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  1. TUNE Token, a blockchain project with support from world-renowned artists, is stirring interest in the music industry. TUNE Token technology is integrated into the app, Cre8tor (formerly RecordGram), which is available for download in Apple App and Google Play stores. Users can download a beat, create their own song or video content, and then share their content to the existing Cre8tor community. Payments can be made conveniently through the users’ local currency, opening the service to a global audience. Tune Software (Tune) is a software development company utilizing blockchain technology, smart contracts and digital tokens to create innovative mobile apps. Tune’s primary mission is resolving issues related to digital songwriter rights and royalty payments within the music industry. Furthermore, within Tune’s tokenized, democratized ecosystem, users can send tips to their favorite content creators, thereby incentivizing users to create their own content. The platform fosters creativity, content development and content sharing. Tune is under a licensing agreement with TechCrunch Disrupt Cup winner Recordgram, the developers of the Cre8tor app. Cre8tor was internationally recognized with 35 awards and has 100,000 registered users and 40,000 active daily users. Notably, Tune’s advisors include Billboard charting, Grammy winning artists like will.i.am and Pitbull. Individuals may acquire TUNE Tokens through Bithumb Global’s Staging Season 3, with details to be disclosed on August 10th at Bithumb Global https://bit.ly/2KErKro
  2. VMC COIN Just Entered the World AI Blockchain Virtual Mind Chain can function as the 'brain' of your devices, as an intelligent copilot for software, and of course as your Personal Personal Assistant in your personal and professional life. http://vmccoin.com/ #crypto #ico #bitcoin #btc #investment #makemoney #coin
  3. Global Currency Unit (GCU ™) is the hottest new crypto currency that is being positioned as one of the most valuable newest crypto assets in the world. You can now receive up to 25,000 (YES that’s twenty five thousand!) GCUs, already valued at over $1,500 USD - absolutely FREE. Simply share this message with a few friends from your contact list, and when just 8 register via link bellow, we will deposit up to 25,000 GCUs in your crypto wallet. It is that simple! https://auth.globalcurrencyunit.io/r/kd-IohmQQ
  4. Cryptocurrencies have recently taken over the trading industry. Even on IQ Option many traders have tried out their hand on bitcoin trading and became successful. If you are new to this, then this article will educate you on all you need to know about bitcoins and bitcoin trading. As mentioned earlier, bitcoin is mainly supported by a global peer-to-peer network. This network operates the bitcoin software. This software then deals with all transactions that involve bitcoins. These transactions are then interpreted by a blockchain software that’s installed by users in their computers. Buying bitcoins. Thanks to technology, it is very easy to buy bitcoins. All you need us to sign up for an e-wallet and cryptocurrency exchange platform. There is good news, all IQ Option users automatically have an account at Hodly. Hodly is an e-wallet and exchange platform owned and managed by IQ Option ltd. Just like IQ Option, it is efficient and offers its users smooth experience. Once you have signed up, you will have to deposit the amount of money you intend to invest using your debit or credit card. From here, buying bitcoins is just as easy as buying any other traditional currency. Hodly also provides you with a safe store where you can keep your electronic money. Once you have bought your bitcoins, store them and wait for its price to rise. Once its price has risen to a satisfactory price, you can then resell your bitcoins in exchange for a traditional currency of your choice. This too can be done using Hodly. To know more follow : https://iqoptionwiki.com/become-expert-bitcoin-investor-iq-option/
  5. We believe you have to work as a team to earn as a team. In the crypto exchanges there 1000s of coins to buy. That's why we want you to join our team. We know cryptocurrencies are the best ones to buy. We want to make you money as we want to make our selves. This is the only group that offers this service for free. Most groups charge on admission, we are not like most groups. If you want to earn 40 to 60% dollars a day from home using an hour a day then this is for you. We are a crypto pump and dump team. All the others will charge and pump to help themselves. When go into the hour we will tell you the symbol to buy immediately with a spread of numbers that you will sell, then onto the next symbol and repeat. We also offer a stock from penny and up. If you want to be in a community that helps and cares for free then this team is for you. https://discord.gg/PuXrtgP
  6. Provider of strategic business and investment solutions, Zapo VCC, announces the launch of their private fundraising offer to expand the business and allow individuals to become shareholders Zapo has again reiterated their goal of helping millions of people in different parts of the world that are interested in enjoying the amazing opportunity inherent in the crypto space with the launch of their private fundraising offer for Zapo VCC. The primary goal of the private offer is to incorporate the company and ultimately enable many individuals with small contributions to become future shareholders and leverage the amazing money making opportunity. Consequently, contributors can participate in the growth and share the financial benefits in return with management and all members. ZapoVCC is a Strategic Business Solution for Business Ownership with Guarantees, which also help to raise the funds for the expansion of the Zapo Group businesses. Zapo VCC Crypto will be issued in three phases that can be converted to become a Zapo Shareholder with all Shareholder Benefits when qualified. The Zapo Group ecosystem includes a plethora of internet-based services, including Zapo Crypto Trading Pool, Zapo Gold/Silver Trading Pool (coming soon), Zapo Casino, Zapo Classified, Zapo Directory, and a host of others. This avails members the opportunity to use and expand their Marketing reach for their Business and Service worldwide, as well as expanding their contacts using the Zapo World Directory. Other benefits of buying into the private fundraiser is a Lifetime Access to the Zapo Casino, which offers Roulette, Blackjack, Video Poker, Dice, and 2 version of Slot games. This also includes the receipt of 20,000 credits every month with top winning members receiving an allocation of Crypto Currencies at the end of every month. More information about the private offer and other projects from Zapo Group can be found on their website. https://zapovcc.com Zapo Group Robert Schmitt https://zapovcc.com/ lw4forever@gmail.com
  7. Radiologex is a next-gen medical network that is web accessible and downloadable as an APP on any device, MAC, PC, IOS, and Android. It is powered by blockchain technology and RDGX AI, allowing medical professionals all across the globe to connect, communicate, collaborate, transact, access content, and perform services on one comprehensive and complete medical ECOSYSTEM. It’s more intuitive, easier to operate, requires ZERO hardware purchases, and is equipped with leading security features—all for less cost. It’s the Evolution of Telemedicine AND Teleradiology. At the core, Radiologex is galvanized by a blockchain powered state-of-the art content delivery network (CDN) that is designed to not only replace redundant and unnecessary multiple platforms, both software and hardware, but to connect you with the global Medical community in an all-in-one platform that will drive all communication, business (buy/sell/network), with powerful medical imaging technology (PACS) and RIS/CIS capabilities. Unplug yourself from redundant hardware and various software and applications, usernames passwords and hassle, function seamlessly, with no intermediaries. The future of Enterprise Imaging and True Telemedicine™ have arrived. With the renowned efficiency, security, decentralization of data, elimination of software fail points, transparency, and transparency and traceability of blockchain technology, Radiologex takes this core architecture to the next level to deliver a new way for the Medical Industry to interact and perform service. join : https://t.me/RadiologexOfficialGroup
  8. Europe's fastest growing , Technology Leader Crypto Exchange. 300 000 TPS order match engine 90000 active users. Passive income via coin lending, Margin trading, Airdropdesk, Felixo Internal Pay for instant commission free coin payments. https://www.felixo.com/?ref=76662496 #$FLXandFLX #Bitcoin #kriptopara #CryptoExchange #cryptocurrency #AirdropAlalim #satsatim #Ethereum #felixo #borsa #kriptopara #Coin #token #margin #trading #trade #passiveincome
  9. ESFaucet is a Multi-crypto faucet in which you decide how often to claim. Your faucet where you claim as you like and whenever you like 13+ coins , multiple bonuses amazing referral bonus opportunity for passive earning Android apps to make claiming even easier Live exchange Low minimum withdrawal threshold with many no fee withdrawal Daily weekly monthly bonuses To know more visit : https://es.btcnewz.com/
  10. IQ option is a platform that offers the widest t range of cryptocurrencies as compared to other platforms like CEX and Coinbox. Some of the biggest names in the crypto world like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash, Ripple, and many others are some of those offered on IQ options. https://iqoptionwiki.com/trade-crypto-currencies-iq-option/ #crypto #ico #bitcoin #btc #investment #makemoney #coin #IQoption
  11. INVESTMENTCOIN’S $100 REFERRAL PROGRAM $50 FOR YOU AND A FRIEND When you purchase 250 InvestmentCoin, you receive a code which you can give to friends and both of you will obtain $50 worth of InvestmentCoin Visit: http://www.investmentcoin.io/referral/ Contact us at: Support@investmentcoin.io #crypto #ico #bitcoin #btc #investment #makemoney #coin
  12. Crypto Wolfpack is one of the leading cryptocurrency and forex signal providers and has been since 2017. Crypto Wolfpack provides both altcoin trades on as well as margin trades, averaging over 1000% collective profit monthly with a total portfolio growth of 30% average per month. See their past results here - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1NKxOPbM3JqWzytckT76CQYn1xkZ3Smc0HkQbnPqK50s/edit?usp=sharing Crypto Wolfpack prides itself on its community which provides a wealth of knowledge, tips and fun. The guys running the channel aren't money hungry like other signals groups, they actually make money off their trades, so no need to extort you for hundreds of dollars a month to follow their trades, they charge a once-off fee of only $150 for lifetime membership, you can't go wrong. Sign up now at https://premium.cryptowolfpack.com/product/lifetime-membership/
  13. Leveraged cryptocurrencies provide the opportunity to multiply your profits. Trade now at IQ Option. https://iqoptionwiki.com/iq-option-bitcoin/ #crypto #ico #bitcoin #btc #investment #makemoney #coi
  14. Hi, greatest crypto community! We are are pleased to announce the launch of the Early ICO, of, what we and our community believe to be, the most promising cryptocurrency on the market, developed by one of the leading online platforms for women on all about Money, Shopping, Work, Investing, Lifestyle and Crypto. We want to be clear to all that we are NOT a platform born in the blockchain or crypto world. We are a thriving platform with a vibrant community based on content creation, product promotion, service provision, among others, that wishes to integrate crypto currency and blockchain into our already interactive platform, tools, shops, products & services, our own social network, educational courses and in-app game purchases. For any detailed information, feel free to consult our whitepaper, platform or any of our social networks. Or, of course, just reach out to us at hello@womensmoneynetwork.com. Our teams consits of English, Dutch, Portuguese and Spanish speakers, so just talk to us in any of your preferred language. Our Early ICO is live as of today, and will be open until the 25th of August. We have fixed the starting price at $0.0050 / coin, which at a total fixed supply of 2,500,000,000 gives a very humble market cap of 12.5M$. The Maximum number of coins made available during the Early ICO will be 5% of total supply, accounting for a Hard Cap of only 625K$. Best to you all and we hope to welcome you to our vibrant community! Amy (CEO), Matt (CTO), Cristina (CMO) Our Early ICO is live as of today, and will be open until the 25th of August. We have fixed the starting price at $0.0050 / coin, which at a total fixed supply of 2,500,000,000 gives a very humble market cap of 12.5M$. The MAX number of coins made available during the Early ICO will be 5% of total supply, accounting for a Hard Cap of only 625K$. How to participate in the Early ICO at $0.0050 / coin? Buy through our interactive platform (https://www.womensmoneynetwork.com/) or choose to send your desired amount to our ETH Smart Contact address: 0x14e0341bE2f51117BE5d90d004a67ba4fb8e1fBC Best to you all and we hope to welcome you to our vibrant community!
  15. Bulls coming back to town! One of the biggest mining store is Closing down! Final clearance SALE! http://shopminersonline.com #crypto #ico #bitcoin #btc #investment #makemoney #coin
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