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  1. labh coin is promising project so investors and large companies can invest on coins,keep the coins in staking pool,so rewards can be given,once exchange comes in labh,many can invest more coins on labh.
  2. l had a big value of payments before because the price is very expensive/high.l really enjoy the day to have a big payment. Actually, the ups and downs movements of coin are may considered as a bitter and sweet experiences because it can may cause of loosing our investments of winning it or becoming a successful investment.
  3. I think it's too fast to judge this project as good and will be successful in the market, because not all experiments can succeed satisfactorily, and to invest here it takes time to think well, and see the development of threads in the next few days, even though the minimum investment is not too high..
  4. many investors are staking here because , this project giving high rate of intrest to its users ...annual percentage is high compare to other projects,,,this project have more features ...that's why manyinvestors are investing here ,and this project is sounding in all social media..!!
  5. I have a high expectation that labh can recover. I am a positive thinker about market price will usually going up. Even value we expected is in down so we can experience of pump this following months.
  6. staking pool work for me staking Pools are focused on making the most out of the combined staking capacity. generally, the bigger the staking pool, the more chances are there that the staking pool will be picked and verify a block
  7. LABH coin is very good coin i will read the all points of this coin... development space is actually very good, Be patient and wait for the market to pick up. LABH coins will give you a good ROI I believe that we should keep coin at least three years to take really good profit
  8. I have noticed a lot of businesss incentivize people for reviews. An amazing review would be if one of the beta testers or someone from the community who had managed to try out the app was able to make a short presentation video. It would boost confidence in the plan definitely.
  9. the purpose of doing reward scheme in random positionis, By doing that we can control the inflation caused by most of high pos coins. People usually dump their staked coins cheap when there is a high pos on few blocks on a throat, they lock their wallet and unlock it at high pos blocks and maximize the most. By doing that small bag holders had fewer chances of getting a bonus block...And when there is a random every wallet have equal chance to hit bonus block
  10. staking is a good process for earning income but not all coins are good for good for staking and do not provide what investors need this coin as provided good features for skaters with good ROI%
  11. This is the right time for us to profit more by buying altcoins that we believed to skyrocket for future because I'm quite sure that crypto values will increase and the market will recover from this huge dips. Just try to pick the coin that will have great performance , i think LABH coin is really good pick for the investments
  12. The technology idea can be called successful, it remains only to wait for its implementation.Modern network of data storage and distribution has many disadvantages,and the plan can be a great solution that has long been needed not only individuals but also large companies
  13. labh coin has been speculated to be very expensive in the near future. it has every probability of the speculations as it has been on thattrend, since it came into existence and as such can be said to be a worthy investment much more than property.
  14. I have purchased LABH coins, and i have started staking then how much time needed to stake a coin in wallet. ?
  15. LABH coin is the best passive income for us and I'm always believe that LABH is the foundation of our future life. so i hope labh won't disappear and will continue to be dependable.it is always rocking in all cryptoworld.
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