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  1. I think that it is something related to Harry Potter world. I always find it interesting.
  2. I think that any quest room is a good opportunity to spend time and to have a good time.
  3. Hi, I found these sites with great informative articles CoinDesk - Leader in blockchain news Home - Coinzaap : All about Cryptocurrency and Blockchain The last one is new though they provide great information and news. Other 2 ares established media outlet.
  4. What are some websites/apps to promote my Youtube channel?
  5. If you want the simplest, go with invoicing softwares, they're usually all you need as a freelancer. They allow you send invoices, track expenses, etc. Try InvoiceBerry if you want - it's free if you have up to 3 customers. You will be able to customise your invoices, add your logo, track expenses, etc. It's very simple and easy to use, too, so you won't be spending hours figuring out what to do... Believe me I have the dreadful experience of using a programme that is not attractive and way to complex for me (and I'm usually ok with tech) 🙂 So really try to find what feels nice to you and you
  6. Hi. Well it depends on your preferences. But in general, yeah, it is quite simple. I used to find my current position there https://us.jobsora.com/jobs-accountant As far as I remember it took me a week or so to find it and I should say it worth searching. I am pretty satisfied with my wage and working conditions. Simply start searching and I am sure you will succeed. Hope it can help
  7. I always tell people to start with what they know. What are you interested in? Are you particularly good at something that you can teach? I prefer creating websites with the goal to HELP somebody. I feel that those sites convert better, because A) I choose topics where I have experience, that way I am not just talking the talk, I’m walking the walk. It goes a long way. and B) I won’t get bored. I choose topics where I have passion. I would be bored to tears if I only created sites for the money potential. Boredom leads to less inspiring content, and often times giving up. I hope you find
  8. The Internet of Things has great potential to fully innovate agriculture industry too. By using IoT technology, farmers collect and analyze data, turning it into actionable information, faster decisions, and certain actions. Imagine thousands of interconnected machines: multiple sensors track their performance, instantly alert farmers if something is wrong or needs replacement, and transmit crop data to the main center. So, IoT can take machine monitoring, support, and health maintenance to the next level.
  9. Try contacting freelancers. You can try these sites : Freelancer - Hire & Find Jobs Fiverr - Freelance Services Marketplace for The Lean Entrepreneur The services on the sites are pretty cheap and the working standards are high. Good luck!
  10. Hello, There are many companies out there which claim to be the best eCommerce mobile app development companies. But, there are only a few companies which have expertise over mobile app development. A team of freelancers also claim to be a mobile app development company nowadays. So, stay away from such ‘companies’ which is not even approved. Always have a look at their portfolio before assigning your task to any companies.
  11. Hello, Recently I have been offered to invest in a couple of IoT projects and would like to get info about some talented IoT developers. Please share your recommendations. Thanks in advance
  12. Hello, It is so great to meet here a football fan. I wish Ronaldo would play with Messi for Manchester United. This club is already a legend. I have watched practically all their matches and should say they are real professionals. We even have a tradition with my co-workers to watch Manchester playing every Sunday and bet through https://777score.com/ to feel an adrenaline buzz. That is a pure joy for me
  13. Hi there, In my experience, when outsourcing you should consider: compatible working hours, flexibility, I prefer an Agile Methodology, always get reviews and consider talk to past clients, maybe you can ask for a trial time like working for 2 weeks and see how it goes from there. Even you’re outsourcing you should be totally involved in the process and pay attention to how it is progressing.
  14. You will need to have students and teachers. You can advertise for them organically via social media, email, website, etc but you would benefit more from paid advertising. You will also need to consider how you will take your lessons. for example, you can use Skype, Zoom, Google hangouts or an alternative. You will also need to decide how you will pay teachers and how you will receive money from students. Paypal is popular for paying teachers and Stripe can be used to get payment from the students. You will need to ensure that you have a curriculum prepared or be prepared to pay tea
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