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  1. commoyo

    Well, there a lot of different courses which help traders to learn something new. But I don't believe in that. You will reach best results only when you have experience and knowledge. Mostly educational course are useless.
  2. Hi there, I have checked this website for review of your company https://55brokers.com/freshforex-review/ and it's said that you don't have any license. Is it true? I tried to find some more information at google, and seemed there is no info about freshforex license. On your homepage there are only scans of registration.
  3. commoyo


    Well, i can advice you to read some forex broker review before choosing some broker.
  4. commoyo

    I found review for your service at https://55brokers.com/hycm-review/ You have got a lot of different advantages. However, there are some downsides with HYCM too – Demo accounts are not available. If you will add them, it will be realy great.
  5. commoyo

    Before choosing forex broker you should find all information about him. There are many different criteria for choosing a broker, but the main is - people reviews. Also there a lot of different review services, which share their experience and opinion. I prefer using 55brokers cause they have a lot of reviews. Thanks to them, i saved some money. Cause as it turned out, i was choosing between scam brokers :D
  6. commoyo

    There are lots of different brokers in forex market now. Some of them can help you to multiply your investments, but other can try to cheat. While choosing some broker, i'm trying to read some reviews of them. Cause i believe people share their real opinion and experience. So good luck for you will find best broker for your needs!