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  1. This concept sounds nice! Personally, I experience a lack of good and affordable recording studios. And this business idea can be profitable and useful. You can buy proper equipment, like mics, speakers, amps (like these https://musiety.com/a-complete-orange-cr120-review/), and so on.
  2. BrutusDidNothingWrong

    I am but there is nothing bad about that because anytime I can turn on my favorite porno cartoon and that's it) May sound strange but that's much easier than maintaining relationships with a woman.
  3. BrutusDidNothingWrong

    Do yоu guys knоw something about forex? I've just found out thаt it's a great way tа earn. Аnd yоu know what? I am going tо try it. After reading Forex brokers info I managed tо choose one so I am getting started) And hаve yоu еver tried to earn that way?
  4. BrutusDidNothingWrong

    I agree. So I prefer making my own online business and having a real job at the same time. By the way, when I've been searching for a job, turned out that it's much easier than everybody say. At least there are a lot of available Front Desk Jobs for example.
  5. BrutusDidNothingWrong

    I am going to start betting but it's quite scary. Well, I track all the evnts on http://777score.nz/ and make precise predictions but I am still afraid that if I bet, things will go completely wrong and I will lose the money...
  6. BrutusDidNothingWrong

    I love games like FIFA, NBA, etc. As far as I am a sports lover, those games seem to be the most involving and interesting to me.
  7. BrutusDidNothingWrong

    Actually, I don't. And if I do so then I play only games where you can predict a win at least somewhat. Like, poker. But I like betting tho. I like football and I forecast results with good precision sometimes. And I bet on https://1xbet.com . They are quick, safe, and reliable.
  8. BrutusDidNothingWrong

    As far as I'm concerned all these tips are formed easily based on previous results of teams and then extrapolated. Yeah, there are some more factors that can influence on a final result. But in most cases, you can just check results (here https://777score.com/, for example) and then put two and two together.
  9. Wow, nice tips. I'll definitely try them out. I like gym actually but when it comes to bodybuilding.. Well, I feel skeptical a little. I don't really find overmuscled people healthy and attractive. I mean, they do a lot of work just like Big Ramy, for instance, https://jbhnews.com/big-ramy-posted-apology-message-fans/20734/. But that's just not my thing.
  10. BrutusDidNothingWrong

    Nowadays, there are a lot of men that have heard of bad experiences of people who were duped into giving over their hard-earned money to people who tell you that you can make thousands of dollars in one weekend without even telling you how to do it. But now there is a site that really works. I`m talking about https://ekassa.eu/ Their average return is 10.30% and their work is clear. I think we all should try it.
  11. BrutusDidNothingWrong

    It's so hard for me to deal with such issues as insurance. And it's great that I have a good friend who always helps me with all that stuff. Last time he gave me an awesome advice on an auto insurance, he showed me this company https://www.generalinsurance.com/ , which is much better than the one that I've found before.
  12. BrutusDidNothingWrong

    I really like fishing. You know, unity with nature, absolute peace of mind. And if the weather is on your side then that's a great pastime. You forget about troubles, hardships. Even trolling now isn't something about the web but a way of fishing. If you find it attractive read here http://huntingfishingplus.com/ more about this nice hobby.
  13. BrutusDidNothingWrong

    In the beginning, try some good teas to drink. I prefer one with fireweed. But if you don't live in a countryside then why not to visit a specialist and then consider if it's something serious (insomnia) or just a temporary issue. Then you buy an appropriate medicine online Melbourne-chemist.net and overcome finally this problem.
  14. BrutusDidNothingWrong

    Just choose an online pharmacy which your friends visit regularly or choose the one which has good reviews on. To decide which medicine to buy is another story. Here I would recommend a reliable site which accumulates reviews on drugs. I talk about oph.reviews . Check it before buying.