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  1. I have seen with plenty of supporters, organized, respectful, caring, enthusiasts, and great people in labh coin. perhaps you do not need to search more and just join this one and start staking and earning your coins. This is the moment when you need to start looking for real and solid projects as LABH buy more coins and hold in your wallet.
  2. It's great to keep labh coin in your wallet, and you're rewarded. And users can send BTC or LTC to their labh wallet and use it to buy labh without having to use exchange! In the future, labh plans to improve the technology to be able to expand the exchange with other coins
  3. This coin is looking really cool. I love that crazy new feature in their wallet which i've never seen before. can purchase LTC and BTC from inside the wallet, This could open up so many possibilities for cool features that can be added for easability and usability. It will be cool to see how this pans out. staking pool is one of the best staking to increase our coins, Should i want to keep my system On till stake hit complete ?
  4. I think investing on long term in labh is a very good idea because you tend to make huge profits from it. As the coin grows, your profit increases as long as the coin in which you invested is stable and has good potentials. You can buy coin when they are cheap or when price falls, hold it on long term and as the price rises, your coin begins to rise with the flow of market. Let's just look on the service and benefits that this labh coin is offering right now. As i read their white paper, they have a lot to offer, and if we can help them and support the team this will be a successful project.
  5. It is nice to see that developers really care about their community. I read some articles from the blog and it was amazing. I like to stay tuned People need to be more attentive to crypto projects now. It is big branch of modern economics. Besides, I am sure that LABH coin could replace Other coins. It has much more to offer for users than other coins
  6. Good results of your work are clearly visible in the stability of the update wallet and the convenience of its use. A superbly debugged and customized LABH with a very user-friendly interface. LABH is looking really cool. I love that crazy new feature in their wallet which i've never seen before. You can purchase LTC and BTC from inside the wallet. The business has just started its business development. Already I see activity! I liked the idea of your business. I'll follow the development of the platform in the future!
  7. LABH coin is an interesting offer but you are so sure that it could help in adaptation? I just don’t see that it has some fundamental differences from other cryptocurrencies. The crypto market is still pretty far from the biggest part of the global society. Maybe you All right that the crypto economy is something unfamiliar for many people but it is only a matter of time when it will become an important part of our life. LABH coin can become a nice mover of progress. You just don’t know some details.
  8. In staking pool once we added our coins to stake means there is no necessity to keep running our system 24/7 and after adding our coins can off your internet....
  9. This coin is doing well in the cryptobridge, and ur coin as its own way of success And I have hope that the coin value will increase in future bcoz the coin has a strong team..
  10. This project will make all the traditional finance into decentralized finance, I think all the traditional finance has been highly decentralized, an excellent strategy to improve development and will quickly earn revenue, it will attract a lot of attention of many investors, the price is very good.
  11. If we are going to talk about investing in the long run, then investing your money in bitcoin is a great move, but expect that the fluctuations are bigger and its expensive so losing of money will be more if price will not recover I think LABH coin is good for long run investment good coin whose performance is good and many traders can afford to buy coins the progress of the coin will make profit for your investments and there is less risk because you buy cheap
  12. Certainly, agree with the fact that the Internet has become the first part of the revolution. The other part is the technology of blockchain and cryptocurrency. This plan can really be the start of a whole new era in the crypto markets. I think this can be a very very huge sucess in the future. The dev team is really on point and i believe in them. Sounds amazing. You have already mentioned that there are similar project that don't quite solve the problems you are trying to solve. Can you name at least a few of them?
  13. Dev account is with only one post,but active in twitter. I dont know why dev dont post here. We would like to know the current situation in here.
  14. I believe that some decentralization is welcome, but 100% decentralization is hard to achieve and have success with projects like these that are creating complex systems. Probably, a lot of conferences are held in different parts of the world when the ICO idea starts, the only question is which one is most acceptable for devs. Wanna know this.. Dev account is with only one post,but active in twitter. I dont know why dev dont post here. We would like to know the current situation in here.
  15. All in all these are good developments. And will never be listen on the LABH block-chain whether as joke, point of critique or otherwise. ALL Exchanges are listed on the LABH block-chain will be of higher quality. I will hold my LABH coin and will I exchange it or sell it later .because, I seen the price of the coin is getting increased from day to day and now maintaining consistence price I think I should wait for some more days after getting increasing in price I will sell them and those who are having coin please wait for the right movement...
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