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  1. SeanBlair, I fully agree with you. There is no one signal provider who can make 100% correct signals, let along that on a long run they all fail. So, the best approach is to rely on your own knowledge and experience
  2. Linop

    I think that this is very nice article for beginners to learn the difference between two types of trading. However, I would also mention that there are risks associated with this kind of trading, due risk control techniques needs to be applied consistently
  3. Linop

    I would argue that Forex trading is dangerous, because it is not. There might be a possibility that new traders will make some lose deals in the beginning, but they are also part of learning and gaining experience in this market
  4. Linop

    With the bonus system, everything is difficult here, like in fact at other brokers. If you are new to trading, this system is not familiar for you at all. The fact is that they give you up to 100% of the amount of your deposit. And the money is deposited non to the main account, but to the bonus one. This means that you can use this money only if real money runs out. You can trade bonuses, but you can only withdraw the net profit. Otherwise, they would have gone bankrupt a long time ago if everyone was allowed to withdraw bonus funds.
  5. Linop

    I find also that demo accounts are very useful for every trader no matter if he or she is beginner or not. There could be found many purposes for demo from learning, practicing, testing new methods, indicators, even testing EAs, if somebody prefer to trade with robots. Demos are great invention !
  6. Linop

    Pixie, nicely said and by my opinion fully right. Although, I will just note that if you put fixed stop loss then you can be sure that you will lose exactly fixed amount of funds, in case that your deal is lose deal. But it is also risk management in terms of limitation of potential loses
  7. Linop

    Tradesprint you are right regarding greed on Forex. People should be very well aware of this emotion. However, when somebody has strategy that is making continuous profits they should stick to this strategy and review their trading after first lose deal. At least that is my opinion
  8. I think that GTA has got to be the most popular game in the world. There is hardly any person in the world that has not played this game. GTA vice city is the most selling game in the world. FIFA has also got to be there and you just can't forget the Tekken franchise.
  9. Linop

    Not having a nice and relaxing sleep is one of the worst conditions of modern people. Their life has become so much busy that their body and mind is all lost up. I will recommend you to download the Calm app and start doing some exercise to exert all the negative vibes in your body.
  10. Linop

    I have a lot of hobbies or time pass activities. The top hobby has got to be playing games. I am addicted to them. I have a X-box 360 and i am on it 24/7 Another great hobby of mine has got to be going to the gym. I am a fitness freak and can't live without working out.
  11. Linop

    Interesting point of view. Actually, the market is organised virtually due to advancement of technology, but behind this virtual market are real people called traders. Even if you apply some sort of EAs there are still people behind the scene who are making or adjusting algorithms
  12. Linop

    A good trading plan can bring additional capital through profits made. However, the path for establishment of a good plan is long. It requires a lot of experience and continuous learning as well as strong dedication. But, at the end it all pays out
  13. Linop

    Well, the situation is not very clear with the cryptocurrency market now as the government of the states can't agree on a single decision on the prohibition or legalization. In this regard, I don't recommend trading with crypt from the top 5, but rather the top 10. I trade with a little known crypt on Forex Optimum. There are a bunch of different brokers, but the terms are +- the same everywhere, and 0% commission is offered only by Forex Optimum. I trade with the little known cryptocurrencies because the news don't intact so much with them and don't affect their rise or fall as indirectly as bitcoin.
  14. Linop

    I think that investor is a risk taker and only investor should take care of own investment. Brokers must keep funds on your account safe, or nobody would do business with them.Nevertheless, for me is important what commissions and spreads broker is charging because it can influence my profitability
  15. Linop

    It is quite normal from time to time to have a bad deal. It is not something to be significantly concerned about. Use it as a reflection to understand what exactly went wrong. And apply your newly gained knowledge next time. That only means that your trading strategy need some adjustments
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