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  1. Linop

    I think that only with a time spent on forex, new traders can gain enough confidence. Since this is a process, they first need to start building it on demo account and later on mini or cent account with minimal investment. They need to be confident both in their strategy and their trading skills
  2. Linop

    I think that trading method should be exclusively individual decision by every trader. Only if trader is certain in one trading method and is able to make profits from it, this would be the right choice for him. Whether it is short or long term it dosent matter too much.
  3. Thank you for this article it is very informative. However, I think that Blockchain technology will affect not only finance industry, but almost every industry existing in the world. I think that future business landscape will be completely changed in the next decade. Would you agree?
  4. Linop

    Dennis, are you sure about your assumptions. What do you think if there is only short term correction? I mean, a lot of people invested in BTC in a short period of time, and price naturally went significantly up. So, it might be that market is just exhausted? What do you think?
  5. I find that this is very useful topic. As many business are moving their marketing on internet and social networks, it is an excellent idea to stay informed and well educated about all opportunities to grow your network and possibilities for advertising
  6. Very good article. Indeed, as today everything moves to the internet, companies and businesses needs to pay attention to their reputation both locally and also in virtual places. It is good approach to keep customers attached to your company
  7. Certainly this might be useful option for many business who are dependent on use of telephones in their daily operations. In this way they will be able to significantly reduce operational costs. This is an option worth considering
  8. Linop

    Dividends are paid at the discretion of the board of directors of the company. Payments can be done at any time, that is, at least every month. Therefore, we must constantly monitor this business.
  9. Linop

    I find that many new entrepreneurs dont pay too much attention on market research. In order to create a product that will win the market, you need to understand what market needs, not only what would like to do or have. Also, there must be developed marketing strategy to promote your product
  10. Linop

    These dividends were an unpleasant surprise for me. I sold AAPL shares in February and did not close the order 5 days before the day of register fixation. The amount charged in comparison with the total volume of the order was not very large, but it was still unpleasant.
  11. Linop

    To choose a good broker you need to have knowledge. To make good trading strategy, you need to have knowledge. So, broker is there to support execution of your trading strategy and cannot be a supplement for your experience and skills
  12. Linop

    Patience is really needed in trading. However, it is also another skill that needs to be learnt. It takes time, but eventually, patience can save trader from many lose deals, so it is sort of trading requirement
  13. SeanBlair, I fully agree with you. There is no one signal provider who can make 100% correct signals, let along that on a long run they all fail. So, the best approach is to rely on your own knowledge and experience
  14. Linop

    I think that this is very nice article for beginners to learn the difference between two types of trading. However, I would also mention that there are risks associated with this kind of trading, due risk control techniques needs to be applied consistently
  15. Linop

    I would argue that Forex trading is dangerous, because it is not. There might be a possibility that new traders will make some lose deals in the beginning, but they are also part of learning and gaining experience in this market
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