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  1. No one can stop labh coin not even the market crash! The price will went straight up again because people know the potential of this coin and can't resist at a such low price!
  2. LABH is looking really cool. I love that crazy new feature in their wallet which i've never seen before. You can purchase LTC and BTC from inside the wallet. This could open up so many possibilities for cool features that can be added for easability and usability. It will be cool to see how this pans out.
  3. If in case at the time of maturity of coin is sync out of the wallet means the coin will get mature or it will be cancelled and what will happen if after we sync the wallet wether maturity of the last coin will come back or it will be rejected, As per my knowledge the ledger is a book of the what the transactions , deposit and withdraw this activity is stored in the ledger when we open the ledger it shows all the activity done from your account
  4. Blockchains can be built that require permission to read the information on the blockchain, that limit the parties who can transact on the blockchain and that set who can serve the network by writing new blocks into the chain
  5. LABH Coin PoS allows you to mint new coins for having coins in your wallet, Getting rewarded for being part of the LABH block chain network. I am really sure that this coin can become an establishment for great beginnings. I hope developers will achieve all of their goals because this coin is created for smart coin staking that think about their financial prosperity.
  6. Labh coin is going through development stage because now is the time world is adapting towards this coin and it's community getting to know how to face real world problems and negative impacts for a better and smoother future. Good day, team. For me the developers must not only address good news and good thing about the business but they must also address and fix those issues accused to them so that they can prove if ever all of this are wrong and they can continue doing more good updates about dispatch labs. More funds lead to further development and maybe give us something new that was not announced in the thread. I can imagine the team having some ideas that can not be developed due to financial reasons. So, let’s help them.
  7. The plan really stands out from the others. In my account everything is logical and clear. The team creates a huge project based on the technology of blockchain. Similarly, the team creates a strong community to support the plan, to make it even larger. I recommend everyone to join.
  8. In this coin have more benefits such that no other coin has our coin has fixed ROI 1000%APR for every normal block hit and there are other rewards when block hits the number which is specified in the first page where u can get reward up to 10000%APR There is a great increase in the price of LABH to hear and the good days have come From now please don't sell cheap this a advice to the dumpers The price is above1000 sats , we can see the hard work of the team , now the team has finally got is fruit full results
  9. LABH coin will be one of the safest coin to invest because it is got listed in coin marketcap. invest wisely and get more rewards as a profit.this coin is definitely make your life brighter...
  10. I will hold my LABH coin and will I exchange it or sell it later. because, I seen the price of the coin is getting increased from day to day and now maintaining consistence price I think I should wait for some more days after getting increasing in price I will sell them and those who are having coin please wait for the right movement, LABH coin has good value in market, and the best thing for every project, that is a lot of the growth depends on the seriousness with which the team backing works and how motivated the team is, here are so many people who wants to make a name and seriously work toward making a value add on to the system, LABH is the best example for this kind of projects.
  11. I came to know that value of every coin in crypto are decreasing in the market so we need not worry about that as the market value increases even price of our coin is also going to increase,Right from the start of LABH coin is a good project upcoming in market compare to other coins,which has beautiful features, Website is design by the development team are very good , They keep active of the LABH coin page is always high. Exchange market of the LABH coin also keep active all the time. It will beat the other coins in Future. And Decentralization So Important Because it uses a peer-to-peer network, copies of the ledger are stored in many different locations, and unless you manage to track down every single one of them you can’t destroy it.
  12. A new website for the business looks really cool, I've to say you guys did a good job on the rebranding as well. New logo and banners looks way better then they used before. when the price is low the dumpers are dumping their coins for low price therefore In staking the investors will earn more coins and selling there coins for low price, a very interesting plan I think with the allocation of funds on each item quite a lot, the sale of coins also offers many bonuses, I also see this idea developed a bounty program, where I can see the thread about bounty.
  13. My wallet is not validating transactions for the last 2 days or so. All transactions are pending and if I re-load the block-chain those transactions simply disappear...what is the problem with my wallet and is there any solution..?
  14. I would like to say to the protection of the project that the network of miners is really close to ideal, so the number of seconds in blocks can be calculated purely theoretically... The excellent image of LABH coin cannot be lost or stolen, nor can it be carried away. Purchased with common sense and managed with reasonable care and interest, It is about the safest investment in the world. The project is particularly interesting in that it provides for its development to the point where it becomes complex. Just look at the future Project with an interesting concept and will be very useful for its users. Especially with a bounty campaign will certainly attract more investors and bounty hunter. Hopefully the team can continue to develop innovations in order to compete with similar projects. good luck
  15. I found the whitepaper and saw the specs there. Glad there is a whitepaper! The whitepaper is really white))) Good to see where the direction of this coin is going. I like it!