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  1. There are over 2000 cryptocurrencies in existence now. This article will be one of the multi-part series to get you started in the world of cryptocurrency! If you wish to find out how to purchase altcoins on exchanges, read on! What are Altcoins? Everyone knows Bitcoin. It is digital gold in the world of cryptocurrency. The attributes of Bitcoin correlates to gold (the commodity). Both Bitcoin and gold has a limited supply and they are both difficult to mine. Similarly, major currencies like the USD, EUR and YEN trade against gold just like most cryptocurrencies trade against the BTC. As such, all other cryptocurrencies except Bitcoin fall into the category of altcoins. Some major altcoins are Ripple, Ethereum, EOS and Litecoin. A Brief History The Ethereum blockchain, through smart contracts, was the first to enable developers to issue their own tokens in exchange for capital to fund their business operation and growth. It is known as initial coin offering (ICO). ICOs resulted in an exponential growth in the number of tokens. More tokens are expected to be issued in 2019 as public blockchain projects (to name a few I am following: Tezos, VeChain, EOS) mature. Why Buy Altcoins? In the earlier section, I mentioned that Bitcoin is digital gold and therefore a good store of value. Due to institutional funds buying in, I strongly believe it is going to grow in value over the next 5-10 years. However, my view is that being digital gold does not value-add much and its growth would not be able to surpass tokens from blockchains that create a strong network of dApps (decentralized applications) and users. When was the last time you see gold outperform Apple or Facebook? Therefore, my advice would be to diversify your crypto portfolio to include a mixture of both Bitcoins and altcoins. Now, how do we purchase altcoins on exchanges? How to Buy Altcoins on Exchanges? There are many cryptocurrency exchanges in the market now. I have personally tried a few of them (read: About me – apps I am using) but in this article, I will be focusing on how to set up your Binance account and purchase your first altcoin. The main reason why we have to set up a cryptocurrency exchange (like Binance, Bittrex or KuCoin) is because most exchanges do not list many altcoins. They offer only the major coins against fiat like BTC/USD, ETH/USD and LTC/USD. Time needed: 1 hour and 30 minutes. Set up Binance Account and Purchase your first Altcoin Register for a Binance account and login This part is pretty straightforward. Once you are done with account registration (use this link), you can login to your Binance account. Check your user account page Once logged in, you can check your user settings. Here, you can configure some of your settings like withdrawal limits, change password, use BNB (Binance Tokens) to pay for trading fees, 2FA and etc. You need to pass KYC to access higher withdrawal limits. Check your cryptocurrency balance This is where you might need to be careful if you are new. When you enter your balance page, many tokens with 0 balance will appear. Find the token (e.g. BTC) that you are going to deposit and copy its address. Different cryptocurrency might not all share the same exchange wallet address. I have not personally tested the following. Theoretically, if you transfer e.g. BTC to an ETH wallet, the transaction will fail and your bitcoin could be lost forever. Therefore, always be careful and confirm your “To” and “From” addresses when dealing with cryptocurrency. Deposit cryptocurrency into Binance Remember where you first purchase Bitcoin or Ether ? For me it is Coinbase, but I mostly use Gemini now due to lower fees. You will need access to that exchange to transfer some cryptocurrency into your Binance account. The incoming cryptocurrency can also be your offline wallet or hardware wallet, wherever they are stored at. Purchase your first altcoin Head over to the exchange section and you can find a wide variety of trading pairs in Binance. In this example, I am looking at the BTC/ETH pair. There are a few options: you can place a limit buy (set the price you wish to buy at), or just do a market order (purchase at market price). Note: If you are purchasing a significant amount, I would recommend you to first purchase some BNB to pay for the transaction fee as it is 25% lower as of writing (the discount rate will diminish until 5th year of Binance operation) Review trade history If you have placed a market order in the previous step, the trade is now completed (for limit order you have to wait for your order to be filled – you can check the order history for more detail). Go to the trade history page to review your purchase. Withdraw your altcoins to a safe wallet Always remember to transfer out your coins if you do not wish to trade them anytime soon. Do note that while deposits into Binance are free, withdrawals will incur some fees. Similar to deposit, watch out for where you are withdrawing your coins to and make sure it is your own wallet address. Conclusion It is not best practice to store your cryptocurrencies on any exchanges as they are often subjected to security loopholes and hacks. As we progress further, I am confident that blockchain and exchanges’ security will be strengthened. Regardless, as of now, I highly recommend you to keep your cryptocurrencies in offline wallets or hardware wallet like the Ledger Nano S. I use a couple of offline wallets and the Ledger Nano S. Will try to share more about them soon! For more info about crypto follow : https://cryptohero8.com/ watch our video here : https://cryptohero8.com/promo-video-for-thecryptohero/ Original content : https://cryptohero8.com/how-to-purchase-altcoins-on-exchanges/
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  3. Online Licensing Platform of Ethical Standards for Cryptocurrencies Ecosystem ( https://wccstandards.com ) in Blockchain Economy Summit Istanbul on February 20th https://youtu.be/QRcTGdVVHs0 WCCS project is about licensing tokens, service providers, ICO's and crypto markets. Honoring the reliable and trustworthy actors and elements of the crypto-world like an iso 9001 certification program. Ethical Cryptocurrency Licensing online platform & Self-Regulation https://wccstandards.com Applications are open now. It is available for every actor of the crypto world to claim their ethical standards certificate. Our primary goal is to convince potential customers of quality and reliable token, crypto market ICO and service providers (ICO listening service providers, CC wallet providers, CC profit companies, CC payment servise providers, CC venture capitals, mining pools, cloud mining, peer-to-peer lendings, CC funds, over-the-counter tradings, CC gambling companies, CC micropaymets, CC affiliates and prediction markets, Cryptocurrencies consultants, educational institutions, additional service providers, software suppliers and other service providers).
  4. Introducing SpaceGold. Real gold, off world, from space. SpaceGold is a decentralised platform that records users who have purchased streams of gold that are produced off world in space from asteroids using the Blockchain (Ethereum). https://spacegold.online/ Our thread on Bitcointalk : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5108856.new#new Buy & Trade Here https://etherdelta.com/#0x5cac3991e1d10d62df007a3559f652887735aedb-ETH https://forkdelta.app/#!/trade/0x5cac3991e1d10d62df007a3559f652887735aedb-ETH Watch our videos : https://youtu.be/L1dp5BukpHc https://youtu.be/0IvAoXlv_Po https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0k9FbRwzcUk see us on : https://icoholder.com/en/spacegold-28826 Follow us on linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/spacegold/
  5. for Your Business We help you reach your business goals and move on to the next step. We also help you manage your systems and your employees to use the technology that makes your business work. We will accelerate the adoption of emerging technologies that will transform our world and our way of interacting with each other. https://d-central.tech/
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  7. CryptoHunters.Club Project officially publishes the first bounty.Total Pool: 💶2.000.000 OMNIS (400.000 €) 💶 ❓What is cryptohunters.club project? It's a blockchain-based project, OmnisBit is the token that brings everyone closer to the cryptocurrencies's world with its services in a safe and easy way. Above all it garantees real earnings! Save your time, Earn for real. Take part to our innovation now: https://www.cryptohunters.club/x/login USEFUL INFORMATION FOR OMNISBIT BOUNTY: Do you want to get more? Enter your friends on the telegram group and enter their usernames in the second section of this form, spread and invite new users through your referral link that you find once you have access to your personal area, also in our group of Telegram there are daily new tasks, quizzes and jobs to be done in exchange for tokens. -Website: https://www.cryptohunters.club -Telegram: https://t.me/OmnisBitOfficial If you find any problem or you need assistance contact us on telegram. OmnisBit reserves the final decision for each individual distribution of the bounty. In order to avoid cheating, all the forms will be verified by OmnisBit team, cheaters will be permanently banned from both the site and the telegram group, without any warning. 1ETH=500 OMNIS Bounty form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdKjIC_BS7m6T60QjbGGtPseGDgSBgEz0APxiQjO9A1bwEBDg/viewform :moneybag::point_left:
  8. Want a water bottle that’s easy to clean? This double wall, insulated stainless steel SimplyKlean Water Bottle can open from top AND bottom, which allows you to clean it easily, and look for the presence of mold/rust. Original $39.99; On Sale for $19.79 on Amazon. And for limited time only, use code SKOFF20A for additional 20% off! Hurry! http://bit.ly/simplyklean
  9. Got Gold? Get SpaceGold streaming contract! The Coin of Heaven on Sale Today Website : https://spacegold.online/ whiteparer : https://spacegold.online/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/SGOLD-WHITEPAPER-PDF.pdf Watch our video at Youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0IvAoXlv_Po https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L1dp5BukpHc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pVyJfohUa1E More info : https://medium.com/@mokmedical/spacegold-6dafbc38be4a https://www.quora.com/How-long-in-your-opinion-will-Bitcoin-take-to-get-to-its-previous-highest-price-19500-and-surpass-it
  10. Herbalist Token Project is going to solve expensive rare herbs problem by building a blockchain integrated marketplace that will bring the farmers and the buyers together. In our platform, any farmer is going to be able list their products and find buyers around the globe easily and quickly. PARTNERSHIPS: UPS, DPD, ONETREEPLANED EXCHANGES: Hotbit, Mercatox, Stex, EtherFlyer COINMARKETCAP: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/herbalist-token Twitter: https://twitter.com/herbalistoken Medium : https://medium.com/@herbalistoken Telegram Groups English: https://t.me/Herbalist_Token Indonesia: https://t.me/herbalist_indonesia Korea: https://t.me/herbalist_korea Turkey: https://t.me/herbalist_turkey 👇Follow to trade👇 https://www.hotbit.io/exchange?symbol=HERB_ETH https://www.instagram.com/herbalisttoken https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5099693.0 https://www.reddit.com/user/Herbalist_Token https://www.herbalisttoken.com/
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  13. https://solve.care/ (SOLVE) Gets Listed on KuCoin With Special Promotions, Check Them Out! https://blog.kucoin.com/solve-care-solve-gets-listed-on-kucoin-further-information-and-promotion-details/
  14. Website : https://neosvr.com/ White Paper : https://neosvr.com/whitepaper.pdf Steam : https://store.steampowered.com/app/740250/Neos_VR/ Discord : https://discord.gg/neosvr YouTube : https://www.youtube.com/user/Tailscpp/videos Reddit : https://www.reddit.com/r/NeosVR/ Twitter : https://twitter.com/neos_vr Patreon : https://www.patreon.com/neosvr Exchange 1 : https://forkdelta.app/#!/trade/0xdb5c3c46e28b53a39c255aa39a411dd64e5fed9c-ETH Exchange 2 : https://etherdelta.com/#0xdb5c3c46e28b53a39c255aa39a411dd64e5fed9c-ETH What is Neos? Neos is an existing virtual reality metaverse that reinvents and generalizes the way social experiences and various virtual creations are built, to let them all coexist in one shared space. The innovative underlying architecture, based on simple, yet powerful building blocks in an expandable future-proof way, is designed to dynamically synchronize complex worlds and behaviors built directly from within Neos. With a rapidly growing community, the potential for a rich Neos in-verse economy emerges as a way for content creators and service providers to make a living in Neos, and help it to grow into a vibrant, desirable place: a spatial computing platform of choice. Neos Credits [NCR] Token sale starts on February 1, 2019 at https://neosvr.com/ Neos Credits [NCR] will facilitate Neos in-verse economy including Neos Store and Neos Jobs marketplaces. With the upcoming launch of Licence Information Component, NCR will enable trustless in-verse trading. The minting process is designed to initially distribute Neos Credits to supporters and early adopters so that they can take part in the in-verse economy and benefit from the eventual success of Neos. Rewarding those who help to develop advanced iterations of the Neos metaverse is our top priority. Contract: 0xdb5c3c46e28b53a39c255aa39a411dd64e5fed9c Not an sale address, will be provided as token sale starts What's next? Before token sale starts, we'll introduce in-verse NCR transactions and trading in an update. You can join community testing of managed wallets and transactions with fun little KFC test token that is in progress right now. It's not sure when all 50 million NCR will be minted, but the sooner you get on board, the better your minting batch NCR-ETH ratio. We'll keep updating this post and our communication in general in the long term as we continue to make Neos and it's NCR token sale more attractive over time. Update Thanks to everyone who helped testing with KFC. We have not found any major issues. NCR in-verse transactions now enabled, all set for launch of blockchain services and minting this Friday. Images of in-verse NCR UI below. Update 2 Minting starts in less than 4 hours. Countdown, details and eventually minting address available at https://neosvr.com/ First buy orders up at ForkDelta Exchange Update 3 Minting underway. 18795.29 NCR minted and counting, see stats at https://neosvr.com/. Thanks to everyone taking part, first batch should be gone quite soon, especially with monthly Patreon minting coming up. Get Ready Player One Get Oasis Neos today at https://store.steampowered.com/app/740250/Neos_VR/ Realtime screenshot taken in Neos, co-founders on the: https://riverecosystem.com/riveraccelerator/
  15. 40 million IWAY Token Giveaway for Public Airdrop ! Start 28/1 - Ends 27/2 Attend directly from: https://goo.gl/vk7XfN Twitter: https://twitter.com/InfluWay Telegram: https://t.me/influway