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  1. angela8

    Ios and Android devices are so different. I used to have Android and it was so uncomfortable to use Ios for the first time. The main information was taken at https://osxtips.net/iphone-not-syncing-with-itunes/ which helped to understand how to connect it and to synchronise with PC.
  2. I prefer to use professional paper writing service smartwritingservice.com which helps to write everything on time while I am studying. It's a really helpful service that helps to write 100% unique essays. They are working really fast and help to do any assignment, dissertation or essay.
  3. angela8

    It's all because it' popular and an easy way to earn money. I also suggest to invest in bitcoin and then you can earn with it. Using btc converter helps to know the value of each cryptocurrency and to trade it then.
  4. angela8

    I suggest you make the full research of your body. It's very important for health. Recently I decided to take some recommendations at www.hgha.com/testosterone-injections/ which helps to understand the problems with the body, especially when your body is not young. All organs are aging with time and you need to follow all doctor's recommendations.
  5. angela8

    Yes, vitamin D is very important for health and it's hard to gain it. I used to take a sun bath and it helps to reach a good result. My skin became very smooth and shiny. I also used to check different problems with testosterone www.hgha.com/testosterone-levels-in-men-by-age/ in the usa clinic that helped to understand what to do next.
  6. I think that it's a deck floor. Some natural wood for example. I advice to paint the deck with a deck paint from https://prizedreviews.com/best-deck-paint/ where are a lot of options. It will have a natural design and you can decorate it with different plants to have a natural design.
  7. Thanks for this interesting and positive tips.
  8. I know that they get more money holding the parcel at the customs. I used to order a couple of purchases from Amazon and fed up with all this structure. Using https://clearitusa.com/ I opened a new way of ordering online. They make everything really fast and I don't need to wait for my parcels at the regular customs line.
  9. angela8

    You can mine it with your PC. A lot of people are making different mining farms to do it.
  10. angela8

    I advise to look at https://aidaform.com/html-form-builder.html where are a lot of different information about form creation and how to make it by yourself. It's really easy to do when you need a colorful and interesting design and don't want to use the help of the web developer or designer.
  11. As far as I know, a lot of people need vpn to trade the cryptocurrency. I was using paid VPN to get the high result. Free vpn is having a lot of lags and poor connection. I prefer VPN Unlimited https://www.vpnunlimitedapp.com/en/downloads/ that helped to get a good connection and the ability to connect to several devices. I used to try a lot of different VPNs but this one stays the best for me. I also started to watch Netflix because now it has a nice quality. Anyways, there are a lot of pos that cons of using paid vpn.
  12. As far as I know people are moving from one town to others due to their work or other conditions. I don't know how to relocate the whole house but isn't it better to build the good one, which would be serving you for long years. I used to make my yard with a nice driveway and got nice material here which helped to end it on time. I feel that doing a lot of different constructions and renovations, it's hard to move somewhere else.
  13. angela8

    I prefer to take different vitamins and supplements as well. I think that Japanese supplements are the best and prefer to take https://bio-japan.net/supplements/ every day. Also together with it, you need to drink more water, to eat fruits, vegetables and to keep body healthy.
  14. angela8

    I can advise http://iospace.games/ for this. It's mostly simple games but you can easily play it when you have free time. There are a lot of different slot games, balls, different interesting shooting mini games etc.
  15. angela8

    I prefer Thailand. People say that it's not a family vacation but I can say the opposite. I used to travel there with a family, we prefer islands most of all. Samui made an amazing impression at me. I used to take a photo session there https://dimasfrolov.com/price/shooting/ and it was looking amazing. A nice beach with palms, so it's an amazing place.