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  1. MVMInfotech18

    A competitive analysis is a critical part of your company marketing plan. With this evaluation, you can establish what makes your product or service unique--and therefore what attributes you play up in order to attract your target market. For each competitor or strategic group, list their product or service, its profitability, growth pattern, marketing objectives and assumptions, current and past strategies, organizational and cost structure, strengths and weaknesses, and size (in sales) of the competitor's business.
  2. MVMInfotech18

    Submitting articles can be a great SEO tactic if it is done correctly. A successful article submission campaign can lead to you getting you lots of quality links and high rankings on Google.
  3. MVMInfotech18

    A broken link is a hyperlink a website which is linked to an empty or non-existent external webpage. When a broken link is clicked, an error message is displayed. As broken links potentially led bad impressions and unprofessional images in the mind of website viewers, they have to be tackled immediately by website developers and designers.
  4. MVMInfotech18

    If you build DO-Follow back-links pointing to your website, then authority passes to your website. As a result, the Domain Authority(DA) and Page Authority(PA) of your website increase. This process of passing authority is called Link Juice.
  5. MVMInfotech18

    To apply for inclusion within the Google News Publisher Center! To apply for inclusion, follow the steps below: Go to the Google News Publisher Center. Verify ownership of your news site in Search Console. Click Request inclusion in Google News. Enter your site's details including news section URLs and labels, and click Submit. Come back to check your site's inclusion status in 1-3 weeks. For more info, visit: support.google.com or goo.gl/4BgviM
  6. MVMInfotech18

    This depends as some forums have all of their outbound links set to "nofollow", which mean they pass little to no SEO value. Quite a few are "dofollow" which means relevant forum participation that leads to a backlink to your website will help in terms of SEO value. Forum participation in general is a good practice if you can find quality forums for your industry and niche,
  7. MVMInfotech18

    Google Publisher Tags, is an ad tagging library with which you can dynamically build ad requests. GPT takes key details from you such as ad unit code, ad size, and key-values, builds the request, and displays the ad on web pages or mobile apps.
  8. MVMInfotech18

    Rich Snippets (also known as “Rich Results”) are normal Google search results with additional data displayed. This extra data is usually pulled from Structured Data found in a page’s HTML. Common Rich Snippet types include reviews, recipes, and events. Rich Snippet is important for SEO because as you might expect, Rich Snippet results are more eye-catching than normal search results… which can lead to a higher organic CTR.
  9. MVMInfotech18

    Google Tag Manager allows you to manage all your marketing tags (GA, Hotjar, DCM Floodlights, and many others) from one single dashboard and allows you to deploy any tag by deploying a single container code, on your website. Once you have done it, you will potentially be able to deploy any tag and monitor user behavior without the help of a developer.
  10. MVMInfotech18

    Bing Ads Quality Scores are calculated at an ad group level, based on three components: Expected Click-Through-Rate: Expected CTR reflects how likely your ads will be clicked, and how well your keyword compares to other keywords targeting the same traffic. Another way to explain this is how relevant your keyword is, and how likely your ad is to receive a click based on past performance. Ad Relevance: Ad relevance indicates how relevant your ad and landing page content is to your keyword. Landing Page Experience: Landing page user experience assesses the quality your landing page and content, to determine the real value of your goods and services. It also considers how well your landing pages adhere to Bing Ads policies, to make sure it offers a good user experience.
  11. MVMInfotech18

    Citations are an important part of the search algorithm and are used by the search engines to help determine where to rank your site amongst the competition. In simple terms, for small and local businesses if you have more citations than the other man then you will likely be returned above them in the search engine result pages. In simple terms citations help you get found by people looking for the services you provide. But, as with everything SEO, it is simple in principle but there is a lot going on when you dig into this in more detail. Consistency of the name, address and postcode (NAP); reviews for your business, your listings on the Google+ Local platform, the popularity and content of your website along with several other factors all work together to help build trust in you as a local service provider.
  12. MVMInfotech18

    The Knowledge Graph is a system added to Google Search and launched by Google on May 16, 2012. It is a knowledge base to provide more useful and relevant results to searches using a semantic-search technique. The Graph shows sets of links to external websites, general information (such as locations, reviews, opening hours etc.) and direct answers to questions.
  13. MVMInfotech18

    1. Publish Quality Content 2. optimization. 3. Internal Linking Is Key 4. Generate High Quality Links For Your Site 5. A. Share your content on social networking sites- 6. 5. Disavow Bad Links 7. Increase Publishing Frequency
  14. The best way to grow a targeted audience for your Facebook Page is Ads for Page Likes. There are other methods you can use to get Likes on your Page (for example, inviting people to Like your Page), but you will have the most success and long term growth with Facebook Ads and it doesn’t have to be expensive! Facebook likes are highly important for augmenting the follower's number on your page by building trust in their eyes. If your page is containing huge likes, then it will definitely help you to promote your business features effectively & to reach masses instantly. Facebook likes are very important for branding An effective way of presentation on Facebook will result in converting followers into traffic on your website. The concept, idea & creativity in drafting an ad for social media sites play a major role in making it a huge success for generating traffic for your website.
  15. MVMInfotech18

    Following are the main reasons for buy Gmail accounts for your business Google Business Email Features Google business email has a number of features that make it an attractive option for small businesses: 30GB of storage Unlimited group email addresses like sales@ or info@ Each user can have up to 30 email aliases in case you want to have more than one email address No ads like in the free personal version of Gmail Twice the storage of personal Gmail Chat and video options via Google’s Hangouts app Google Email for Business Security Features You’ll never have to worry about downtime with Google email for business – their massive data center network has a 99.9% guaranteed uptime. They also provide automatic backups and industry-leading security to keep your business data safe. Twenty-four hour a day support is included if you do need help and their spam protection actually works in keeping dangerous and unwanted emails out of your inbox. Using Google Business Email Offline Google business email can be used offline to read current emails and draft new ones. Once you’re back online any pending emails will be sent automatically. Google also offers mobile apps that are optimized for reading and sending emails on the go.
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