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  1. Sleepyfisherman

    Still looking. Eager to discuss terms and security with anybody interested!
  2. Sleepyfisherman

    Hello everybody My name is Adam, and I'm looking for a private secured loan. The purpose of the loan would be to develop a piece of real estate I'm interested in securing. As we all know, securing finance is getting harder and harder it seems every year. More and more it seems banks and lenders only give you money if you don't need it. So this is what I propose: I'm interested in securing a <5 year loan directly against my house and connected property. It's a two bedroom brick house on a corner lot with the adjacent lot as well. It's located in Upstate SC, as am I. I've yet to get an "official" appraisal as I've never needed one (never tried to sell). I will get one for the sake of this process but as a rough guideline for now, Chase Bank's property estimator estimates at 35-55k and the insurance company estimates 130k cost to build. When the house is rented out (I currently live here) it's $600 dollars per month without factoring in the extra lot, which I've secured since the last time I rented out the house. Now when I say secure the loan, I mean literally through a real estate law firm. Lender would have a deed of trust (or similar) and a contract with me stating the terms of the loan and what happens if I default, along with all the other terms that I'm willing to negotiate with interested buyers. The loan would be paid through the lawyer as SC is a lawyer state and unless for some reason the loan was done through different means, I believe it's required. Next step: If you're interested, PM me and we can exchange contact details, and go from there about specifics (yearly interest, payment schedule, etc). Look forward to any discussions Adam
  3. Sleepyfisherman

    Hello everybody I’m new here and looking to expand opportunities and learn as much as possible. Background in anti fraud, loss prevention and small business efficiency. Hppy to exchange ideas with anybody.
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