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  1. Certainly, agree with the fact that the Internet has become the first part of the revolution. The other part is the technology of blockchain and cryptocurrency. This plan can really be the start of a whole new era in the crypto markets. I think this can be a very very huge sucess in the future. The dev team is really on point and i believe in them. Sounds amazing. You have already mentioned that there are similar project that don't quite solve the problems you are trying to solve. Can you name at least a few of them?
  2. Dev account is with only one post,but active in twitter. I dont know why dev dont post here. We would like to know the current situation in here.
  3. I believe that some decentralization is welcome, but 100% decentralization is hard to achieve and have success with projects like these that are creating complex systems. Probably, a lot of conferences are held in different parts of the world when the ICO idea starts, the only question is which one is most acceptable for devs. Wanna know this.. Dev account is with only one post,but active in twitter. I dont know why dev dont post here. We would like to know the current situation in here.
  4. All in all these are good developments. And will never be listen on the LABH block-chain whether as joke, point of critique or otherwise. ALL Exchanges are listed on the LABH block-chain will be of higher quality. I will hold my LABH coin and will I exchange it or sell it later .because, I seen the price of the coin is getting increased from day to day and now maintaining consistence price I think I should wait for some more days after getting increasing in price I will sell them and those who are having coin please wait for the right movement...
  5. The founders of the project emphasize a significant increase in the capitalization of market investments in the field of crypto-currency and see in this huge potential for the development of their project. Cross-border transfers are only a small part of what this platform can do I'm probably going to get a deeper study of this platform, I was interested in what you are saying about it. I hope this will become a truly worthwhile and successful project.
  6. I think that LABH coin’s team knows what it is doing. They’ve already showed a nice result and I’m sure that they will continue their activity. Community needs to support this coin. I agree with you about the community. I think it is an important part of any project development. Only community can change something in the project management, I hope it will help LABH coin to become really great.
  7. if i lost my discord account, which is the member of staking pool and i have confirmed the transaction through this discord id means can i get my coins back which are in staking pool without this id
  8. Hi, Team i am delighted with ur project, as your LABH logo is nice, It has strong team built and it as unique feature and i think that in future the coin will be in 1st place in the cryptobridge, Happy being with this team, I think its a great time to buy the coin, As now the value of the coin is low and you can hold the coin as the people are already started dumping there coins, Once they stop the value of the coin will increase and then you can sell your coins.
  9. I would advise you now to buy LABH coins. In my opinion, it will give a good profit to its investors in the future.The best step before making a decision in buying any coin, we must know the worst risk that will be received is the price of coins dropped drastically. My suggestion is better you invest in LABH coin, because the price is more stable. to store our coins secure and safely we should always create backup of your private key, You can keep copy of private key on a USB drive but be careful, One more way is to print out the key in form of digits or QR code and keep it in a safe place be aware of little humans and animals as well. famous crypto billionaires, use this method, but they chose more complex way, cutting up key printouts in a few parts and keeping it in separate bank wallets.
  10. LABH coin is supported by the most advanced technologies. The speed of transaction is high. Small amount of coins issued, and that will help to its growth. It is affordable due to the low price, but it is increasing everyday.The potential of this project lies within you. If you are smart enough and you know this, then this is a very good project. This project will be very valuable later on. This Pos seems to be a lot of support and interest, but I find it not enough to succeed, do you see that? How do you promote this coin? I think promotion and marketing content needs to be improved, it needs more convincing so people can see the benefits of it. I seriously tell you, look at your stats in the wallet and on the pool they steal our coins, go away from there, bsod.pw honest pool, raise there the speed and the blocks will go even faster. Do not believe they will deceive you like me, these cheaters with umine. and Nobody control the market. there are some people buy and sell labh coin, do market transaction. That's make the price can rise up or down anytime. I sure it can rise up again but it takes time
  11. This coin has such a good specs and has unique features but why the value of the coin is decreasing even after having these good qualities i'm just confused
  12. Do we really need to go over this again, its obvious there's a myriad of reasons why LABH is boss in here, most importantly of all is that it is the first ever crypto, the more reason why others are alternatives(altcoins) to it, It has a higher price/value than all other cryptos, safer transactions,suitable for both long and short term investments,anonymity,far more popular & widely accepted and endorsed that any other cryptocurrency in this system LABH is definitely king, and it's gonna remain so for as long as this network exists.
  13. i already done staking process... but last stake I got about 24h ago is still showing "7 confirmations received, 10 needed, funds are not yet mature". What should I do, seems stuck!
  14. Scrypt has a good development platform. It is quite capable of development. This token will cost. I need more information on this project.
  15. LABH coin project is an interesting concept and will be very useful for its users. especially with a bounty campaign will certainly attract more investors and hopefully the team can continue to develop innovations in order to compete with similar projects.