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  1. BrutusDidNothingWrong

    I think that content quality is the key. Of course you can use some tricks but if your content isn't good, nothing will help
  2. BrutusDidNothingWrong

    Every company on the market tries to stand out and that's why many of them throw customer surveys like those ones on www.surveytricks.com . And I always was ccurious, do those really help to get feedback needed to improve company's services or products? I meaan, is it an effective marketing tool?
  3. BrutusDidNothingWrong

    Buying replicas actually is a nice way out for those people who want to save money. Even though I myself don't like such an approach, I think that if you like what a brand designed, it's better to support this brand buying its authentic product.
  4. BrutusDidNothingWrong

    The most hurtful thing for me in the whole education process is doing research. I know that studying at university is impossible without it because this is an essential part of our studying but I would rather buy cheap research papers than wasting hours on such stupid things.
  5. BrutusDidNothingWrong

    When you are a responsible citizen and you want to pay all the taxes as you are supposed to you may run into a problem. I mean, sometimes it's really hard to figure out how much you should pay or even if you have to pay something or not. Been in such a situation when I won some money at a casino and had to waste a ton of time to find an article on CasinoValley which helped me to figure things out.
  6. BrutusDidNothingWrong

    I don't really understand why some people have a negative opinion about casinos. The thing is, real money online casinos are just a way to entertain yourself and with the right approach you won't ever be losing tons of money like those people think it happens.
  7. BrutusDidNothingWrong

    Dealing with difficult situations always leads to satisfaction, to rewards. But overcoming bankruptcy isn't a common thing we got used to. And that's why moving from the red into the black is quite complicated. Thankfully, there are firms which can assist you with such cases. I happened to deal with #1 on yelp for bankruptcy attorney san diego agency and I was totally satisfied with their job. I wouldn't even think before that bankruptcy wasn't the end for everything.
  8. BrutusDidNothingWrong

    It's all about the content you post. If it's something pleasant to look at, people will definitely subscrive. As an example, you can check out profiles of some insta models from the list on Blue Paradise DR website. Just spend some time to browse through their photos and I am pretty sure that you will understand why those girls have that many followers
  9. BrutusDidNothingWrong

    There's an easier way to track phone numbers but it's less accurate. At least, it's free. If you know a phone number, you can check it here https://areacodes.net/513. Just enter its area code and you'll get a location where it was registered.
  10. BrutusDidNothingWrong

    Thanks for the list of companies! I want to add my two cents. If you want to order anything online (not only clothes, even food) pay attention then to postcodes. They are easy to check here https://postcodefinder.net/
  11. BrutusDidNothingWrong

    Recovery of any email requires a mobile phone number. Sometimes you may have problems because of incorrect area codes. In order not to have troubles with it, go to https://areaphonecodes.com/ireland/ and check your country and city.
  12. BrutusDidNothingWrong

    Speaking of essay writing services, you guys really need to look at this website - https://paperap.com/free-papers/ . It is not only a writing service, it has some other cool and useful features which you should look at I think.
  13. There are a lot of existing software solutions which you can look at before paying for a custom one. I am a small law firm owner and I also wanted to waste a ton of money to build proper IT infrastructure but then found https://www.smartadvocate.com/ which turned out to be exactly what I needed.
  14. It always critically depends on a kind of business. So if you find some tips online, keep in mind that it's not a fact that those will be suitable for your case. For some business models getting branded items from ProfilePromotions is an absolute must and it some cases it's useless.
  15. You know, cannabis researched made a great step forward and now I even saw a vape bright cbd review. I mean this is not a very new thing cause the reviews are already written but personally, I have never heard about it.
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