>Invite People==>Get Shares==>Sell Shares==>Get Cash. Invite 1000-2000 new members and earn a car. Invite 100-200 new members and earn motorcycle. Invite 10-20 new members and earn a mobile phone. Invite 1 000 000 new members and earn a plane! ShareHolding Program: ShreHolding Program allows any member to OWN a part of the Company's value. When you invire your friends, you actually increase the monetary value of the Company. In return, The Company gives you back SHARE coupons (shares in the Company), which represent 50% of the value you create for the Company. Each share coupon is your right to the value of an actual share in the Company. Example: If total market value of all members you invited is $100,000, then the Company will give you back the amount of Share coupons worth $50,000. Share Coupon: Share Coupon is your right to the value of one share in the Company. You can think of it as a voucher. How and when can you sell your Share coupons? 1. When the number of ACTIVE members will exceed 5 million, the Company will launch the Trading platform, that will allow members to trade Share coupons between each other. 2. From time to time, the Company will offer to BUY out a certain amount of share coupons from its members. The Company will listed the PRICE and the number of Share coupons it is prepared to buy. 3. When the Company becomes a "Publically Traded Company" (IPO), members can DIRECT the Company to sell their Share coupons to the market. Note: The number of shares will be equal to the number of site's members times ten. Do NOT expect immediate returns. Just BE patient and understand that you are getting Shares in the Company, the value of which will grow with the value of the Company. Withdraw Options: Google Wallet; Paypal; Amazon Payments; Dwolla; Direct Depozit to your bank account. Register here: AbraHabra Thank you in advance.
  3. Another Instant Payment: If you are interested, check this: Super Bittube Thank you. Happy Earnings.
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    My New Payment: Thank you. Happy Earnings.
  5. Money-Clicker <<<The virtual way to earn money online.>>> A free clicker game, where you can earn real money MoneyClicker is a game about mining resources from caves. You mine with your mouse - simple click can give you resources, that you can exchange for real money. Money-Clicker has many different caves that you can choose from to start your virtual mining in. This is a multi-level game that helps you mine virtual currency that you can exchange for money. In the first level of the game, you’ll have a few caves that you can select from to start your virtual mining in. As you gain clicks and points in the game it is possible to unlock new caves that have higher value resources for you to mine. Resources: stone, coal, bronze, iron, emeralds, sapphires and diamonds. Sign Up Bonus: -$0.25 starter bonus. Earning Options -Mining resources Select a cave you want to mine in, some are unlockable with higher levels and give more valuable resources! Then, just click the button to gather resources, which you can sell later on. Yes, it's that easy! -Offline miners You don't have much time for clicking? Purchase an offline miner in the store. It will automatically mine resources for you, while you're away. Note: It is not a CPU/GPU miner, just an In-game unit. -Free rolls Every day you can participate in a Free roll to get some free coins. Winnings are from 1 MCC to 10000 MCC! -Upgrade your Caves You can upgrade drop rates for every cave that you have unlocked. Each level will increase how much resources you gather at once. -Upgrade the drop rates You don't have luck in dropping rare resources? Then upgrade your drop rates and the chances will be much bigger! -Upgrade to wait less You're out of energy and can't mine anymore? If you don't want to wait for a recharge, you can purchase an Energy Restore and continue mining. -Making Ads appear less frequent Don't want ads on the website? You can purchase an upgrade that will make them to appear less frequently! -Selecting Ads annoyance You can select 3 types of Ads on your profile. - Normal - Annoying (more ads, x2 income!) - Very Annoying (a lot of ads, x4 income!!!) -Disable Captcha Are you tired of doing the Captcha over and over? With the earned MCC you can make Captcha appear less frequently! Referral Program: -10% Upgradeable Referral commission On the very start you can earn 10% from all of your referred users. When you will earn enough coins, you can upgrade the commission up to 100%! Users that will register with your referral link will obtain free starter $0.10! You can upgrade the starter bonus to attract more users, up to $0.5 after registering! Payment Proof: Withdraw Options: For now you can use two payment methods: - $1 minimum for Paypal - $0.5 minimum for BTC (FaucetHub) - $10 minimum for BTC (Direct, high due to fees) 1 000 000 MCC = $1. The MCC coins are your virtual mining currency. Register Here: This game is for players worldwide and you’ll need to be 18 years or older Do not use any VPN service to register on Money-Clicker.com or risk getting banned! Thank you in advance. Happy Earnings
  6. RadioEarn <<<Simple, fast, earn.>>> Make Money by listening to radio. The membership is 100% free. No premium-packages or something like this. You can earn 0.25 points for every 15 minutes of listening to a radio station. Currently there are 4 radio stations available (and you can even listen to all 4 at the same time). Which countries are possible? We support the following countries: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bolivia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, France, Germany, Guatemala, Honduras, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, Puerto Rico, Reunion, Romania, Russian Federation, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States and Uruguay. Note: You can put radios on the mute but leave them open in the browser. Can I use VPS or bots? No! Bots or server usage and iFrame traffic for listening radio is not allowed and accounts will be banned. Whats with older browsers? No problem. Older browsers can open the radio window and use a player like VLC Media Player. That work also to earn. How much time is allowed to listen radio ? Depends of how many IP addresses you have. You can run all 3 radios with 1 IP address. If you have more, you can use more - no limits. For example, if all 4 devices have different IP addresses you can run up to 12 radios at the same time (4 * 3). all radios can run 24/7. Referral Program: - 3 levels: 5%, 2% and 1%. Withdraw Options: They pay by NET30 via Paypal. Payout: $5. Points will be transfer to USD every month (at the start of the following month). After that a requested payment can take up to 35 business days. 1.000 Pts = 3,50 USD (september 2018) Register Here: Do not use any VPN service to register on RadioEarn.com or risk getting banned! Thank you in advance. Happy Earnings
  7. Bittube pays Instantly, just watch youtube and earn Bitcoin. My Proof: Thank you. Happy Earnings.
  8. <<<Nano S Ledger>>>The Ledger Wallet company was founded back in 2014 in France, and since then, Ledger has managed to attract a lot of attention. The Ledger company has quickly emerged as one of the leading providers of hardware wallets for the digital currency market. <<<<Check the Ledger Website>>> Hardware wallets are probably the most robust form of security you can have for your Bitcoins or any other cryptocurrency. You can use the Ledger Nano S to store ETH, ETC, Dash, Ripple, Stratis, ZCash, Litecoin, NEO, Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin Cash, Viacoin and a few other alt currencies (including BTC).Note: Now there more than 700 Cryptocurrencies/Tokens right now supported by Ledger Nano S.Nano S Ledger is compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome OS. It can also connect to your Android device using an OTG cable. To receive Bitcoin, your Ledger Nano S doesn’t need to be connected to a computer. You can receive Bitcoin even if your Ledger is offline. You can store unlimited coins.When you update your wallet, you don’t need to transfer coins to anywhere. After updating and restoring, all the coins will reappear automatically.The Ledger Nano S boasts robust safety features, but its biggest claim to fame is the price tag attached to it – the Nano S is the cheapest hardware wallet with a screen.Note: It’s Highly Recommended that you only purchase a Ledger from the official website <<<LedgerWallet>>>Doing so ensures that the wallet you receive hasn’t been tampered with.Configuration Steps:1. Open the Box and get comfortable with the hardware.-Screen (small but contains almost every piece of important information);-Left button (navigates you to the left or up in vertical menus);-Right button (navigates you to the right or down in vertical menus);-Swivel cover. 2. Connect your Ledger Nano S to your computer and follow the instructions on the wallet screen.3. Set a PIN code that you will enter to unlock the Ledger each time you use it. Choose an 8 digit pin for your Ledger Nano S.NOTE: Memorize your pin code. Entering your pin code incorrectly 3 times will reset your Ledger. 4. Write down your recovery phrase. Recovery Phrase is what you need to enter if you ever lose your Ledger or forget your pin code.The wallet screen will show 24 words in a specific order. You need to write down the words on your recovery sheet in the exact same order.5. Once you have the recovery phrase written down, tap “continue” on the Ledger. Next, your Ledger will quiz you on a few different words to check that you wrote them out in the correct order.NOTE: Do not lose your recovery sheet. Without the recovery seed, you have no way of accessing your funds if your Ledger is lost, stolen, or if you forget your pin code. 6. After confirming again, you should be set. You’ve now configured your Ledger Nano S and it’s ready to use.<UPDATE your firmware.These updates contain bug fixes, patches, and security improvements> After configuring your Ledger Nano S, the next thing you’ll want to do is install the appropriate app.The company launched a new app called Ledger Live to handle everything you used to do with Chrome apps before.Ledger Live Desktop AppIt’s an open-source all-in-one wallet design. Ledger Live is a multi-wallet where you no longer have to load up individual apps but instead are offered one wallet that shows you the balances for multiple crypto-currencies that you own.The app first checks the integrity of your device and then lets you manage the device. You can upgrade the firmware and install apps on your Ledger Nano S or Ledger Blue from the “Manager” tab.Ledger Live will be adding NEW features on a regular basis.Need a Ledger Nano S? Visit the Ledger Website Now!
  9. My Last Payment Proof: Happy Earnings.
  10. drak0n

    CryptoMiningGame CryptoMiningGame - a NEW kind of faucet The site has been online since November 23, 2017. The graphic appearance is simple and user-friendly, allowing you to move easily on the site. Crypto Mining Game is totally different from any other way to earn free cryptocurrency out there! You earn mining power by completing missions and can level up to increase your mining earnings. CryptoMiningGame Earning Options: Mining: -Mining Game (The aim is to level up by doing various missions and build your hash rate and mining time as you gain xp and level) THIS DOES NOT USE YOUR CPU! Your main objective is to collect enough crystals to keep your virtual miner running. It may seem impossible to keep your mine running at first because crystals will be hard to come by but at level 5, 10 and 15 you will get missions that are soley for crystals. Level 10 crystal mission will make sure you are well stocked and able to keep your mine running at a constant rate. -Mine for REAL (Once you reach level five you will be given the option to "Mine for real) You can now mine satoshi, doge and litoshi with your HPower! Mining rate are continuously changing depending on many factors, so check its before to mine. you can choose to use your cpu to mine coins and hash rate. You won't be mining just one coin but all three and at the same time, you will also mine hash rate and build the power of your miner. Premium Features: Once you gain 1 000 hash rate, you will be able to mine Duff, Ethereum, BitcoinCash, Bitcore, PotCoin, PeerCoin along with other perks which can be seen here: Standard: Bitcoin, DogeCoin, Litecoin. Premium: Duff, Ethereum, BitcoinCash, Bitcore, PotCoin, PeerCoin. Missions There are 16 levels of missions. For each level you will get some Bitcoin, Doge or Litecoin (depending on what type of mission you’ve selected), crystals, hash power. Each mission level will indicate what is the % of chances you will get crystals, hash power and XP. So, you don’t get everything at the same time Note: The higher your level, the greater the rewards. Bonus – You can get daily loyalty bonus, for each day that you log in and collect the bonus, the multiplier increases. However, if you missed one day, the multiplier starts back at 1. Referral Program: Get referrals and earn up to 8% of their earnings of Satoshi, Doge and Litoshi! New! Earn also from their earnings of Duff, Ether and BCH Satoshi! My Last Payment: Withdraw Options: FaucetHub (1.5% fee) when the minimum is reached. Wallet Address must be linked to the FaucetHub account. Don't mistake on the wallet address; if you do, only 80% will be refunded. -Bitcoin: minimum 50 000 Satoshi; -DogeCoin: minimum 100 Doge; -Litecoin: 400 000 Litoshi Register here: Do not use any VPN service to register on CryptoMiningGame.com or risk getting banned Thank you in advance. Happy Earnings.
  11. <<<FreeDoge.co.in>>>Sister of FreeBitco.in Paying since 2015. Free DogeCoin is a faucet that gives away free DogeCoin for people who visit and claim free Doge. Earning Options: -faucet (every 1 hour by solving a simple image captcha); The biggest prize is fixed at US$150; you have a fair chance of winning the big prize in dogecoins on each roll. Note: The amount of dogecoins that you get fluctuates every day as it depends on the current dogecoin price. -hi-lo Multiply coins (gambling based game) Note: Officailly, i do not recomment anyone to get involved in this gambling based game. Referral Program: -50% referral commission on referrals earnings. Withdraw Options: -automatically every Sunday to your dogecoin address with a 0.25 dogecoins minimum fee; -instant within 6 hours to your dogecoin address with a 0.25 dogecoins minimum fee. Register here: Do not use any VPN service to register on FreeDoge.co.in or risk getting banned Thank you in advance. Happy Earnings.
  12. GoldenFaucet.io <<<sister site of Goldenclix and SilverClix>>> Earning Options: -claim bitcoin every 5 minutes, unlimited times; - PTC Ads (+10 daily Ads); -Offerwalls; - Bonus Tasklist; -Coin Flip. Referral Program: -50% referral commission Withdraw Options: Every faucet claim and every click to PTC ads will be paid to your FaucetHub instantly! Referral earnings and offerwall earnings will be paid to your account balance. All non instant withdrawals will be paid once per week, every Tuesday, so if you want fast withdrawals, request your money in Monday; Minimum withdrawal: 10000 Satoshi. Register here: Do not use any VPN service to register on GoldenFaucet.io or risk getting banned Thank you in advance. Happy Earnings.
  13. ClickFight <<<MultiPlayer Arena Bitcoin Game>>> Earn Satoshi by Playing. Upgrade your skills for credits and defeat your enemies easier Fight real enemies in the arena and win Credits, XP and Satoshi. Daily Challenge: everyday complete the daily challenge; earn free Satoshi, Ammo and Medipacks; Referral Program: 10% commission from your downline earnings; Withdrawal Options: 1. Minimum 10 Satoshi to FaucetHub. 2. Minimum 40,000 Satoshi to your bitcoin wallet. Register here: Do not use any VPN service to register on ClickFight or risk getting banned Thank you in advance. Happy Earnings.
  14. Bitvideo <<<No Limit Faucet, Instant W/D>>> Earning Options: -Watch movie trailers, viral videos, cooking videos and more; Videos are currently only available to AU, CA, DE, DK, GB, IE, IN, NL, NO, NZ, SE, UA, US, UY. -Faucet (unlimited claims); -Offerwalls; -Clicwall; -Apps; -Mining; -Airdrops(for codes: Like them on Facebook, follow on Twitter & join them on Telegram); -Bounties; -Bonuses. Levels -Complete offers and level up; -Receive perks, bonuses and BitVideo swag; -15 levels. Referral Program: -10% of everything they earn for life; -1 XP per referral. Withdraw Options: -FaucetHub. There is no minimum withdrawal but the registered BTC wallet address must be linked to FaucetHub.io before a withdrawal can be processed. There is however, a daily withdrawal limit which is pegged to your level. Exchange your BVC for satoshi and ask for an instant payment without a minimum via FaucetHub. Current rate is 1 BVC = 0.46299 satoshis. Register here: Do not use any VPN service to register on BitVideo.Club or risk getting banned Thank you in advance. Happy Earnings.
  15. <<<AdBTC.TOP>>> PTC program (Paid To Click) <<<better than bitcoin faucet >>>This site is accessible in English.AdBTC is a site launched in 2017 that will give you Bitcoins if you watch ads.Super easy to handle your account (No memberships, no rent referrals). No weird or special rules.Earning Options:-Surf Ads (you manually see each unit of ads);-Surf Ads in Active window (the ads are dispalyed in another window);-AutoSurfing (ads auto-dispalyed).AutosurfingWhen you press start, new page will be opened. Please, don't close it before timer is ticking.When time will be gone, you get satoshis.Try to see for active ads 2 times per day, because new ads exposed all over the day. And second, try to buy on referral market super active referrals. Maybe they cost you more at the beginning but later they cover all the cost because of the everyday activity.Referral Program: -7.5% from you referral surfing earnings;-7.5% from your referral advertisement spendings.Withdraw Options:-FaucetHub (15000 Satoshi);-BTC Address (30000 Satoshi).My Payment Proof: Register here: Do not use any VPN service to register on AdBTC.TOP or risk getting bannedThank you in advance. Happy Earnings.