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  1. Earn money by investing Bitcoin and Ethereum on ie-experts.com is a user-friendly and straightforward process. Simply signup then Deposit any stocks (BTC, ETH, Perfect Money) on the platform and the asset will be held for you in your investment plan by receiving daily ROI straight to your account, which is accessible 24/7. 100% secure and verified investment platform. You can introduce others and enjoy special 3 level referral commission. Working under the regulation of the most accurate verifying systems such as McAfee, Etrust.pro , Sectigo SSL and Sitelock security facilities. With more than one year of experience. ie-experts.com digital asset platform has industry leading security protocols, including multi-factor authentication for platform access and multi-signature wallet access verification. Your digital currency will be held in a secure offline “cold storage” vault 👉👉 https://ie-experts.com
  2. Liquid Bit is the first asset on the Liquid Network with a large user base that is completely independent and not pegged to any other assets or currencies. The digital asset utilizes all the benefits of the Liquid Network, so L-BIT transactions are secure, fast, privacy oriented and cheap. These properties combined with its scarcity and the fair distribution scheme makes L-BIT to be an outstanding utility asset. Liquid Bit Project Website - Liquid Bit Telegram Channel - Liquid Bit Telegram Group - Liquid Bit On CoinMarketCap
  3. We believe Decentralized collectibles will fuel a new type of craze within the blockchain community opening up avenues for traditional gamers/trading card collectors to expand their future ideas on blockchain in games. BTCM Dapps. BTCM offers a growing selection of rare and interesting blockchain Collectible assets that can be traded like a traditional Cryptocurrency coin. BTCM assets are built using the Ethereum network using the ERC -1155 smart contract standard. https://enjinx.io/eth/platform/3636 All BTCM assets are digitally backed to Enjin Coin, This allows the assets to gain value from multiple scenarios including, Enjin Coin Value Increase, and the premium you sell and trade. Come check out the new Decentralized shop. All assets are instantly deposited into your Enjin wallet address ready to be stored and traded directly from your wallet. https://btcm-dapps.com/shop/ Do you want to earn instead of spending? https://btcm-dapps.com/ Create a referral link from the rewards section, complete some simple tasks, and get sharing. Why not create your own blockchain asset to share with friends, family, or business purposes. BTCM asset factory https://btcm-dapps.com/asset-factory/ Input your desired specification for a Cryptocurrency asset and we will bring it to life. Drawing your design and listing to the Enjin Platform ready to be shared with the world. Come check out Bitcoin Monkey and our growing community today. https://btcm-dapps.com/ https://twitter.com/BitcoinMonkey1 https://www.facebook.com/BTCMToken/ https://t.me/BTCMToken https://www.instagram.com/btcmdapps/ https://youtu.be/rg9FkfiazfA SasqSwap Exchange https://btcm-dapps.com/swap/
  4. Bitcoin Address Generator is the ultimate tool for generating single and bulk bitcoin addresses, generate mnemonic seed phrase, check private keys with corresponding bitcoin addresses, view details and derived addresses from bip39 mnemonic seeds, create printable paper wallets, etc To know more visit : https://bitaddressgen.co/
  5. Today we announce the LIQ Network Mechanism — a protocol that incentivises liquidity pool and transaction volume providers, promoting more robust market liquidity for the whole digital asset economy. LIQ Network will be going live in the coming weeks, if you’d like to stay informed, join us on Telegram. LIQ Network LIQ Network is a decentralized liquidity provider network. LIQ network provides market liquidity to Ethereum based tokens. This is achieved by providing incentives for holders of LIQ to trade on decentralized exchanges (e.g. Uniswap). Additionally, a substantial part of LIQ supply will be put into liquidity pools to further elevate the DeFi market. What makes LIQ Network unique? The first AMM trade mining token LIQ is the first AMM (Automated Market Maker) trade mining token. Unlike typical trade mining which is initiated by an exchange, LIQ trade mining is built into the LIQ token itself, that means trade mining is no longer bounded by a single exchange. Traders of the whitelisted pairs will be rewarded with LIQ, other project tokens, ETH or even stable coins. This revolutionizes the current DeFi space, making it possible to reward volume providers instead of charging them fees. Massive liquidity incentive LIQ holders can put their tokens into whitelisted liquidity pools of decentralized exchanges like Uniswap. On top of the swap fee given by the exchange, extra incentives will be provided by the LIQ team, which the rewards can include LIQ, other project tokens, ETH or even stable coins. Network level liquidity A substantial part of LIQ supply will be put into liquidity pools, this huge amount of tokens can greatly reduce price slippage and further encourage trading. Who can benefit from LIQ Network? Third party projects Liquidity plays a crucial rule in the valuation of a project token, which directly influences the success of a project. LIQ Network provides the tremendous liquidity to projects, so they can focus on what they do best. Exchanges The amount of trading volume and liquidity is arguably the most important indicator for exchanges, not only does it directly affect the income of exchanges, but it can also reduce price slippage and increase market efficiency. LIQ Network heavily incentivizes users to provide both trading volume and liquidity, making the exchanges more attractive to traders. LIQ holders LIQ holders are the first class citizens in the LIQ Network, they can benefit from being a liquidity provider or trade miner or both. By providing liquidity and/or trading volume, LIQ holders will receive massive rewards in LIQ, other project tokens, ETH or even stable coins. How to provide liquidity and earn rewards? The general steps are: Go to the exchange website and select a whitelisted pair. Add liquidity to the pool and it will give you some pool tokens (e.g. UNI-V2) in return as a proof of your share in the pool. Stake your pool tokens into the corresponding LIQ Network’s LP rewards contract. Until you unstake and remove your liquidity (which you can do at any time), you earn a proportional share of the exchange pool fee as well as the extra rewards from LIQ Network. How to do trade mining and earn rewards? The general steps are: Go to the exchange website and select a whitelisted pair. Whenever you buy or sell, rewards proportional to the trading size will be sent to corresponding LIQ Network’s TM rewards contract. You can check your available rewards and claim it directly from the contract. Which pools are whitelisted? Currently, only the ETH/LIQ pool on Uniswap is whitelisted. More pools will be added very soon. Keep in the loop — Join our Telegram Follow us on Bitcoin Forum Visit our Website Read our Docs
  6. Why Buy Bitcoin Without ID Or Account? Although there are other options of buying bitcoin, they are less efficient and the risk of being scammed online is high. Here at Btcnoid, we offer a simple, fastest, and straightforward service of exchanging your money into bitcoin without ID or verified account. How to Buy BTC from https://btcnoid.com/? The process of buying bitcoin from our site has been simplified to offer much more efficiency and flexibility. All you need to do is follow the following simple steps; • Decide on the Bitcoin amount that you would wish to buy • You will send a request to our discord server • You will then send us the money using either Credit card or PayPal either as a gift or as friends and family • You will then send us your wallet address via PayPal gift description • We mark the order complete and you receive the Bitcoin payment Alternatively, use the link; paypal.me/btcnoid and add your contact address in the description section and submit. It’s also important that we only accept payment which have been sent as a gift or as a friend or family. If you happen to send any other form of payment, we automatically cancel your order and we send back the money. Benefits of Working with Us? • At Btcnoid.com, we offer a fast and reliable platform of buying Bitcoins without any verification ID or PayPal account • We charge a reasonable fee of 15% only per transaction • We support all types of PayPal transfer methods • We have excellent customer service and you can consult us anytime for help • Good supply, no scammers, and low fees Contact Us Btcnoid is here to help you buy Bitcoins efficiently via PayPal without ID or account. For further information, get in touch with us via; Discord Server; https://discord.gg/7BmkPmd Discord Account: btcnoid#3156
  7. Newly Just released Staking feature: Minereum Staking - Up to 1000% REWARD! Up to 60% Referral Bonus! https://www.minereum.com/v2/staking Staking Feature Details: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4495159.msg54757903#msg54757903 What is Minereum (MNE)? Minereum was launched in 2017 as the First ever Self-Mining Smart Contract. It was launched as an airdrop, each user participating received a Minereum Genesis Address with 32,000 MNE. Genesis Addresses are addresses that perform the Self-Mining process. During the first airdrop in 2017 there were 4,268 Genesis Addresses generated. Between December 2019 and March 2020 there was the V2 launch of Minereum. It was launched again as an airdrop and there were 1,197,634 Genesis Addresses generated by the participants. To start mining these addresses require to pay an ETH fee, these fees are distributed to the Fee Share Holders. Also during the airdrop everyone had the chance to become a Fee Share Holder, today Fee Shares can be purchased in an open decentralized market. Minereum V2 introduced a variety of upgrades, creating a totaly new economy, this includes: - Minereum Ecosystem overview - Decentralized Exchanges of Genesis Addresses - Decentralized Exchange of MNE - Decentralized Exchange of Fee Shares - ERC20 Token Creation Service - Lucky Draw - A 100% on chain and provavly fair Dice game In June 2020, Minereum released the new Staking feature, allowing anyone to win up to 1000% Staking rewards and up to 60% Referral Bonus! Read more about the MNE Staking & Get your referral link here: https://www.minereum.com/v2/staking Minereum Links: Website: https://www.minereum.com/ Minereum Tutorial: https://www.minereum.com/howto V2 Platform (Requires web3 browser): https://www.minereum.com/v2 MNE Staking: https://www.minereum.com/v2/staking Coinmarketcap: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/minereum/ Telegram: https://t.me/minereumtoken Twitter: https://twitter.com/minereumtoken Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4495159 Block Explorer: https://etherscan.io/token/0x426CA1eA2406c07d75Db9585F22781c096e3d0E0
  8. HEIDI is a Swiss crypto-token which tokenises the sustained delivery of trans-generational social impact. We are witnessing the devastating effects that modern day capitalism has brought to our everyday lives. Climate crisis, income disparity, consumer plastification, deforestation and endangered biodiversity ring a call to immediate action. A radical paradigm shift is required to disrupt today’s status quo. This paradigm shift begins with transforming education and entrepreneurship in a way that delivers new disruptive products and services to market and promotes the wellbeing of the planet. The Answer Lies in Tokenisation of Sustainable Innovation HEIDI is a Swiss crypto payment and utility token which delivers sustainable social impact through the creation of an unprecedented circular economy and innovation pipeline of Education, Research, and Social Entrepreneurship. HEIDI is a Swiss investment grade cryptocurrency because it is a stable storage of value based on its fungibility and ever increasing utility within the sustainable circular economy that is created by the model. To know more visit : https://www.heidicoin.io/ And Follow us on Telegram: https://t.me/HEIDIICO
  9. Discover The Internet's Fastest Growing Decentralized ETH Smart Contract Based Business Model Which Is Making People $100 To As Much As $6,500 & MORE, Daily. A Model Which Is Purely Decentralized on the Ethereum Block Chain - Completely Transparent! No CEO , No Owner , No Fake Promises , No Middle Man To Run Away With Your Money Your Earning Potential is TRULY Unlimited This is the Future Of Business & Money Trust Me You Have Never Seen Anything Like This Before GO Here...NOW http://www.librecrypto.com/
  10. our xtake sale telegram bot https://t.me/xtake_sale_bot Welcome to the official xtake.cash launch. After a few weeks in which we have been presenting xtake on social networks, we finally have the official launch and the beginning of the project. From July 1st you can access the pre-sales of our XTK token, which will be developed entirely by telegram through a fully automated bot and with total security. The first round of presales starts on 1st July and will be only 20 million XTK at a price of 3 satoshis each token. This represents a small percentage of 0.20% of the supply in our first round of pre-sales. There is a minimum purchase of 20,000 XTK and a maximum purchase of 2,000,000 XTK. The first round of presales starts on 1st July and will be only 20 million XTK at a price of 3 satoshis each token. This represents a small percentage of 0.20% of the supply in our first round of pre-sales. There is a minimum purchase of 20,000 XTK and a maximum purchase of 2,000,000 XTK. Here is a tutorial on how to buy XTK from our telegram bot: 1.- The first step is to join one of our telegram groups and register in our tipbot typing /register English telegram: https://t.me/xtakecash Brazilian telegram: https://t.me/xtakecashBR Arabic telegram: https://t.me/xtakecashAR With the registration you will receive a bonus of XTK 100 and you will have a user to receive tips, rains and you are able to the participate in our presales and main sale. 2.- Open a PM with our Sale Bot https://t.me/xtake_sale_bot and click Start 3.- Click /register to begin process, in this step you should register your ETH address (where you will receive the XTK tokens) and your prefer language for the bot. Avaliables languages at this moment are english and brazilian. In our example we’re going to enter a random ETH address [0x083822f21a43EAb1467793b70d2BEf0e89d5144a] and assume that we want to make the purchase process in English. We recommend that you have your ETH address ready to copy and paste into our bot, so we need to type the following command: /register 0x083822f21a43EAb1467793b70d2BEf0e89d5144a ENG Now you have registered your ETH address where you will receive all the XTKs you buy 4.- In this step we start the presale round by clicking /sale The logic of this step is as follows: - You must enter the currency you want to buy XTK with, BTC, LTC, ETH and DOGE are accepted, if you want to buy with another currency please contact one of the main devs only https://t.me/MaynardK https://t.me/jeff_2235 and https://t.me/poolm4ster - You must then enter the address of your currency from which you are going to pay, it is the address you usually use for deposits of that currency, this way we are protecting your security in the purchase process. Therefore we recommend that you have available to copy and paste the address of the currency with which you are going to pay In our example we are going to assume that we want to buy XTK with Litecoin, so first we will set LTC as a payment method with the following command: /setpaymentmethod ltc Now we have defined litecoin as a payment method, in this step we will enter our address from which we will pay, for the example we will use a random address ltc [LamSN4TaFrwqTDLi64V85UmyDkD2WAGuEu] Therefore we enter the following command: /setpaymentaddress LamSN4TaFrwqTDLi64V85UmyDkD2WAGuEu At this moment we have defined our eth address in which we are going to receive the XTK, we have chosen the option to pay with ltc, and we have defined our ltc address from which we are going to pay, we are ready to start the purchase process by executing the command /buy to receive payment address and /price to define the amount of XTK you want to buy 5.- It is very important to say that our bot calculates the price conversion in real time, that is, in our example you can send the amount of ltc you want and our system will automatically send you the correct amount of XTK based on the live ltc quote and the current XTK price (3 satoshis in pre-sale 1). Anyway, you have a real time calculator in which you can check the amount of XTK you will receive according to the amount of ltc you are going to pay. To do so, execute the command /price The logic in this step is to know how many XTK tokens we will receive for the amount we want to pay, so we will take the example of /price 10 With this example we want to invest 10 ltc in XTK and the bot will automatically return to us the amount of XTK we can buy with 10 litecoins according to the real time prices. As you can see, in our example and with real time prices, with 10 ltc you are buying 1.516.363 XTK Once you have decided on the amount of ltc you want to invest, run the /buy command to receive our deposit address: /buy Therefore in our example you should send your 10 ltc to our MCAvWSEbp8pgot6hNYZ5z8iDDBXX9xrQvK ltc address, and once the transaction is confirmed in the blockchain you will receive your amount 1.516.363 XTK tokens The xtk amount of tokens you received may change depending on how long it takes you to send the payment in ltc, or whether you include the transfer fee or not, but the xtk tokens you will receive will always be calculated in real time, so you will always be buying at market price. And you can make as many purchases as you want, the bot will return the xtk corresponding to each payment. 6.- Once you have made the payment you can always see the id of your tx with which you can check the status of the transaction in the corresponding explorer of the currency with which you have paid, in our example litecoin explorer, to do so execute the command: /check 7.- Once the transaction is verified in the blockchain, congratulations you are now a xtaker and you can start enjoying our super staking telegram campaign with a daily profitability of 1%, for more information and to keep updated we recommend you again to follow our telegram channels and our social networks. This is the beginning of the Universal Blockchain Income English telegram: https://t.me/xtakecash Brazilian telegram: https://t.me/xtakecashBR Arabic telegram: https://t.me/xtakecashAR Official News Channel: https://t.me/xtakeNews Tips & rains Bot: https://t.me/xtakebot https://xtake.cash
  11. What is FORSAGE? Forsage is the crowdfunding universal foundation of a new age and the number one contract with the marketing of type Matrix in the blockchain of Ethereum cryptocurrency. It is a product that calculates playing out the capacity of dispersion of the subsidiary commissions between network members and the recognition of specific conditions. Forsage has not any Manager. People who work in the Ethereum blockchain are the makers of this platform which mean it has no leaders. To enlist Forsage, you have to have a Metamask wallet and refill its least amount add up to begin is 0.025 + 0.025 eth without Commission system of the blockchain, at that point go to the member connection and snap Programmed enrollment. You don't have to enter individual subtleties name email address. After you register you are allotted an ID in the framework. About Ethereum? To know what ethereum is firstly u should have to know about the internet. Nowadays our personal information like our data passwords financial information etc. are not secure. Indeed, even this CoinDesk article is put away on a server constrained by an organization that charges to hold this information should it be called upon. This arrangement has various accommodations. Like most organizations like this hire groups of specialists for saving and protecting this type of data and expel the cost, that company is providing. Ethereum is one of the latest innovations that join the activity. While bitcoin targets to distort PayPal and web banking. ethereum aims to displace web outsiders with the help of blockchain. Those that save the information, move the contract, and monitor complex financial tools. ethereum needs to be World Computer that localized and some would contend change the current customer service model. Use Ethereum: Ethereum probably won't be as impulsive like the web as we are aware with it today, yet, anybody with a PC or a cell phone can take the try of this platform as long as they have hold 'ether' one of the unique bits of code that permit updates to the blockchain's record. Earn Ethereum today. Wallets: Initially, you need a spot to store your ether safely. It carries us to ethereum wallets. One admonition is that losing your private key is a lot greater risk than losing a password. It implies losing your ether until the end of time. There are a lot of alternatives for wallets to store cryptocurrency: Desktop wallet: Desktop wallets run on a laptop or computer. One choice is to download the ethereum customers. There are a couple of ethereum customers who are written in various programming languages and with various execution tradeoffs. This procedure took up a few days and will increment as ethereum develops. Then wallet needs to remain in a state of harmony with the most recent exchanges on the blockchain. Mobile wallets: Mobile customers want a very little amount of data to download to associate with the network and make exchanges so they are more appropriate to download in smartphones. The mobile client is a relatively more suitable alternative is increasingly advantageous but exactly not protected. Full ethereum customers offer an increasingly secure method of accepting exchanges since they don't have trust in excavators or hubs to send them exact data they approve exchanges themselves. Hardware wallets: Hardware wallets they are mostly so small like one or two fingers, obviously offer the better of the two universes. These protected gadgets that can frequently be separated from the internet, and can sign exchanges without being on the internet. Paper wallets: One more cool storing choice is to print or handwrite a private key carefully on a sheet of paper, a paper wallet and lock it someplace secure like a storage box. Online devices can produce key matches straightforwardly on your PC, not on a site's servers, which could leave keys helpless if the webpage is hacked. Risk Factor: There is no risk state for Forsage. Invites only single individuals to quickly recover the underlying expense of support in the undertaking. The stage works dependent on the great contract blockchain framework. The Code of the shrewd agreement is reachable by everyone. All installments go to your own wallet, this guarantees any that any money which you have earned only belongs to you, and the cash you can use at the same time as they did to you on the wallet, without hanging tight or demands for installment. X3 and X4 levels: There are limited seats in the program x3 and x4. There are three areas in lattice x3 and six in x4. While finishing the lattice, it opens the equivalent new auto. There are a total of 12 levels for each program and every new level is more expensive than that of the previous one but also allows you to gain two times more. Why it is not quite the same as a pyramid: Forsage has no connection to the pyramids. The rule of a monetary pyramid dependent on the way that the vast majority of the cash moved in the possession of its makers. The sooner you come, the more cash. A fraudulent business model can be shut whenever. The members of the stage Forsage – the two heads and newcomers - are equivalent. To stop the stage, nobody can, in light of the fact that its working is guaranteed by a savvy contract that can't be erased or changed. Regardless of whether the website will quit working, all the information and structure will be in trustworthiness and the shrewd agreement will keep on working as long as there are Internet and power. Click here to JOIN US!
  12. https://bitcoinco.org - Anonymous Bitcoin wallet aimed at privacy. Includes all modern developments and technologies of anonymity. 1) The wallet supports work through TOR and VPN. 2) Private keys are in your possession and are fully encrypted. 3) Creates a new address, every time you accept and send a transaction. 4) Does not require the input of personal data, verification. The wallet itself is very lightweight, for the operation of which you do not need to download the entire blockchain. It allows you to generate a new address for each transaction. Absolutely Anonymous Bitcoin wallet without ID verification (no KYC). Why use anonymous bitcoin wallets? Because it is not safe to store cryptocurrency on the exchange. This should be understood even by beginners, because there are plenty of examples when hackers stole funds in one way or another hacking even the top cryptocurrency exchanges. Therefore, transferring your savings from the exchange to your personal wallet will be a very good idea. It’s best to transfer your funds to a cold or anonymous Bitcoin wallet. Since we are talking about security, it will not be out of place to mention anonymity, which is also one of the aspects of security (by the way, not only in cryptocurrencies, but also on the Internet in general). Anonymity allows you to separate information about funds and transactions from personal information, which significantly reduces the likelihood of tracking funds or the ability to somehow compromise the user or his accumulation.
  13. Sales Time for for crypto mining equipment. Shop during our Summer sale for 15% off of your favorite items in the store using code TJ4BKEVF. http://halvmining.com #Bitcoin #Bitcoin #mining #AntminerS19 #Antimer_Z15 Bitmain #cryptocurrency #Innosilicon
  14. Rebate Portal For ICO Community BUY, SELL AND INVEST DIGITAL CURRENCY Cryptocurrency investments and trading has had its mark made in the world wide market, be a part of this great movement as we unlock the next phase of crpto investments. to know more : https://cryptoinvestment.imfonlinegroup.com/
  15. Wehodldaily get Daily Crypto News Updates https://wehodldaily.com/
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