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  1. It's great to keep LABH in your wallet, and you're rewarded. And users can send BTC or LTC to their labh wallet and use it to buy LABH without having to use exchange! In the future, LABH plans to improve the technology to be able to expand the exchange with other coins? The technology idea can be called successful, it remains only to wait for its implementation.Modern network of data storage and distribution has many disadvantages,and the plan can be a great solution that has long been needed not only individuals but also large companies.
  2. Every time after a wallet hits a stake our coins need to mature again to receive next stake and you get the coins......
  3. The plan really stands out from the others. In my account everything is logical and clear. The team creates a huge project based on the technology of blockchain. Similarly, the team creates a strong community to support the plan, to make it even larger. I recommend everyone to join. LABH coin has a good option to stake the coins that is Staking Pool, Its very interesting to say that, In this LABH coin there is more number of blocks will be hit rather solo staking, which can result in more coins earned a day because of supper blocks..
  4. I'm young member in the forum, so it's my first time to see bounty signature codes. I'll definitely join it! I will spend my time to read more about the plan later today. Thanks for the ANN It's true, this is coin with Proof of Stake based. All you need is to buy some coins and store it to the wallet app on your computer. It will automatically generate the profit for you while your computer still in wake up. Even though it will depends on percentage, but it's really easy to do.
  5. LABH coin has a good option to stake the coins that is Staking Pool, Its very interesting to say that, In this LABH coin there is more number of blocks will be hit rather solo staking, which can result in more coins earned a day because of supper blocks..
  6. LABH is working ok for me, although a lot of exchanges are under heavy load right now. But let's see whether my order at 45k will be hit soon, Add this coin for staking in pool and does it need minimum coin to stake in pool just send your coin from ur wallet to LABHssp pool address, after that immediately confirm ur deposite through deposite bot u will get confirm from in LABH discord sever in bot-command secction
  7. I am facing some problem in wallet the coins are not getting stake properly.what is the reason for that give me some solution for that? what is the main reason for the wallet get out of sync ?
  8. The benefit of the LABH coin is that the transactions can be done with low fees because there is no third party influence.This technology is operated on a blockchain technology, and as we can understand, the demand and popularity of LABH going up each day. It is inexpensive to stake this on your wallet and receive the PoS rewards compared to mining. I enjoy mining but I also like the fact this won't cost me anything to earn a substantial amount of coins and that is what I am looking for at this moment.
  9. I strongly recommend confirming from some pool explorers that the reward is good, if the pool does not have an orphan block and the algorithm has not changed recently. A bad pool configuration or a 51% attack can create a huge amount of orphan block that will reduce your actual earned mining reward.so you should always check before you do. I am proud to be in this project, That i gain the lack of knowledge about this coin and each and ever information successfully by reading the white papers, This paper gives us accurate information about the coin labh coin is better project and It's a fairly new technology the blockchain that is,but the investors should be aware of everything about projest before investing to it, there is a high risk and high reward attached to it, the way you plan for any project also important. People like to speculate but there are gainers and many losers.
  10. In LABH coin there are more chances there for stake to hit even is you have less coins also you will get high rewards thats the good feature of this coin which makes even small investors to generate decent passive income from staking in this coin
  11. 10.000 % APR is very good to start with but even when this POS rate goes to 1000% APR it is still a very good one to have and keep staking , high ROI coins are great
  12. This Pos seems to be a lot of support and interest, but I find it not enough to succeed, do you see that? How do you promote this coin? I think promotion and marketing content needs to be improved, it needs more convincing so people can see the benefits of it. I seriously tell you, look at your stats in the wallet and on the pool they steal our coins, go away from there, bsod.pw honest pool, raise there the speed and the blocks will go even faster. Do not believe they will deceive you like me, these cheaters with umine. and Nobody control the market. there are some people buy and sell labh coin, do market transaction. That's make the price can rise up or down anytime. I sure it can rise up again but it takes time..
  13. I see you've released quite a few versions of the application. Did you have to fix various application errors?Did you receive some feedback from users asking you to fix this or that error?
  14. LABH Coin has no restriction and no number of coin needed that can be submit to the staking pool. really on of best n good project i have ever seen, it is best time to invest on like this project bcz defenetly will get more profite...
  15. The Respective Concept of social media platforms and advertising and it looks like a good project seen from a professionals team.