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  1. Meta descriptions can help with improving your page ranking with search engines. A meta description is a brief summary of up to 160 characters, that is displayed below the title and URL in search engine results. A good meta description is a concise but compelling summary of the content of your page.
  2. Applying an alt attribute on an image helps Google understand what an image is about to serve it in image results. ... When you use an optimized alt attribute with a target keyword, it gives your page a boost because the alt text is a helpful relevance signal for search engines.
  3. The meta description is a snippet of up to about 155 characters – a tag in HTML – which summarizes a page's content. Search engines show the meta description in search results mostly when the searched-for phrase is within the description, so optimizing the meta description is crucial for on-page SEO
  4. Google chrome is the best i guess in terms of security.
  5. The meta title is an important element for both user and search engine. It is displayed in the title page of the browser and in open tabs. Moreover, the meta title forms the headings of entries in search engines, and is, for example in Google, shown in blue on the SERPs.
  6. Write content that is unique and original - Unique and original content does not necessarily mean that you have to propose something new or say something that no one said before. It means that your text should not be an exact copy from some other website or online source. Do your keyword research to find out what people are searching that is related to the topic of your page.
  7. Quality content is anything that Google decides is worth sharing. It's real answers to real people's questions. It's content that people want to digest because it helps or entertains them, tells them how to do something or where to find something.
  8. If you are talking about Website Analyzer tools then Rankwatch and Dareboost are the latest website testing tools.
  9. Selenium is a testing framework to perform web application testing across various browsers and platforms like Windows, Mac, and Linux.
  10. Yes, without any doubt. So many people don't know the importance of internal linking, but if you really follow this as an essential practice it will surely benefit you.
  11. The onclick attribute is an event attribute supported by all browsers. It appears when a user clicks on a button element. If you want to make a button onclick, you need to add the onclick event attribute to the <button> element. The button onclick runs a script when a button is clicked.
  12. The first way to add JavaScript to HTML is a direct one. You can do so by using the <script></script> tag that should encompass all the JS code you write. JS code can be added: between the <head> tags between the <body> tags Depending on where you add the code the JavaScript in your HTML file, the loading will differ.
  13. If you are talking about internal linking then here is the html code: <a href="target url">text</a>
  14. Twitter is the cocktail party of the internet; when stuff is happening the world, Twitter is where you go. When there is an unfortunate world crisis and breaking news, we don’t run to Instagram for the pictures, we run to Twitter for the breaking tweets and live news updates. - garyvaynerchuk
  15. How can we improve our keywords rankings in USA? Is there any specific country specific marketing we need to perform to do the same?
  16. RSS feed submission refers to the submission of RSS feeds to RSS submission directory sites to boost your search engine ranking. RSS stands for Rich Site Summary and sometimes also for Really Simple Syndication. The RSS feed contains updates of your website, i.e. updated content, videos, images, links, etc.
  17. Choosing the right keywords to focus on is one of the main ways to increase the number of views that your blog will get. A lot of new bloggers don’t even consider doing keyword research, and because of this, they struggle to get visitors on their blog, no matter how hard they try. Skipping over this part is not an option, as you won’t be able to grow your blog as fast as you want to, so what can you do? Simply put, you will have to do keyword research to find keywords that will work well and help your blog rank higher in the search engine results pages (SERPs). It’s not a simple thing to do, a
  18. Search engines are looking for content that engages viewers. Nothing entices more numerous and longer page views quite like a video. Not only that, YouTube is the second largest search engine behind Google. If you put your video on YouTube as well as your website, your visibility and opportunity to show up in search is greatly increased. What's more, if you promote your video via social media, your chances of getting found go through the roof!
  19. Python is a general purpose and high level programming language. You can use Python for developing desktop GUI applications, websites and web applications. Also, Python, as a high level programming language, allows you to focus on core functionality of the application by taking care of common programming tasks.
  20. Google's algorithm does the work for you by searching out Web pages that contain the keywords you used to search, then assigning a rank to each page based several factors, including how many times the keywords appear on the page. That's why google algorithm are very much important in this age.
  21. Google BERT - On October 25th, Google announced that it had begun to implement its BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers) algorithm. Per Google, BERT is said to impact 10% of all queries and is the search engine's "biggest leap forward in the past five years."
  22. Siloing a website means grouping related pages together, either structurally or through linking, to establish the site’s keyword-based themes. Much like farmers use separate silos to store different types of grain, webmasters can silo a website to distinguish its various content themes and make clear to search engines what the site is about.
  23. GTMetrix and SEMRush are the best tools to check website issues.
  24. A 301 redirect is a permanent redirect which passes between 90-99% of link equity (ranking power) to the redirected page. 301 refers to the HTTP status code for this type of redirect. In most instances, the 301 redirect is the best method for implementing redirects on a website.
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