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  1. Airdrop: claim free NFT Value: $ 15 ~ 1000$ Listed on: hotbit, latoken Link: https://www.mobox.io/#/launchevent?source=610527398 Open link on trustwallet dapp ADD YOUR BNB ADRESS CLICK ON CLAIM ADD YOUR EMAIL AND VERIFY CODE
  2. Faucet up to 0.015 BNB every day! We earn 5200 satoshi BNB every 5 minutes! Minimum withdrawal rate 0.01 BNB Link: https://bnb-valve.io/?ref=814045262 Go to the site Connect the Metamask wallet and select the main BSC network, or copy the link and paste it into the browser of the Trust Wallet wallet Switch the network (upper right corner) to BSC Connect wallet Done
  3. Gate.io -Give 1000 USDTEST for staking! 1. Register on the exchange: https://www.gate.io/signup/3461803 2. Do the verification of KYC1 (easy) 3. Go to the Hodl & Earn section, stake test USDT and get 25 % per annum in USDT 4. The resulting profit can be taken for yourself!
  4. New NFT-game project with price predictions and more, they promise $ 5 / per referral as well. Drop after the launch of the game April / May 2021 Register on their website: https://www.thecryptoprophecies.com/?mwr=32e7cf36 Join their telegram chat and go through the captcha don't forget to confirm your mail
  5. Distribution from PolkaStar from 1 to 1000 XUSDT! Copy the link and paste it into the dapp Browser Trust wallet or connect metamask: https://polkastar.org#/pages/default/start?token=oVm1fD Join telegram and send your eth address in the comments: https://t.me/PolkaStarGlobal Subscribe to Twitter and retweet the pinned post in the comments, write your ETH address: https://twitter.com/PolkaStarGlobal How to check your retweet subscriptions will give 1 roulette spin! Personally, I got 10 XUSDT! Also, for every 3 refs, one more spin is given! This is a 100% real drop, do not
  6. Super easy drop, just register on the Aladdin exchange and confirm your email! For this, they charge 100 TNC ($8) The coin is traded on the Hotbit exchange! Link: https://aladdin25.com/user/join?referral=8c226a4d
  7. We get 0.05 TNX=80 TRX! Liquidity of $ 70,000$! 1. Launch the bot: https://t.me/TroneX_Miningbot?start=r0428013044 2. Join the Telegram group and channel 3. Click Done 4. Click Mining TNX 5. We get 0.05 TNX Board with a crane, we collect every 2 hours
  8. An interesting airdrop has arrived! 21 dxHub coin (10 $)! 1. Launch the bot: https://t.me/dxHubAirdropBot?start=1479280719 2. Pass the captcha 3. We carry out Telegram subscriptions 4. Add your waves wallet and get 21 dxHUB 5. Press the withdrawal, after 5 days the coins are on the account! (Output verified) 15dxHUB per referral About the coin itself: Coin ID dxHub 97kt37My2koahgzDFZhxPSbBaJGoNJhDkCRfuZjMGg65 Total amount: 1,500,000 dxHub coins Decimals: 4 End of distribution: 12/18/2020 Wallet: DEX exchange Waves, coins from the airdrop will come there, where they can be sold!
  9. Bomb distribution from the Arrano project! Arrano has launched bounty and Airdrop with 2 rounds! 1. Register and get 100 ANO coins: Link: https://arrano.network/register?ref=Nik168 2. Now Arrano Scratch Cards have appeared in the "Rewards" tab: For 42 days, every day, you can open cards and receive bonuses with ANO coins! Only one reward can be scribbled each day. It opens daily at 12:00 AM CEST +1. 3. 100 ANO is given for a referral! The ANO token will and will be very expensive! PS. A similar way of distributing awards was chosen by the BAND project, which was listed on
  10. New Top bot WDcoin bursts into the game! Registration: https://t.me/Bux_WDcoin_bot?start=1479280719 Give WD coins! 1WDcoin about $ 0.7 Minimum wage for withdrawal 0.1WD (typed in 5 minutes) Instant payments on Wawes exchange 5 level affiliate program Traded on the Waves exchange there is a daily bonus, 0.06WD and a tap (0.005 WDC for each click, only 10 links per day are available), as well as many other tasks (subscriptions, views, likes, transitions)
  11. New Numio distribution: 100 PHNX + 100 / Reff Phnx launch on December 14. Register here: http://numio.one/numio-pay?kid=1DRXE6 1. Enter your email address 2. Invite, earn more
  12. CordyCeps. Distribute CordyNFT tokens randomly ($1 to $ 100) 1. Go to the bot: https://t.me/CORDYCEPS_Airdrop_Bot?start=531229915 2. Subscribe to the telegram channel and chat 3. Subscribe to Twitter and retweet 4. Enter your Tron wallet address Done. We look at the balance - we must charge 1 NFT
  13. Cool Giveaway! We get $ 100 worth of shares from Currency.com! 1. Follow the link: https://currency.com/trading/signup?c=kwnhqtka&pid=referral 2. We enter our email, come up with a password and click to get a gift 3. Activate the account by mail, immediately fill in the data in the account and go through KYC (you will need to upload a passport, at the point of residence I personally uploaded a photo from a passport with a place of registration and that's it rolled, if not, then upload a receipt for payment of a communal apartment, or a bank statement) 4.20 minutes and KYC has b
  14. YODA v2.0 campaign drove up. At the last such distribution (February 2020), people earned hundreds and thousands of dollars. Again, a promising distribution from the youbit crypto exchange for 1700 DLRS ( Free Dollar) 1. Register on the Yobit exchange: https://yobit.net/?bonus=wEtOv KYC is not required! If you are already registered, just log in to your account. 2. Go to the bot: https://yobit.net/free-dollars/?start=8tznn1xag 3. Join the Telegram group and channel 4. Click on the link in the bot to get the code 5. Copy the code and add it to the bot
  15. GooseBet Airdrop 💰 Free 1000 TRX ($17 USD) /User for 1000 participant (random) 💵 Reward Total 2,000,000 TRX ($34,000) Bonuses in various cryptocurrencies will also be awarded every week! Step by Step: 1. Register GooseBet: https://goosebet.io/?ref=d4cd20f6-c6e9-4cf1-a403-a10b7ea6e07c 2. Enter your email 3. Verif email (Wait 10 Minutes and Cek Folder Spam Email) 4. Airdrop End 1 July 2020
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