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    One can get 2 USDT just simply register on CHAOEX. Every user can be rewarded with up to 16 USDT by finishing registration, verification, deposit, trade. Registration link:https://www.chaoex.io/register?channel=4A7DB More about the reward:https://chaoex-en-us.udesk.cn/hc/articles/75425
  2. Epay wallet has multiple functions except deposit and withdraw USD/EURO/HKD.1.Free to pay and receive Fiat such as USD/EURO/HKD. and Cryptocurrecies such as BTC,EOS,LTC,XRP,ETH,USDT,BCH.2.Buy Cryptocurrecies such as BTC,EOS,LTC,XRP,ETH,USDT,BCH.3.Secured transaction.The secured transaction is a function based on Epay to solve the trust issues in the transaction between the two parties.Epay as the intermediate guarantee party does not charge any fees, guarantees the security of the transaction between the two parties, and conducts fair and equitable statements with factual evidence, so that the large-value fund transaction no longer lacks security.Welcome to supplement if you find other functions of Epay wallet.
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