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  1. Meta Tags Provide information that describes the content of the web pages that the visitor will be viewing.Content-type Tag The Content-Type entity-header field indicates the media type of the entity-body sent to the recipient. This is an optional tag. Expires META Tag An optional tag that defines the date when the file will be considered expired in cache and a new page will be generated. Only use when your website is running a limited time event or there is a preset date when your document will no longer be valid. Refresh META Tag An optional tag used as a way to redirect or refresh users to another web page after X number of seconds. This META tag is often used as a "bridge" page which is accessed first by users and are then redirected to another web page. NAME Attribute tags with a NAME attribute are used for information types that do not correspond to HTTP headers.
  2. PPC stands for “pay-per-click”. PPC advertising platforms allow you to create content, show it to relevant users and then charge you for specific actions taken on the ad. In many cases, you’ll be paying for ad clicks that take users to your site, but on some platforms you can also pay for other actions like impressions, video views and on-site engagements.
  3. Google update is actually the algorithm changes Google makes in their search engine to rank websites accordingly. Some major Google updates are:- Google Penguin- Google Panda- Google Hummingbird- Google EMD- Google Pigeon
  4. There are a lot, a lot of Google products (and even more if you also count products of the other companies under Alphabet, Google’s parent company). Just to highlight a handful: Google Search Google Maps Gmail Google Drive Google Play Google Chrome
  5. PPC advertisement is the best platform to advertise any kind of business according to your budget. In PPC advetisement, you have to pay for each link when someone click on your ad. In stead of PPC ad which is offered by google, you can also take sponsored ad on facebook. It will also very beneficial for your business.
  6. Google,Bing are the common search engines.