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  1. Customer

    You could try Any video converter freeware, this is a software that I have been using for many years. I always convert videos to other formats, and it can convert videos to .mp3. You could have a try.
  2. In General, every keystroke on an android phone is record-able. The decision of whether or not to do so, totally depends up on the ethics of the developer or the company developing that application.
  3. Which YouTube to mp3 converter gives the best sound?
  4. Hire HIPAA/HITECH consultants to review your efforts, identify gaps, and specify remediation. I have no experience engaging these folks - all my HIPAA experience was internal at a large enough company to dedicate several people to the effort. Downside: Expensive. Unsure if there is a self-policing industry body to weed out the ineffective ones.
  5. Start small, and test new types of plants before investing in a whole crop If you are planting anything costly. Most seeds are cheap though so plant away. Have you planned what types of beds to use? I'm a big fan of pallet gardens. Pinterest or similar can give you lots of idea on setting up the palettes, but basically they act like natural rows and raised beds in one. From there, get the plants in the ground and watch them. Try not to mess with them... over tending is the death of more hobby gardens. But water as directed by the plants and your local weather.
  6. Spider on the Tangled Shore. 2500 glimmer per trade. Sometimes etheric spirals, sometimes legendary shards.
  7. Hi, I found these sites with great informative articles CoinDesk - Leader in blockchain news Home - Coinzaap : All about Cryptocurrency and Blockchain The last one is new though they provide great information and news. Other 2 ares established media outlet.
  8. Customer

    It depends, there are some that can and some that can't. Those that can either do it via a built in hard disk or allow it to happen via an external usb drive/stick. Typically those that can't are typically low end boxes or are able to stream content OTT much like the Roku or Apple TV.
  9. Well I would seriously ignore ahmed’s answer his whole timeline is based on defending Ronaldo and comparing him to Messi so it's likely all he does. No coming to the question cr7 is on Messi's level and is perhaps the only one today who is in terms of output I do agree he cannot dribble or pass like Messi does but in the end it all comes down to output and cr7 has shown again and again he can score with the best of them. Now as a player Messi is obviously superior as agreed by basically everyone who has played the game except half the madristas and some united fans. But don't let that take anything away from cr7 who is still one of the best goal scorers of all time.
  10. Customer

    If you mean which sport has the most participants, the answer is easily football. Estimates are that football is played by 250 million people around the world. To put that number in perspective, cricket is the second most participated sport in the world with 120 million participants, less than half than that of soccer.
  11. Who do you consider the greatest Manchester United player in the past 15 years, and why?
  12. Why doesn't Ronaldo get man marked as much as Messi? Or is it like he has more intelligence to get past his markers?
  13. Since my early ages my favorite team is Manchester United. They are simply the best of all. I prefer watch their matches with my friends on TV somewhere in a pub. We also have a tradition to bet through https://truth-about-1xbet.info/ on their winning. It is very exciting
  14. Maradona played in an era which was not as competitive as and sophisticated as today's football. Today we have quality grade dribblers and defenders variably in every league. You can pick up an average of 3–4 great dribblers in EPL, la liga , Bundesliga , Italian serie A . And to counter each league has a greater number of quality defenders all coached and trained by legendary tactics. It's like Sir Alex said in an interview “Great players like Messi and Ronaldo can play in any generation.”.
  15. Customer

    My answer of course is going to be biased but here we go. Rugby is the greatest sport evere created. It combines a primal entity of going to battle for 80 minutes but also an on the fly thinking entity to outsmart your opponent (after a tackle there is no stoppage of play like in American football). It is also one of the most individualistic team sports it requires every player on the field to complete their job as an individual for the whole team to work, meaning there must be no weak links. If your outside center doesn't have great hands then you will have a difficult time getting the ball to your wing to put some speed down the field. If your prop isn't binding well to your hooker the scrum is likely to collapse. If you have forwards that can't ruck you will lose possession of the ball and make it difficult to get out to the backs. If your scrum-half can't throw to his right your fly-half may have a hard time orchestrating plays. All of these positions and roles must fit perfectly together to form a well-oiled machine that can't be stopped. And if you get this machjne working perfectly you will have the greatest time of your life with your teammates and will always hold great respect for your opponent and the official.
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