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  1. Generally any car imported to the US needs to comply with American safety andemission standards. Many times that is very difficult to accomplish because there are many standards such as the thickness of the window glass that prohibit the car from passing. If you are really serious about this you need to go and speak to someone that really knows at a US customs office and explain your situation. Personally I think that you are out of luck but you have nothing to lose by trying.
  2. Customer

    Top 5 apps to flip video on Android : - Fast Video Rotate- Flip Video FX- Flip Video, Video Cutter- AndroVid - Video Editor- Video Converter Flip Compress
  3. Customer

    Well, many men many minds. There are pretty much cases when some natural pills even safe lives. I wish I could find some magic pills to lose my extra pounds
  4. “It should have been me” by Yvonne Fair-not a proper wedding if there isn’t a fight
  5. Well, with the amount of detail this question contains, why don’t you plan on spending about $1.5M to open your restaurant. That amount of capital should get you a nice location, pay for kitchen equipment, furnish the front of house, provide funds for needed payroll and marketing expenses, as well as inventory, until the business is generating enough revenue to cover its monthly costs. Hopefully, depending on your ambition for the size, type, and quality of your restaurant and location, you will come in under budget.
  6. When a person doesn't give their Facebook or any other password that doesn't mean they're hiding something it just means they want privacy (Facebook has password for a reason right?) so when your wife doesn't give you her Facebook password don't bother her again and again about this as it will just lead to some meaningless fights just give her some space dude.Put yourself in her shoes would you give her your password if she asked for itOn a lighter note 'some things are better left unseen' (or some messages).
  7. What is the best way to record Google Hangouts Audio for Podcast interview?
  8. I like using screen recorder to do lots of things for myself. Usually, I will record vivid guide, make recordings, capture online movie, grab streaming music, etc. You may wonder which one I use. That is simply window screen recorder. It can record videos in high quality and you can choose any format you want handily.
  9. No. Parents should not go through private settings in a child's phone. Here is the kicker. Most parents think it is their right to surf their child's phone because they pay the bill and it is their home. Have I gone through any of my 4 children's phones? Yes. I'm not happy about this although I think what I found might defuse this argument in some families tonight. I have never read or discovered anything in any of their phones that I didn't already know or that surprised me. My shameless behavior was unnecessary and I knew this each time I did it. What I did was violate my kids privacy and worse breaking the trust we had built in each other. I was never caught but I knew what I had done. If you are a parent thinking of doing what I did, hear me first. Be prepared to find nothing. Unless you are going through the heartbreak of teenage drug use, bullying, pregnancy, drinking etc., you are not going to find anything in that phone that is worth the guilt you will feel. If your child was in trouble you would be doing more than reading text messages, tweets and Facebook posts. Their phone would be the last thing on your mind. Leave the phone alone and sit your child down and start talking! They will let you know just enough to ease your worried mind and your silly curiosity. Let your great kid have the earned privilege of privacy.
  10. Customer

    You mean like a decorating theme? Hopefully you aren`t thinking like unicorns or Alice in Wonderland. If you are partial to something along these lines it`s OK to pay it homage it in a small way like maybe on your engraved napkins as one would a monogram. Otherwise keep it elegantly simple. Regardless if you choose the Ritz Carlton or Farmer John`s Barn as your venue. Leave the “themes” to the kids birthday parties. The exception being of course if you`re date is near Christmas or on New Year`s Eve. You may tastefully acknowledge the season without going overboard. ie: Santa as your officiant=NOT!
  11. Customer

    I can’t believe the crap people on here are saying, try this, try that, lay this, lay that, it’s all bollox. Not one person mentions the only thing you should be looking at and I’ll go into that later. But things like researching past results, team sheets, weather, shirt colour (yeah they exist ) doing this doing that, look at my site, look at this site doesn’t do a thing about the here and now, nothing, nada, squat, it’s all bollox trust me!
  12. Customer

    The math is pretty easy to do. Let's say you have a 55% win rate and your bet average is -110. Let's say you make 1200 bets a year across all major sports. You should be up 66 units. At 1k a unit that's 66k. But this is if you hit at a relatively high number across 3.5 bets a day every single day. It can be easier with https://777score.co.uk/
  13. With the advent of e-commerce, CRM solutions have become extremely important for organizations. As a brand you must develop a healthy relationship with your existing customers as it is highly reflective of your company’s image. As a small business owner based in Dubai, I can safely say so at least for my company. I have been taking services of Data Direct for CRM and BPMS from past three years and it is working out well for me. If you are looking one for your company then I would recommend you to also take the best https://idapgroup.com/custom-crm/
  14. The very best essay writing company may be the one, who safeguard your privacy, with a obvious cost-policy, and also you always understand what you have to pay for and just how much. After I was utilized Custom Papers review to accomplish my essay. However they can’t complete it on proper time. Their service are extremely poor. So you ought to be very picky when you need them.
  15. Hi folks, I have deleted some very important files from my PC ad really do not what to do. Any suggestions? Please, it is urgent