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  1. Click Fight | August 01, 2020 I received my payment in my wallet | $4.44 (40 000 satoshi) Join now and fight against NPCs or other real players in the arena. <<<Registration Link>>> GPT World | Complete Simple Tasks Thank you.
  2. Adbtc.TOP | My Payment Proof FaucetPay Payment Proof | July 30, 2020 Adbtc.TOP - Please Register here Thank you.
  3. GG2U | The BEST GPT site I have ever come across | July 24, 2020 😄 Almost Instant PayPal payment proof from GG2U | $7.61 GG2U - Fun and Unique Rewards program Thank you.
  4. Paidverts | July 23, 2020 Lots of WAYS to make money here | $3.66 Thank you.
  5. Timebucks Update | July 21,2020 Please watch out for people commenting on their Facebook posts pretending to be "TimeBucks" asking for bitcoin and you will receive triple bitcoin back. They will NEVER ask you for bitcoin in order to magically get more bitcoin in return. If you see these scammers please report the post. GPT World | Complete Simple Tasks Stay tuned for more updates. Thank you.
  6. Invasion Darknet Fight together as one big team against ever increasing waves of attacking NPCs. At the end of each wave every player that participated receives great rewards. So try to get as far as possible during the time of the invasion Darknet. It's worth it! In the Ivasion Darknet PvP will be disabled. You will see a panel in the arena allowing you to jump into the Invasion Darknet as you would in a PvP competition. In the Invasion Darknet itself you will see the corresponding wave and the remaining number of NPCs. Changelog - Mitigated an issue where the cooldown notification wasn’t shown for jump up / down - Reduced the frequency of synchronizing the gameserver date to the main server to reduce load. We are working on a long term solution Stay tuned for more updates. Thank you
  7. GG2U | July 17, 2020 <<<PROMO code>>> Good news for us!! Add this code GAMINGISFUN and you earn $0.25. Hurry, it's LIMITED. "Manage Account==>Promo Code" Stay tuned for more updates. Thank you
  8. FireFaucet Payment Proof | July 14, 2020 Instant Payment to FaucetPay | $5.20 (56443 satoshi) 😉 Fire Faucet - Please register here Thank you.
  9. Paidverts | July 12, 2020 Lots of WAYS to make money here | $4.00 Please register here: PaidVerts Registration Link Thank you.
  10. <<<GG2U>>> The BEST GPT site I have ever come across Almost Instant PayPal payment proof 😄 from GG2U | $7.64 Thank you.
  11. Paidverts | July 03, 2020 Lots of WAYS to make money here | $3.02 Thank you.
  12. <<<New Username Feature>>> They released a new feature that will allow everyone to change their username. How to change your username? You will see a new tab in Settings called "Username" and you will be able to set it to anything you want. You can only change your username once every 30 days. Important: When they will reset your username, you will be logged out of your Timebucks account! Just go and log back in using your email and password, or login with Facebook if you signed up with Facebook. So remember, YOU WILL BE LOGGED OUT in about 1 hour. TimeBucks Stay tuned for more updates. Thank you
  13. <<<Cointiply>>> | July 02, 2020 My Payment Proof | Bitcoin Wallet Payment $5.01 (0.00054281 BTC) Cointiply - High Earning Potential Thank you.
  14. Volutic Update | July 01, 2020 They removed the verification emails. For now, we don't need any code to log in. I checked today and, surprise, I was able to enter my account. For how long... I don't know... They fixed Volutic but not Clicks Genie. Clicks Genie is still broken to me...
  15. This morning I found out that I got banned from Volutic also. After they closed my account on Clicks Genie, they did the same thing on Volutic. They had no reason to do that, but a scammer is always a scammer. Be very careful if you are already a member. If you are not a member, do not join. Avoid as much as you can this "SCAM". Withdraw your money as fast as you can. Be safe.
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