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  1. Customer

    After teaching mathematics for the past thirty-one years, my rule of thumb for assigning fair and equitable weights is as follows. I believe that in-class work and homework should count the least (about 10%) because that’s guided and/or independent practice. Quizzes should count around 15% or 20% because they can be considered formative assessments. Tests should count around 25% to 30% because they can be considered summative assessments. Last, the final exam should count the most, maybe around 30% to 40%, because this is the instrument that is used to evaluate how much the student really learned in your class.
  2. What are some tips for moving across country?
  3. Is it possible to buy instagram followers?
  4. Hi, how about some moving services? They really help save your time and nerves. Last year we moved to another state and my dear wife was pregnant, so we used this company www.primetexasmovers.com/ services. And I should say we were pretty satisfied both with the quality of services and prices. Simply give them a call
  5. I will definitely asnwer that the best escape rooms are in London, UK. There are a looot of rooms, really! Only in London you can find about 80 varieties of quests from “Prison break” to something magical like “Witchcraft & Wizardry”. I’ve just visited 3 or 4 of them but in future I’m planning to visit more!
  6. Customer

    Hi, for just standby buy a generator (propane power is a good option, especially in rural areas), but if you want to make a long term investment in solar, check how the numbers work in your area.
  7. Customer

    there are many haircuts these days, if you have long hair Deep V outline cut, V shaped Layered Haircut, Graduation layering, Feathers with steps or layers. If you have Mid Length its choppy bangs layered haircut, Tapered layers, Shoulder length Layers, V with Feathers. If Short then Pixie, Aline bob, Graduation layered bob with buzzed nape, Blunt Bob, Wedge Haircut, Inverted Bob and there are many more. Most importantly haircut depends on few factors like face type or shape, hair quality texture of hair, length of the hair, person wants to maintain long or short.
  8. What are some websites/apps to promote my Youtube channel?
  9. Agree. My co-workers very often bet through https://livescores.biz/ on their winnings and we celebrate it afterwards. In general it is a tradition already to spend Sunday evening discussing the results of previous matches
  10. There are many ways to buy crypto. I will not speak about the shady ones as TG groups and cash, because it’s good only for some specific situations. You can always use exchanges. I’m using KuCoin and Liquid (fees are good). The logic is simple here - with bigger exchanges you get stability and credibility, but bigger fees. So find yourself a satisfying compromise, it's personal. Exchanges are good if you are planning to trade, obviously.
  11. Ballack will always be, to me, the best German player that never won an international tournament. On a technical level during his time, he was one of the most aggressive players, physically and moving the ball up efficiently. But this is more common in today's game so is often overlooked. I know a lot of people in Germany did not like him because he may have come off as stuck up or sounded arrogant but that was not my opinion of him.
  12. Football. I had 2 surgeries as a kid before the age of 10. Therefore in between hospital visits and stays all that gave me hope was football. I wanted the weekend to come around so that I'll watch Chelsea. Frank Lampard is my favourite footballer of all time. He gave me reasons to think I'll get better each time he scored and pointed to our badge. No sport comes close to football. The 90 min rush, the debates before and afterwards and how good results from the club you support make you whole week. And vice versa. Makes it worth watching.
  13. Customer

    Running is the best sport in the world. Nearly everyone can participate in it at any age. You don’t need to have great speed, strength, or coordination. Running can be done practically anywhere and anytime of day or night. You can run alone or with others. Cost is low, some people don’t even wear shoes! Coaching isn’t necessary to do it. Once you learn to walk you soon start running without prompting to do so. While walking may good exercise, running is better. The reason we know that running is better is people will naturally make excuses to walk rather than run, just like we make excuses to eat refined sugar rather than a piece of fruit. That follows rule of something that tastes good can’t be good for you. The real beauty of running is that when you are doing it well it doesn’t matter whether you are running fast or far. You can feel so good running that your mood and thinking improves along with all the physical benefits. No other sport matches running.
  14. Customer

    I like football and the atmosphere in the stadium. I am a big football fan and can say that I like both variants.I always visit some interesting matches of the league alive but as for every day I prefer watching on TV. I also bet through It https://777score.com and it is always exciting to get some extra money sitting on a comfortable chair. 😁
  15. Customer

    I love entire sports. But when it comes to watching a game from start to finish, I have few games to list, which not only provides entertainment, but the competitiveness, rules, technology used, skills on display, commentary, tradition etc., makes it a thrilling experience. Following order is my order of preference. Football Hockey Kabaddi Badminton Swimming Basketball Cricket Tennis
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