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  1. Natascha Kosch

    On one hand I dont support the idea of buying a thesis or an essay, because I think students should be able to write their assignments by themselves and this is fair. On the other hand using such a writing service doesn't mean just paying for the work and sending it further to the teacher. I used Uni Tutor once just because I couldn't cope with all those deadlines. They delivered a very good essay, but I wanted it to be "mine", so I made many changes. Using this service just made me feel a little bit confident. Thanks for your attention :-)
  2. 12. User Experience optimized ;-)
  3. Natascha Kosch

    I'm Natascha. I love people and hope to enjoy communication and an interesting information exchange here.
  4. Natascha Kosch

    Do you mean computer games? I think that games for kids should be educational. Do you know CityVille? It's where you build and manage your own city as a mayor. Don't laugh, but my favourite game of all times is the Prince of Persia!
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