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  1. How can I configure network attached storage (NAS) and add multiple users?
  2. Hi, I found these sites with great informative articles CoinDesk - Leader in blockchain news Home - Coinzaap : All about Cryptocurrency and Blockchain The last one is new though they provide great information and news. Other 2 ares established media outlet.
  3. What are some websites/apps to promote my Youtube channel?
  4. Hello, It is so great to meet here a football fan. I wish Ronaldo would play with Messi for Manchester United. This club is already a legend. I have watched practically all their matches and should say they are real professionals. We even have a tradition with my co-workers to watch Manchester playing every Sunday and bet through https://777score.com/ to feel an adrenaline buzz. That is a pure joy for me
  5. My investing strategy is to put a little bit of what’s left over at the end of each month in, and I view it as gold / silver / start-up investment. We saw when Brexit happened BTC jumped 20% along with Gold value rising. Worst case scenario - I make sure to keep my overall position at a certain % of my net worth, (fairly low) so that if it all collapses it won’t impact my overall financial health.
  6. Suitable hosting plan depends upon your requirements. If you are creating your website to have online presence and display information about your company, products and services, you can choose any low cost web hosting provider. But if you are creating your website for business purposes and expecting huge amount of visitors landing at your site to buy / subscribe your products and services, you need reliable web hosting plan to handle your visitors properly. For this your hosting plan should include huge bandwidth (data transfer). If you are planning to create high traffic site,
  7. First of all, I'll recommend Blockchain Forums as one of the best sources of learning blockchain. It has a large community discussing blockchain, bitcoin, altcoin, cryptocurrency & ICO. And also, a news section always showing updates about them. Here you'll find various tips & tutorials that are very useful to learn blockchain and blockchain-related help & support. Their slogan is "With great knowledge comes great profits. Learn more at Blockchain Forums".
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