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  2. aussiegold

    Hi Dianne, Adsense can be a supplemental income source from your website, with very little effort on your part. Of course, the main factor as always, is traffic! Without traffic you won't earn much at all. To get started with Adsense is totally free, unless you consider your own domain and hosting. Try with a free Blogger blog to start with. The other major consideration is the purpose of your website/blog. Bearing in mind that Google will present ads based solely on the content of your page, if the purpose of your site is to promote a product/service for profit, I wouldn't go with Adsense. That would be like opening a McDonalds restaurant, then plastering the walls with Red Rooster promotions! A blog or website aimed purely at providing useful information will do better with Adsense. Your visitors will leave eventually, so why not have the opportunity to profit when they do? Naturally, if you were after potential customers, you don't want them exiting to the oppositions' website. Also be aware that Google will look for any opportunity not to pay you your earnings :crybaby: Be sure to thoroughly read their TOS. Clicks to your own ads is the quickest way to get your account cancelled, without payment. For me it has been a long haul. Lack of traffic being my main problem. I did receive a payment from Google last year ($116.00), but it took over 6 months to earn. Still, it's money for nothin' really, so not complaining. Hope that sheds some light on the subject for you. Cheers, Phil(aussiegold)
  3. All this good advice about Twitter, but nobody posted their link for others to follow!?? Gotta take advantage of every opportunity folks :thumbup: Please follow me!! Thanks heaps, Phil(aussiegold)
  4. I rather like this one too. Have been pretty shy about the whole rev share game after Megalido last year, but am giving Spladder a try. 10% earnings 1st day was not bad! Can't find any info on the minimum cashout, or when it becomes available for withdrawal. Can you help me on that one Tai? Thanks, Phil(aussiegold)
  5. aussiegold

    G'Day Huma Naz, one problem you are up against is that you have chosen a highly competitive subject. Business Education (the title of your blog) returns 1,790,000,000 results! Yep, that's nearly 1.8 billion :crybaby: You will need something special to get to the top of that heap! By comparison, I made a new post to my blog on Monday, and within 24 hrs it was number 7 on page one. I didn't do anything special, but the title of that post (arbitrage wagering pool) is the main keyword. Only returns around 38,000 results, so my competition is nothing compared to yours. Of course, SEs aren't the be-all and end-all of website promotion. A very small percentage of my visitors are coming from Google, but it's nice to know I am getting some :thumbup: By far the majority of my traffic comes from forums and a few free traffic exchanges I use. Get your sig file sorted, and start pinching some of my traffic :cool: Cheers, Phil(aussiegold)
  6. aussiegold

    I too have been a slow learner! Becoming a bit more cautious these days, but still optimistic :thumbup: Have set myself a strict set of criteria, as detailed on my blog, but am sure I can learn a few tips from the abovementioned ebook. Will go check it out now. Cheers, Phil(aussiegold)
  7. aussiegold

    I agree......definitely not a home. Get out on the highway somewhere :thumbsup: Seriously, if there are any parents reading who are having problems disciplining their children, please check this article on my site, whatevershewants. Discipline without spanking Cheers, Phil(aussiegold)
  8. aussiegold

    I quite like this one too, mainly because I can see the business model is viable. Made a small spend recently to try them out. Potential investors need to be aware, however, that 0% compounding will result in you losing money! Remember, your principal is not returned after the 42 days :crybaby: Can't understand why they would let investors choose that option. They really should start at 50% minimum compounding. Would save some grief on both sides, I'm sure. Cheers, Phil(aussiegold)
  9. GNI is still my number one pick. Although I have not requested payout yet, I have every confidence in them. I made a substantial deposit (for me!) via bank wire 11 weeks ago. One more week of compounding and I will have doubled my funds. Time to withdraw, if only our Aussie $ would drop back to 76cUS, as it was when I deposited! Lose about $260 if I withdraw now, as the only way out is via bank wire, direct to my Aussie account. Will let you all know how that goes, when the time comes. Cheers, Phil(aussiegold)
  10. G'Day all. Aussiegold checking in. Looks like a very comprehensive forum. I better go take a look around :welcome: Cheers, Phil(aussiegold)