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  1. This is a Zoom Call that you do not want to miss Topic: Forsage Opportunity Call Time: Tues, Thurs 8:30pm Sun 7pm EST Join Zoom Meeting https://us02web.zoom.us/j/86118826940?pwd=UGkrTDVsOXZkanRma01hM3NyTDFlUT09 Meeting ID: 861 1882 6940 Passcode: 160751 Listen to the Zoom presentation Visit the website https://forsagetron.io/ Register here https://my.forsagetron.io/register?65252 Then contact me for onboarding instructions 615-348-7821
  2. InGame Credit (INGAME) has announced it will be putting 100 percent of the presale ICO back into winnable prizes within the InGame ecosystem. The prizes will be used as rewards for the upcoming launch of the crypto reality treasure hunt called Prize Strike. Rewards will be digitally uploaded to specific locations for the launch which will be redeemable by the winners who locate them. “We decided we have enough funding for the development and a fun way to get player engagement was to put all presale into real prizes for our players. We really did not need the pre-sale for technology develo
  3. It is predicted in the next few years, much of our digital consumption will be run through a blockchain based system without us even realizing it. the core question that keeps coming up is what exactly it is and why should we care. Well, if the blockchain technology is predicted to go the way of the Internet and becomes ubiquitous in our lives and in our business, why don’t you care about blockchain? Blockchain is, as the name implies, a chain of blocks that contain information or data. This technique was originally described in 1991 by a group of researchers and was intended to timestam
  4. Altrady v3.0 - Your Best Choice for a Crypto Trading Platform in 2020 and Beyond Altrady proves yet again that it could be your best choice for an ultimate crypto trading platform in 2020 and even for the years to come. With the release of Altrady Version 3.0, the company further accomplishes its goal of making every crypto trader’s life easier by providing powerful solutions in an extremely accessible and convenient crypto trading application. But what makes Altrady an authority among the top multi-exchange cryptocurrency API trading platforms? Transparent & Inclusive Pro
  5. Smart has been a favorite buzzword of marketers, product developers, and tech innovators in recent years. In the crypto sphere, smart trading is fastly becoming a highly attractive option for those who want to experience reliable, objective, emotionless, and profitable trading in the face of volatile and never-sleeping crypto markets. Now, Altrady is offering Smart Crypto Trading Features for you to enjoy! Try Smart Trading Now What is Smart Trading? Just as how smart technology, smart apps, and smart devices make things easier, the Altrady smart crypto trading feature a
  6. BitcoinZ decentralized cryptocurrency, celebrated its 3. birthday. We are all pushing towards new development and a lot of new news will be introduced on next meeting in December. Read more information on our new website: https://getbtcz.com/ or join us and discuss with whole BTCZ community on Discord: https://discord.gg/GfkzBHe I hope that we will talk soon 🙂 In decentralization, we trust! ARTICLES are here: https://getbtcz.com/news/
  7. Tecnieum is Decentralized Application built on Ethereum Smart Contract Network for Ethereum Investors. We offer a Blockchain Technology Royalty for Ethereum Investors. Thinking of Getting a Royalty on your ethereum asset? think of tecnieum the best blockchain royalty for ethereum investors. Kindly visit the website tecnieum.com and register then use your refferal link to promote it. Visit https://tecnieum.com/ for explanation. https://youtu.be/hqjpewgZt-Q
  8. Website: https://yfiigold.finance/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/GoldYfii Telegram: https://t.me/YFIIGOLD
  9. You are going to want to participate in this cryptocurrency program. You are going to make money with your investment and with people you bring in, and people you do not bring in personally. You will generate 200% return on your crypto investment. You can learn what we are about by watching this video, we will go through the website, show you how it works. Then you can sign up and start to generate profits: https://youtu.be/oP5r5adeTEE Sign up with this link: https://pgiglobal.trade/left/KingFish
  10. Tree Holdings is decentralized finance platform. It use a multi-token self balance pool. Mint SEEDs to plant trees now! https://tree.holdings/
  11. Rich through this software! In the last 90 days, the lives of several of our members have turned upside down. And that's just because they invested in Bitcoin! More than €13,428 landed in the bank accounts after they signed up for our software. With only 250€ in a month to financial freedom. Guaranteed! http://www.bitcoinformel.com/
  12. The Moonbois are trying to colonize the moon… Unfortunately they were unaware of the presence of Fudsters, a low iq inhabitant of the moon, who have set out to destroy the Moonbois moonbase. This game puts one side of the community against the other... choose your faction to earn rewards and unique NFT's! To help you fellow crypto enthusiasts understand the game, there are a total of 4 tokens that will play a part in the tokenomics of this project. 1) Moonfuel 2) Moonbois 3) Fudsters 4) Moondust Each token has their own unique purpose, which is explained here: 1) Mo
  13. Yield Trust bringing new features to #DeFi. Insured Yield Farming pools, Trust score on Monetary proxy. You can earn $YTRU early by joining Referral program: https://ytru.finance/invite
  14. Interested in crypto trading? Make up to 2% everyday with automatic robotic trading as passive income. Join me using below link and follow my twitter (@Crypto_Whale009): https://qubittech.ai/rE9rar
  15. Tokenizing healthcare by leveraging the power of DeFi and blockchain. Empowering patients by monetize their clinical records, while also offering a Decentralized Finance protocol for covering medical-based financial obligations. With MVeda Token, MedicalVeda is the pioneer in tokenization and bringing decentralized finance (Defi) to the healthcare industry. By applying Defi based peer to peer lending, it not only enables patients who need capital for carrying out their medical procedures but also enables other medical practitioners to gain capital for their ventures. Moreover, the MVEDA t
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