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  1. ClickFight (Multiplayer Arena Game) December 10, 2018 New Payment Proof: Thank you.
  2. drak0n

    CryptoMiningGame December 08, 2018 New Payment Proof: Thank you.
  3. MoneyClicker December 06, 2018 New Payment Proof: Thank you. Have a nice day.
  4. drak0n

    you are mistaken, it's very Legit; i got almost 20 payment proofs from them with out any problem. As long as this program pays, for me it's Legit. Have a nice day.
  5. Hiveoffers - Earn money by completing micro tasks Hiveoffers was opened last month, in November 2018 and it aims to become the biggest platform online that pays for completing different tasks. Sign Up Bonus: $5. Earning Options: From Liking a facebook page to register and deposit on a casino, these jobs are one of the best paid in industry. You can find JOBS from over 20 categories: casino, app installs, crypto, gaming, sweepstakes, shopping and more others. Some campaign/job titles: Donate to children (there you need to donate to a charity $9 - and get from our employer $12 - so there's a $3 profit) ==> Install an app and play until you reach a goal in game (it's time to play for money! Can you reach level 11 on Lords Mobile? So COOOOL! You can get up to $5) ==> Would you like to try our wine that cost $13? Great, we'll pay you $15! ==> Wants to buy a powerball / euromillions / bonoloto lottery ticket for $1 ? Still thinking? How about if we pay you $5? Oh, you can also get the lottery jackpot! We'll have some crypto/binary/forex/trading campaigns for you. With HiveOffers you have nothing to lose. Register and deposit $100 to a binary platform and we'll give you $120-$150 back! How cool is that? - of course, and again, there may be other bonuses from that binary platform. Are you a poker/casino player? Still looking for cash back offers? HiveOffers gives you the best ones. - Register to a casino and deposit $25 through our employer's link, and get $30-$50 on your HiveOffers account - of course, that casino will give you some other bonuses too (100% on first deposit, free spins to slots games, etc) ....and more, and more. Referral Program Tell your friends about Hive Offers. For every refferal that earns 20$ you will get 5$. Minimum withdraw: PayPal: 10$ . Withdrawals will be sent in maximum 48 hours. Soon you will be able to withdraw with through Crypto, Skrill, Payoneer, Stripe, Gift Cards and other methods. Register Here: Thank you in advance.
  6. Bittube December 02, 2018 New Payment Proof: Thank you.
  7. drak0n

    Cointiply November 29, 2018 Another Payment Proof: Thank you.
  8. drak0n

    PaidVerts November 29, 2018 Another Payment Proof: Thank you. Have a nice day.
  9. AdBTC.TOP November 28, 2018 My Payment Proof: Thank you. Have a nice day.
  10. drak0n

    StarCoins My New Payment Proof: Thank you in advance. Have a nice day.
  11. QuickieBTC <The fastest and highest paying faucet> No registration needed, put your BTC address and you're ready to go. Do you like link shorteners? If yes, this faucet is for you! Earning Options: What is this site about? QuickieBTC is a site for earning Bitcoin fast and easy. All you have to do is click "Get Satoshi", and start earning! Collecting all Satoshi takes less than 10 minutes. How does it work? Click Get Satoshi tab for ways to get Satoshi and Experience (EXP). EXP (experience) is for getting Higher Levels, which means Higher Earnings. Each task has a minimal and maximal amount of Satoshi, the amount you get is based on your luck. Referral Program: you will earn 10% of ALL of their earnings, including bonuses and high levels. Withdraw Options: FaucetHUB: Instant payments; No withdrawal limit, withdraw as low as 1 Satoshi. Register Here: Thank you in advance. Happy Earning
  12. CoinHunter - Faucet with Dynamic High Rewards <<<All in one crypto games corner and Faucet with Dynamic High Rewards>>> Earning Options: - Dynamic reward FAUCET (up to 150 satoshi per 30 min); Faucet Rewards: 0-100 Claims: 5 Satoshi; 100-500 Claims: 7 Satoshi; 500-1000 Claims: 10 Satoshi; 1000-2000 Claims: 15 Satoshi; 2000-3000 Claims: 20 Satoshi; 3000-5000 Claims: 30 Satoshi; 5000-10000 Claims: 50 Satoshi; 10000-20000 Claims: 100 Satoshi; 20000+: 150 Satoshi. - CoinTale game; - Roll game ( 5 - 50,000 sat every 2 hours); - Lucky Number game; - More Options Soon. Referral Program: 20% referral commission. You get 20% of every of your user withdrawals. Withdraw Options: FaucetHub Minimum withdrawal is only 10 sat to your faucethub account. Currently, they are offering the service only in BTC, soon other cryptos will also available. More features coming soon.. Stay tuned! Register Here: CoinHunter Do not use any VPN service to register on CoinHunter or risk getting banned! Thank you in advance. Happy Earnings
  13. drak0n

    StarCoins: November 16, 2018 My New Payment Proof: Thank you.
  14. Bittube: November 15, 2018 My New Payment Proof: Thank you.
  15. <<<Cointiply>>>Unique Faucet Starter Membership: Free Premium Membership: 17,000 Coins (1 month), 170,000 Coins (1 year); 1 coin = Approximately 1.6 Satoshi (changes with BTC value); Referral: 25% for all faucet claims and 10% for all Offer Walls tasks and activity Earning Options: 1. Faucet Claim every hour (max potential of 100,000 coins on a spin); Bonus for every prime number you roll; Loyalty bonus pays 1% per day of consecutive logins (max 100%); 2. Complete Offers Walls 3. PTC and Videos 4. Cointiply Mining Game (earning for longer term profit) <<<NOT CPU mining>>> Buy buildings with coins, Upgrade Buildings, Generate profit, Gems for maintenance; Raise your mining efficiency to 200%; to maintain 200% efficiency you need to check in on your mine once every 1-2 hours; The efficiency rate drops by 2% every hour, that is why you need to check in. 5. Play Games Minimum withdraw: 35 000 Coins The payouts take about 24-48 hours to be processed. My Payment Proof: Withdraw Options: 1. Directly (Bitcoin wallet or Dogecoin Wallet) 2. FaucetHub Register here: Do not use any VPN service to register on Cointiply or risk getting banned! Thank you in advance. Happy Earnings.